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Dragon Ball GT:Gender Swap is an extension of Dragon Ball GS.It takes 7 years after DB GS. There are the same sagas as GT,but Goku never turns back into a 12 year old,and Piccolo never dies.(SPOILER ALERT) They destroy the balls,and Pan and Goten both go on the search.

The Upsetting Wish! Search For The Black Star Balls!Edit

7 years after Goku flew away with Uub,Uub wanted to test his powers.So Goku and Uub fought a battle to test Uub's powers on the Lookout.Piccolo comes up to watch the battle.Uub and Goku both had a hard time beating eachother,and Goku had told Uub that Uub got power .Then,Goku spotted Emperor Pilaf attempting to sneak off with Dragon Balls with Black Stars,but it was too late. Pilaf summons Black Star Shenron in order to get back at Goku in Dragon Ball,so Pilaf wishes for Uub to go to Hell,and Black Star Shenron grants his wish.Goku gets mad at Pilaf,and prepares to attack Pilaf,but Pilaf escapes in time.Goku says,"Well,it's okay.I'll get Yemma to get Uub out of Hell."Dende,Mr.Popo,and Piccolo are fearful,but Goku calls them crazy. Then,Goku and Piccolo fly off the Lookout.Goku returns home,with everyone waiting.

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