Dragon Ball MS stands for Dragon Ball Mixed Stories is a Fan Fiction created by Super Saiyan 10,000. There are 16 Sagas. It takes place 500-600 years after GT, A.K.A. AGE 1300-1400. The Z Fighters are dead and there are only a few humans to protect the Earth from threats. These humans were taught by Goku Jr's 6x Great Grandson. His name is Son Hosuki . His team consists of Bageru The Super Namek, Kirin, Mr. Gara, Hikishi Morino.

This article, Dragon Ball MS, is property of Super Saiyan 10,000.


1. Super Saiyan Saga - Son Hosuki discovers the secret of the Super Saiyan 10,000 (3 Episodes)

2. Dr. Black Saga - An evil scientist known as Dr. Black plots to kill the Z Warriors. (12 Episodes)

3. Mister ??? Saga - Mister ??? is reborn to destroy the world. (8 Episodes)

4. Hakemaro Saga - Mister ??? creates Hakemaro to finish the Z Warriors. (7 Episodes)

5. The Black 4 Saga - Dr. Black's team, the Black 4 wants revenge. (17 Episodes)

6. Dragon Saga - Shenron, Porunga and Black Shenron fuses to form the Great Dragon. The Z Warriors must fight him in order to retrieve the Dragon Balls and wish back everyone on Earth and Mr. Gara. (7 Episodes)

7. Ultimate Weapon Saga - An Unknown Person sends thugs to retrieve an Ultimate Weapon (Filler but of importance, 4 Episodes)

8. Sea Beast Saga - An Unknown Person summons a Sea Beast to kill the Z Warriors (Filler, 5 Episodes)

9. Legendary Super Saiyan Saga - Broly's 8x great grandson become LSSJ and wants to kill the Z Warriors (7 Episodes)

10. Time Portal Saga - The Z Warriors are sucked by a Time Portal and goes into the world of Naruto, who is fighting Pain. They must help him. (Filler, 6 Episodes)

11. Mister ???'s Revenge Saga - Mister ??? is back for revenge. (5 Episodes)

12. Golden Monster Saga - An Unknown Person summons another beast, Golden Monster to destroy Z Warriors.

13. Son Saga - Hosuki discovers Super Saiyan Infinity and practices it, also fighting Manga. (5 Episodes)

14. Galactic Invasion Saga - Manga returns again to murder Hosuki and Hosuki looses. Manga returns to his owner. (4 Episodes)

15. Kai Saga - God Kai has turned all Kais evil and plans to destroy Earth. (20 Episodes)

16. God Saga - Hosuki must confront God Kai and kill it. (10 Episodes)

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