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After 5 years Goku returns to earth from the Shenron world. Goku has not turned back into his regular form so he is now around the age of 17. Goku finish's a training session and asks Shenron if he could go back to earth
Goku Teen

Goku when he returns form the shenron world

permanently. Shenron tells him that if he leaves permanently he and the Dragon Balls

will separate. Goku knows and doesn’t care. Shenron takes Goku to earth and Goku request to first go to a small village. He jumps off of Shenrons back instead of landing so Uub wouldn't see Shenron. Uub questioned not knowing who he wasbut Goku didn't answer any. Uub requested a battle and Goku accepted it. Goku and Uub fought showing off new moves and new power levels.Towards the end of the battle Goku goes SSJ2 in an instant and Uub pauses stunned. Goku does his signature smile and peace sign and then flies in

Goku gets on Shenrons back and Shenron flies off to WST 3338926 K. (Capsule Corp). Goku jumps off of Shenrons back and heads to the gravity room. He spots Mrs. Briefs and requests her to bring Vegeta outside. A few minutes later Vegeta comes out and he ask Goku who he is. He tells him Strait forward that he was Goku. Vegeta didn't believe him so Goku proved it by Turing SSJ3 and doing Kaio ken then Kamehameha. Goku then explains everything while Uub is watching from a few yards away. Uub come out and hugs Goku. Goku then tells them that he needs to see Trunks and then he'll go see Goten, Gohan, Chi Chi and Pan. Vegeta tells him that they are all the sky. Uub follows him.

Goku goes inside and looks at Chi Chi. "Wow Chi Chi your old!" Goku screamed. Chi Chi Runs up to Goku and Smacks him. Everyone laughs then Chi Chi asks Goku who he is. Goku Vegeta and Uub take turns explaining. After that Chi Chi gets teary eyed and hugs Goku. When she lets go Gohan and Goten come up to hug him and then Trunks then Bulma then last but not least Pan. Then a little boy pears out from behind a Brown haired woman. The woman was Valese. The boy looks just like Goku. Goten bring him from behind Valese's leg and tell him to say high. Goku ask Goten who it was and Goten said that was him and Valese's son Goshen. Goku tells Goshen that he was his Grandpa and he was turned into a younger age by a magical force. Goshen hugs Goku and Goku hugs back.

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