Dragon Ball NT Factbook contains facts not revealed in Dragon Ball: NT.


Age 710

  • Jakob is born
  • Primo is born
  • Lester is born

Age 736

  • Dōnatsu and his gang are born

Age 750

  • Dōnatsu's gang is formed

About Age 760

  • Jakob's, Primo's, and Lester's homeworld is destroyed by Shadow Dragons.
  • Jakob, Primo, and Lester escape their own world

About Age 770

  • Dōnatsu and his gang meets Jakob, Primo, and Lester.
  • Dōnatsu and his gang are employed by them

Early Age 786

  • Primo tells Dōnatsu of the existence of Goku and Vegeta
  • Dōnatsu and his gang leave for Earth.

Mid to Late Age 787

  • Dragon Ball NT takes place.
  • Dōnatsu and his gang land on Earth
  • Jakob, Primo, and Lester arrive on Earth
  • Dōnatsu confront the Z-fighters and dies fighting them
  • Jakob, Primo, and Lester begin their plans.
  • The 29 World Tournament takes place
  • Jakob, Primo, and Lester start their plans
  • The three battle the Z-fighter
  • They fuse into Aporia and die in the conflict.
  • Jakob, Primo, Lester, and Aporia are erased from all but the Z-fighters memories.

Age 790

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