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Dragon Ball FS (Dragon Ball Frieza's Story) shows the life of Frieza, i.e his birth, rivalry with Cooler, owning 79 Planets and his death.


Short Story: King Cold's Life - Before Frieza's and Cooler's BirthEdit

Prince Cold: <As a young boy, kneeling down in front of a tall huge figure> What is it my, father? Why did you wish to see me?

Emperor Cold: You are a filthy piece of worthless weak scum! You have failed to complete several assignments! Get out!

Prince Cold: <After recoiling with fear> I'm... sorry.. my father...

Emperor Cold: Well there's no sorry! I banish you from Coldtopia now!

Prince Cold is banished from his father's empire and lived in another galaxy as a Low-Class Soldier for a great ruler and rival of Emperor Cold.Prince Cold was very weak at that time, his power level less than 1,000. Years later, he hears of his fathers death. By that time, Prince Cold had grown to become as strong warrior, 100x stronger than when he was a child. When Emperor Cold died, an Army General called Seimei had become Emperor and ruler of all 500 planets of Coldtopia and the whole Galaxy. He renamed it as Seitopia. Seimei was a tyrant. He killed massive number of people. Prince Cold challenged Emperor Seimei and killed him and became King Cold. But unfortuanetly, his ex-master captured 300 planets while Coldtopia (renamed) was weakened by the war. Years later, King Cold married Queen Cold and had three sons, Cooler, Frieza and Ice. However, Ice was killed during a mission with his 3 brothers.

Birth SagaEdit

Birth of a Great TyrantEdit

Mother's Assassination?!?Edit

Who is the culprit?Edit

Cooler and Frieza - Caught!Edit

Praise from the KingEdit

Rivalry SagaEdit

Empire SagaEdit

Revenge SagaEdit

Last Battle SagaEdit

Short Story: Resurrection Of FriezaEdit

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