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DRAGON BALL LA Dragon Ball LA stands for Last Adventures. It takes place 99,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 years after Dragon Ball GT.


Goku gathers the Dragon Balls and wishes that the Saiyans that invaded Earth could come back to life because he thought that they wouldn't be evil and they could help Earth's New Z-Fighters. Goku wished that Piccolo could come back to life in case Raditz was evil. Raditz killed Goku, but was killed by Piccolo. Nappa came and killed Tenshinhan [descendant of Tien], Chaozu [descendant of Chiaotzu], and Piccolo. Other fighters included Gohan,[who was somehow back from the dead], and Kuririn [descendant of Krillin]. Meanwhile, Goku had gained immortality, and came in and killed Nappa. Vegeta came in wanting to surpass Goku, and the 2 sayans battled. After a tough battle, that even Yajirobe [somehow back to life] participated in, Vegeta lost.


After bringing Piccolo back to life with the Dragon Balls, Goku, Kuririn, Piccolo, Gohan, and Vegeta went to New Namek to train where they couldn't destroy the Earth. Kuririn found Freeza [descendant of Freiza] and the 2 battled. Kuririn lost. Then Piccolo stepped up and Freeza killed him. Gohan battled Freeza and lost. Then, Vegeta came up and got killed by Freeza. Finnaly, Goku came up and killed Freeza in a very rough battle.


Goku Vs. Raditz: Raditz started with a knee to Goku's stomach. He then kicked Goku in the face 2 times. Goku tried to knee Raditz in the face but Raditz blocked. Raditz then smashed his elbow into Goku's face. Goku did a Kamehameha and it hit Raditz full force and Raditz was not injured at all. Raditz kicked Goku in the stomach and he elbowed Goku in the face. Goku grabbed Raditz's stomach but Raditz killed Goku with Special Beam Cannon.

Piccolo Vs. Raditz: Piccolo blasted Raditz full force and it had no effect. Raditz blasted Piccolo full force and it had no effect either. Raditz kicked Piccolo in the face 3 times.

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