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2 years after Goku left on Shenron, all was calm. Pan and Trunks were dating and Goten is still looking for a girlfriend. Goku came to visit for a month and on that same month Cell and Frieza escaped from HFIL along with Super 17 and Broly. At 7:45am Goku returned to earth. When he saw Pan a tear ran down his eyes. But Broly interrupted the moment. KAKAROT!! He screamed with hatred. Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and did a Super Kamehameha to Broly which he countered with an Eraser Cannon,but Goku won the Ki battle. Broly was erased from existence. Next Cell came and sarcastically greeted Goku and Pan. But Goku easily punched him. Then Frieza came and Cell and Frieza got into position. Fuuuuusssiiioon HA! There were Cell and Frieza were standing was a person about the size of Cell but with a Metamorian jacket and Frieza's armor. He said, I am nor Cell nor Frieza I am Cellza. He punched Goku in the chest. AHHHHHHHH screamed Goku in pain. Then Goten, Trunks, Majuub and Vegeta came. They all greeted Goku,and got ready. Goten turned SSJ, Trunks turned SSJ and Vegeta turned SSJ4. Vegeta rushed to Cellza but didn't land a blow on him. Cellza then charged a Barrage Death Kamehameha. Vegeta was unconscious. Then the rest of the Z-fighters came. Tien and Yamcha stared at each other and went into position. Fuuuuussssiiioon HA! And Tiencha was there. Then Trunks and Goten stared an went into position. Fuuuusssssiiiiiooon HA! And Gotenks SSJ was their. Gotenks immediately turned SSJ3 and Tiencha went 100x Max Power like Master Roshi. Cellza was overwhelmed and defused. Then Super 17 came and helped Cell and Frieza. Goku, Gohan, Gotenks, Tiencha,and Majuub all did a giant 1000x Kamehameha. Krillin looked at 18 and Cell did a Barrage Death Beam and killed Krillin. Pan looked at Krillin and Vegeta and went SSJ. And fired a 100x Big Bang Kamehameha and help the Z-fighters kill the villains.

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