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Simply add your story below the header of the current week to have it appear on the weekly update. At least a chapter of your story must have been added at the latest, a week before the current week to qualify. If the story has not been updated within a week of the last Weekly Updates posting, it will be not be posted with the rest of the legitimate entries.



Week of January 1

Not a one!

Week of January 8

Chasing Oblivion chapter 7 by KidVegeta

The One Where Bulma Goes Looking For Goku's Dragon Balls by KidVegeta

The Ginyu Force Chronicles by KidVegeta and Creeperman129

Week of January 15

Dragon Ball: The Hero Throughout Time and Space by HygorBohmHubner (P.S: STORY STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION BUT NEARLY COMPLETE)

Country Matters by KidVegeta

An Empire of Ash by KidVegeta

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series chapter 1 by Hyper Zergling

Chasing Oblivion chapter 8 by KidVegeta

Week of January 22

Bardock's Some Hot Space Garbage and You're a Cuck by TeamUnitedNerds and KidVegeta

Dragon Ball: The Hero Throughout Time and Space by HygorBohmHubner

Week of January 29

Solar Scars by KidVegeta

Heart of a Warrior: Acquaintances by Steelspur111

Week of February 5

The Story Without Any Cursing Except For This One Fuck And It's In The Title or (Sex Drugs and Rock and Roll Except Without Any Of The Sex) by TeamUnitedNerds and KidVegeta

A Flap of the Wings by KidVegeta

Week of February 12

Not a one!

Week of February 19

A Thousand Suns by KidVegeta

The Faithful Servant by KidVegeta

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