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These are all of the achievements available on the Dragon Ball Fanon Wiki. The scoring goes as follows:

  • Bronze - 10 points.
  • Silver - 50 points.
  • Gold - 100 points.
  • Platinum - 250 points. (only one of these exists)

Articles Achievements

These achievements can be earned by editing articles that have these categories. All achievements that have been made are active, except for two. Users and Blog Posts have been disabled, as they do not work on their proper pages (userpages and blog posts).

Editing articles

Badge-edit-0 Badge-edit-1 Badge-edit-2 Badge-edit-3 Badge-edit-4 Badge-edit-5 Badge-edit-6 Badge-edit-7

Fan Fiction

Badge-1603-0 Badge-1603-1 Badge-1603-2 Badge-1603-3 Badge-1603-4 Badge-1603-5 Badge-1603-6 Badge-1603-7

Video Games

Badge-1604-0 Badge-1604-1 Badge-1604-2 Badge-1604-3 Badge-1604-4 Badge-1604-5 Badge-1604-6 Badge-1604-7


Badge-1605-0 Badge-1605-1 Badge-1605-2 Badge-1605-3 Badge-1605-4 Badge-1605-5 Badge-1605-6 Badge-1605-7

Video games

Badge-1606-0 Badge-1606-1 Badge-1606-2 Badge-1606-3 Badge-1606-4 Badge-1606-5 Badge-1606-6 Badge-1606-7

Dragon Ball Fanon

Badge-1607-0 Badge-1607-1 Badge-1607-2 Badge-1607-3 Badge-1607-4 Badge-1607-5 Badge-1607-6 Badge-1607-7


Badge-1608-0 Badge-1608-1 Badge-1608-2 Badge-1608-3 Badge-1608-4 Badge-1608-5 Badge-1608-6 Badge-1608-7


Badge-1609-0 Badge-1609-1 Badge-1609-2 Badge-1609-3 Badge-1609-4 Badge-1609-5 Badge-1609-6 Badge-1609-7


Badge-1610-0 Badge-1610-1 Badge-1610-2 Badge-1610-3 Badge-1610-4 Badge-1610-5 Badge-1610-6 Badge-1610-7


Badge-1611-0 Badge-1611-1 Badge-1611-2 Badge-1611-3 Badge-1611-4 Badge-1611-5 Badge-1611-6 Badge-1611-7


Badge-1612-0 Badge-1612-1 Badge-1612-2 Badge-1612-3 Badge-1612-4 Badge-1612-5 Badge-1612-6 Badge-1612-7


Badge-1613-0 Badge-1613-1 Badge-1613-2 Badge-1613-3 Badge-1613-4 Badge-1613-5 Badge-1613-6 Badge-1613-7


Badge-1614-0 Badge-1614-1 Badge-1614-2 Badge-1614-3 Badge-1614-4 Badge-1614-5 Badge-1614-6 Badge-1614-7


Badge-1615-0 Badge-1615-1 Badge-1615-2 Badge-1615-3 Badge-1615-4 Badge-1615-5 Badge-1615-6 Badge-1615-7


Badge-1616-0 Badge-1616-1 Badge-1616-2 Badge-1616-3 Badge-1616-4 Badge-1616-5 Badge-1616-6 Badge-1616-7


Badge-1617-0 Badge-1617-1 Badge-1617-2 Badge-1617-3 Badge-1617-4 Badge-1617-5 Badge-1617-6 Badge-1617-7

Characters who can fly

Badge-1618-0 Badge-1618-1 Badge-1618-2 Badge-1618-3 Badge-1618-4 Badge-1618-5 Badge-1618-6 Badge-1618-7


Badge-1619-0 Badge-1619-1 Badge-1619-2 Badge-1619-3 Badge-1619-4 Badge-1619-5 Badge-1619-6 Badge-1619-7

Canon Respecting

Badge-1620-0 Badge-1620-1 Badge-1620-2 Badge-1620-3 Badge-1620-4 Badge-1620-5 Badge-1620-6 Badge-1620-7

Characters with ki

Badge-1621-0 Badge-1621-1 Badge-1621-2 Badge-1621-3 Badge-1621-4 Badge-1621-5 Badge-1621-6 Badge-1621-7


Badge-1622-0 Badge-1622-1 Badge-1622-2 Badge-1622-3 Badge-1622-4 Badge-1622-5 Badge-1622-6 Badge-1622-7


Badge-1623-0 Badge-1623-1 Badge-1623-2 Badge-1623-3 Badge-1623-4 Badge-1623-5 Badge-1623-6 Badge-1623-7


Badge-1624-0 Badge-1624-1 Badge-1624-2 Badge-1624-3 Badge-1624-4 Badge-1624-5 Badge-1624-6 Badge-1624-7


Badge-1625-0 Badge-1625-1 Badge-1625-2 Badge-1625-3 Badge-1625-4 Badge-1625-5 Badge-1625-6 Badge-1625-7


Badge-1626-0 Badge-1626-1 Badge-1626-2 Badge-1626-3 Badge-1626-4 Badge-1626-5 Badge-1626-6 Badge-1626-7

Male Characters

Badge-1627-0 Badge-1627-1 Badge-1627-2 Badge-1627-3 Badge-1627-4 Badge-1627-5 Badge-1627-6 Badge-1627-7

Female Characters

Badge-1628-0 Badge-1628-1 Badge-1628-2 Badge-1628-3 Badge-1628-4 Badge-1628-5 Badge-1628-6 Badge-1628-7


Badge-1629-0 Badge-1629-1 Badge-1629-2 Badge-1629-3 Badge-1629-4 Badge-1629-5 Badge-1629-6 Badge-1629-7


Badge-1630-0 Badge-1630-1 Badge-1630-2 Badge-1630-3 Badge-1630-4 Badge-1630-5 Badge-1630-6 Badge-1630-7

Super Saiyans

Badge-1631-0 Badge-1631-1 Badge-1631-2 Badge-1631-3 Badge-1631-4 Badge-1631-5 Badge-1631-6 Badge-1631-7


Badge-1632-0 Badge-1632-1 Badge-1632-2 Badge-1632-3 Badge-1632-4 Badge-1632-5 Badge-1632-6 Badge-1632-7

Characters with Tails

Badge-1633-0 Badge-1633-1 Badge-1633-2 Badge-1633-3 Badge-1633-4 Badge-1633-5 Badge-1633-6 Badge-1633-7

Canon Characters

Badge-1634-0 Badge-1634-1 Badge-1634-2 Badge-1634-3 Badge-1634-4 Badge-1634-5 Badge-1634-6 Badge-1634-7


Badge-1635-0 Badge-1635-1 Badge-1635-2 Badge-1635-3 Badge-1635-4 Badge-1635-5 Badge-1635-6 Badge-1635-7

Main Character(s)

Badge-1636-0 Badge-1636-1 Badge-1636-2 Badge-1636-3 Badge-1636-4 Badge-1636-5 Badge-1636-6 Badge-1636-7

Supporting character

Badge-1637-0 Badge-1637-1 Badge-1637-2 Badge-1637-3 Badge-1637-4 Badge-1637-5 Badge-1637-6 Badge-1637-7


Badge-1638-0 Badge-1638-1 Badge-1638-2 Badge-1638-3 Badge-1638-4 Badge-1638-5 Badge-1638-6 Badge-1638-7


Badge-1639-0 Badge-1639-1 Badge-1639-2 Badge-1639-3 Badge-1639-4 Badge-1639-5 Badge-1639-6 Badge-1639-7


Badge-1640-0 Badge-1640-1 Badge-1640-2 Badge-1640-3 Badge-1640-4 Badge-1640-5 Badge-1640-6 Badge-1640-7


Badge-1641-0 Badge-1641-1 Badge-1641-2 Badge-1641-3 Badge-1641-4 Badge-1641-5 Badge-1641-6 Badge-1641-7

New Characters

Badge-1642-0 Badge-1642-1 Badge-1642-2 Badge-1642-3 Badge-1642-4 Badge-1642-5 Badge-1642-6 Badge-1642-7

Frieza's Race

Badge-1643-0 Badge-1643-1 Badge-1643-2 Badge-1643-3 Badge-1643-4 Badge-1643-5 Badge-1643-6 Badge-1643-7


Badge-1644-0 Badge-1644-1 Badge-1644-2 Badge-1644-3 Badge-1644-4 Badge-1644-5 Badge-1644-6 Badge-1644-7


Badge-1645-0 Badge-1645-1 Badge-1645-2 Badge-1645-3 Badge-1645-4 Badge-1645-5 Badge-1645-6 Badge-1645-7

Red Ribbon Army

Badge-1646-0 Badge-1646-1 Badge-1646-2 Badge-1646-3 Badge-1646-4 Badge-1646-5 Badge-1646-6 Badge-1646-7

Planet Trade Organization

Badge-1647-0 Badge-1647-1 Badge-1647-2 Badge-1647-3 Badge-1647-4 Badge-1647-5 Badge-1647-6 Badge-1647-7

Pictures Achievements

This achievement can be earned by adding pictures to articles.


Badge-picture-0 Badge-picture-1 Badge-picture-2 Badge-picture-3 Badge-picture-4 Badge-picture-5 Badge-picture-6 Badge-picture-7

Categories Achievements

These achievements can be earned by adding categories to articles. Unlike the above achievement, the counter for this one goes up whenever any category is added to a page, regardless of what that category is.


Badge-category-0 Badge-category-1 Badge-category-2 Badge-category-3 Badge-category-4 Badge-category-5 Badge-category-6

Blog Post Achievement

This achievement can be earned by writing 1 blog post.

Blog Posts


Blog Comment Achievements

These achievements can be earned by commenting on blog posts.

Blog Comment

Badge-blogcomment-0 Badge-blogcomment-1

Wiki Love Achievements

These achievements can be earned by editing every day on the Wiki for a certain number of days. The final level of this list (editing every day for a year) is the only Platinum achievement on the wiki, which is worth 250 points.

Wiki Love

Badge-love-0 Badge-love-1 Badge-love-2 Badge-love-3 Badge-love-4 Badge-love-5 Badge-love-6

Special Achievements

These achievements can be earned through various means. Each one can only be earned one time.

Welcome to the Wiki

This achievement is earned by joining the wiki (making 1 edit anywhere).



This achievement is earned by editing your user page for the first time.


Stopping By to Say Hi

This achievement is earned by editing someone else's talk page.



This achievement is for creating the wiki. Only the founder gets this achievement. No one else can earn it through any means.


Secret Achievements

These achievements are secrets.

Don't be hasty

Awarded for making edits on 100 pages within an hour of the page's creation. Can only be earned once.


Flawless Cowboy

Awarded for making 100 edits on pages in a single day. Can only be earned once.


I feel my luck could change...

Awarded for making the Lucky 1,000th edit on the wiki. Can be earned on each additional 1,000th edit.


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