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This Dragon Ball DA special is a sequel to Dragon Ball DA: Vegeta's Triumph. After Zarbon's death on Earth, the surviving Z Fighters go to Namek to revive Piccolo.

Key DifferencesEdit

  • Zarbon is dead
  • Vegeta is stronger than the original series upon his arrival to Namek
  • Tien survived the battle on Earth

Arrival on Planet NamekEdit

Planet Namek

Planet Namek

A ship touched down on planet Namek. A word could be heard from inside:- "Piccolo." A small hatch on the bottom of the ship slowly fell to the ground. Four people stood on it. Their names were Bulma, Gohan, Krillin, and Tien. Bulma took out her Dragon Radar and said:- "It looks like four of the Dragon Balls are in one place...."

Hundreds of miles away, a Saiyan Battle Pod crashed into the ground. From inside came Vegeta. He walked to the top of the crater made by his pod, and pressed the button on his scouter. A large power level appeared instantly. It read 503,000. Frieza. Vegeta said:- "Well at least he's on the other side of the planet.

He turned around and saw Dodoria standing on top of a rock, watching him. Vegeta said:- "It's been a long time, Dodoria." Dodoria jumped off of the rock and landed in front of Vegeta. He said:- "Lord Frieza knew you'd show up sooner or later. I didn't think so. Zarbon should have terminated you by now. You must have crossed in space."

Vegeta said:- "Funny you should mention Zarbon. The two of us had a little run-in actually." Dodoria said:- "Let me guess: He gave you a beating, then forced you to swear eternal loyalty to Lord Frieza, and now you're here to rejoin the fold." Vegeta said:- "Close. Zarbon gave me a beating, then I came back and gave him a greater one. One that ended in his death."

Dodoria's expression instantly went from glee to shock to fear. Then he said:- "Impossible. Zarbon is even stronger than me, and you're an insect compared to me!" Vegeta said:- "Well, I was driven near death on Earth. Every time a Saiyan is near death and recovers, he becomes much stronger." Dodoria said:- "Well, I guess I should thank you. With Zarbon dead, killing you will certainly earn me the promotion into the now-vacant post of Frieza's right hand." Vegeta said:- "Is that the whole reason you live? To grovel to Frieza?"


Dodoria taunts Vegeta

Dodoria said:- "Listen, buddy. Lord Frieza knew you would come. He sent me to wait for you. He prepares for every possibility. That's just another reason why he's the greatest. And if he could predict you so easily, imagine what would happen to me if I even thought about insubordination!" Vegeta said:- "Ha! I almost wish I didn't have to kill you so I could see the look on your face when I bring that tyrant to his knees."

Dodoria said:- "Why you... I'm done talking! This ends now!" He charged, attempting to headbutt Vegeta. The Saiyan jumped to the side, then kicked Dodoria in the side. Dodoria was sent flying about 50 yards, but he recovered and charged forward. He fired a blast from his mouth, which Vegeta deflected into a mountain. When the beam made contact, there was a gigantic explosion.

Back at the spaceship, the four heroes saw the explosion. Bulma said:- "What could that be?" Gohan said:- "Krillin, Tien? Do you sense that? It's Vegeta... and somebody else." Back at the fight, Vegeta punched Dodoria in the stomach and broke through his armor. Dodoria coughed up blood.

Vegeta fired a Big Bang Cannon from his hand, which blasted Dodoria's body into some rocks. The alien was dead. Vegeta said:- "Now to get to business." He took the scouter off of Dodoria's body and contacted Cooler's ship with it. A rough voice answered, saying:- "This is Doore of Cooler's Armored Squadron. What do you want Dodoria?" Vegeta put on his best Dodoria impersonation, and said:- "I've made a decision. Why serve Lord Frieza when his mighty brother is so much greater? That's why I have some information Cooler might want to hear."

On the other end, a voice was heard:- "Doore, get out of the way!" It came on clearer, saying:- "This is Lord Cooler. If this is a waste of my time, I will personally hunt you down and destroy the planet you've decided to hide on." Vegeta, with the voice of Dodoria said:- "Lord Cooler! I'm speaking to you from planet Namek, home of the Dragon Balls." Cooler said:- "And why should this interest me?" Vegeta continued:- "Whoever gathers all six Dragon Balls gets a wish, which Frieza is planning to use to gain immortality." Cooler was silent for a moment, but then he said:- "Thank you for telling me this. Do you have any information on these six.... Dragon Balls?" Dodoria said:- "Only that Frieza most likely already has some in his possession."

Cooler said:- "Alright. When I lay waste to Frieza's army, you will be spared Dodoria." Vegeta was disconnected. The Saiyan Prince laughed. Now he just needed to get one Dragon Ball, and while Cooler labors under the delusion that there are only six, he and Frieza will fight, making my job that much easier."

The Ginyu Force vs. Cooler's Armored SquadronEdit

Frieza sat in his chair in the middle of a destroyed Namek Village. With him were some random grunts. Frieza's Scouter started beeping with a message; Frieza pressed the button and said:- "What?" A voice came back:- "Lord Frieza, this is Appule the one you ordered to watch over your ship." Frieza said:- "Yes, I remember." Appule said:- "The ships sonar picked up what appears to be a ship coming towards Namek. It recently passed Planet Frieza 79, coming from the direction of Coola 256." Frieza said:- "What?! It

Frieza tries to contact Dodoria

must be my brother! He must have found out about the Dragon Balls! Appule, call the Ginyu Force!" Appule said:- "Yes Lord Frieza."

Frieza attempted to reach Dodoria via Scouter Communication. Vegeta answered, again mimicking Dodoria. Lord Frieza said:- "Dodoria! Return here at once! Cooler is on the way and I need every able hand!" Vegeta replied:- "Sorry Frieza, but I serve the mighty Lord Cooler now. I may even be in line to join his armored squadron! It was I who told him about the Dragon Balls!" Frieza was seething with anger. He said:- "Dodoria, when I get my hands on you..." Vegeta disconnected.

Frieza returned to his ship, and Vegeta flew to a Namekian village. He landed, and the village elder greeted him, saying:- "Why have you come?" Vegeta said:- "I'm going to be frank. Give me your Dragon Ball, and I won't kill all of you." The elder said:- "We... we don't have a-" Vegeta fired a beam through his chest.

Krillin, Tien, and Gohan flew off with the Dragon Radar in the direction of Guru's house. They had no idea of where they were heading, they were just following the symbol of the Dragon Ball on the Radar. Within two days (it was hard to tell due to there being no night), the Ginyu force entered the atmosphere.

All five of their space pods landed outside Frieza's ship. Across the planet, Gohan, Krillin, and Tien had arrived at the Grand Elder's home. The door on the side opened, and a Namek came out. The three Earthlings gasped. He was the spitting image of Piccolo. The Namek said:- "The Grand Elder knew you would come. Enter." The three went inside the house.

They all gasped when they went inside. Sitting on a giant throne was a giant Namek. Standing next to him was an old Namek, though not quite as old, and two young boys. Nail bowed to the large one and said:- "Here they are Grand Elder." He took his place next to the others. The Grand Elder said:- "Greetings, Earthlings. I sensed your ship entering our planet... I also sense six more ships headed here right now."

About four miles away from Frieza's ship, Cooler's ship landed. Frieza, his men and the Ginyu force saw it flying down. Frieza was worried, but he reassured himself with the

Cooler's Armored Squadron faces off with the Ginyu Force

fact that he always one-upped his brother. It should be a cakewalk. Guru just finished his explanation of how he's the oldest Namek, and how he created the Dragon Balls. He then introduced the four others, saying:- "This is my attendant, Nail. This is my second eldest son, Moori. He fled here with my two youngest children, Dende and Cargo.

Cooler's Armored Squadron was flying at top speed towards Frieza's ship. The Scouters of the Ginyu force started picking up some insanely high power levels, and Frieza's grunts started backing away in fear. Frieza said:- "Stand your ground or I'll kill you myself!" They all stood at attention.

The three members of Cooler's Armored Squadron touched down. Salza said:- "Ah, hello Cap'n Ginyu." Ginyu said:- "Salza. I hope your here to finally concede that we are the masters of poses in the universe. Salza said:- "Like 'ell you are! Cooler's Armored Squadron is the best!" They struck a pose. Captain Ginyu said:- "The Ginyu Force!" His men struck a pose.

The Ginyu Force attacked. Burter and Jeice attacked Doore, Recoome and Guldo took Neiz, and Ginyu faced off with Salza. Jeice and Burter were punching, but Doore just
Ginyu force

The Ginyu force poses

danced around their attacks. Burter shouted:- "I am the fastest in the Universe!" He rushed forward and tackled Doore, they went flying for several yards before hitting the ground.

Neiz kicked Guldo in the face, then started punching Recoome in the stomach. Recoome backflipped, then fired an Eraser Gun. The blast shot Neiz into a lake. Ginyu was laying down some punches on Salza. He stopped for a second and said:- "Admit we have the best poses!" Salza said:- "More like the best posers!" Ginyu said:- "Why you-" He was cut off by a punch to the face from Salza, who then started beating Ginyu around.

Burter had pinned Doore to the ground and was pummeling him. Jeice fired small ki blasts at every opportunity. Guldo froze Neiz in place while Recoome used Ultra Fighting Bomber. Salza was kicking Ginyu rapidly in the face. Ginyu caught his foot eventually and started swinging Salza in big circles, before throwing him into a rock. Ginyu said:- "Look at your odds, it's five to three!" Salza said:- "Quality, not quantity!" He created a yellow blade on his finger. He said:- "Let's see how you like my Sauzer Blade." He charged forward and slashed at Ginyu's stomach, creating a deep gash. Ginyu was of a resilient race, so he didn't die immediately. Salza turned to Guldo and fired some yellow beams through Guldo's chest. He then fired a blast at Burter, which killed the brute instantly.

Salza said:- "Looks like its three on three, but the captain is down." Ginyu said:- "Not... quite.... CHANGE!!!!" He fired a beam from his mouth which slowly moved towards Salza's mouth. Frieza laughed and said:- "You never stood a chance." Ginyu and Salza changed bodies. Ginyu, now in Salza's body, said:- "Excellent!" Salza, now in Ginyu's body, said:- "No! I should have assumed you would use this technique! Neiz! Doore! I'm returning to the ship. Take Captain Ginyu back alive!" Salza flew off as fast as he could in his new body.

Doore said:- "You heard Salza. We were just playing games, but now Ginyu made it serious." He kneed Jeice in the chest, knocking the mutant over. He then fired a volley of blasts at Recoome, which he jumped around to avoid. Neiz took Ginyu head on. Ginyu, who was uncomfortable in this body, was no match. Ginyu was beaten to within an inch of his life. Neiz then grabbed him by the arm and started flying towards Cooler's ship. Doore saw he was leaving and said:- "Well, looks like it's game over for the Ginyu Force." He fired a powerful blast at Jeice, then swung around Recoome and snapped his neck. Doore then took off.

Frieza was shocked and angry. His best soldiers, the Ginyu Force, had been wasted. Not a single member of Cooler's Armored Squadron was seriously hurt, except Salza. Frieza turned to his henchmen and said:- "Go after them! Do whatever it takes to make sure Salza doesn't get his body back! Kill Ginyu, or kill him! Hurry!" All of the grunts took off towards Cooler's ship.

Doore, after finishing the Ginyu Force, had flown up past the clouds. Then he did a big loop, landing behind Frieza's ship. Doore snuck inside and went into Frieza's command room. Doore said:- "Just as Lord Cooler predicted. There are five Dragon Balls in here. Now we just need one more to thwart Frieza and grant Lord Cooler immortality." He lifted them telepathically and started flying off to Cooler's ship; again above the clouds.

Vegeta vs. DooreEdit

Vegeta (Early) (Fireza Saga)

Vegeta goes after Doore

Vegeta watched as Doore flew by. Vegeta said:- "So those are Dragon Balls. Bigger than I imagined." He took off after Doore. He flew at top speed and punched Doore in the back. Doore went flying into the ground and the Dragon Balls dropped into a lake. Doore said:- "No! Lord Cooler's Dragon Balls!" Vegeta said:- "Looks like only I'll know where they are after I kill you." Doore said:- "Ha! You couldn't even handle Guldo!" Vegeta said:- "Why don't you take a reading of my power level with that scouter of yours." Doore pressed the button. Then he laughed and said:- "31,000. You'll have to do better than that." Vegeta shouted:- "HAAAAAAA!!!!" Rocks started lifting up off the ground and Vegeta's aura grew. Doore's scouter lit up. He said:- "40... 45... 50...." Vegeta stopped powering up. He said:- "How about now?" Doore stumbled backwards. He said:- "78,000!" Vegeta laughed and said:- "Last time I saw you, what was yours? 45,000? 50,000?" Doore said:- "You....
File-Doore angry

Doore prepares to fight

my death won't go unavenged! Salza's power level is over 200,000! He could wipe the floor with you and Frieza!"

Vegeta said:- "Don't bluff. I saw your little exchange with the Ginyu Force. Looks like there's been a little mix up of bodies." Vegeta stopped talking as several of Frieza's soldiers flew overhead, not noticing the exchange on the ground. Doore said:- "Well... Salza is out of the picture for now, and Neiz is only at about 55,000. You'll reach a problem with Lord Cooler though. He's at about 60 million." Vegeta said:- "Nothing a Super Saiyan can't handle." Doore said:- "Enough! My scouter is probably just malfunctioning!" Doore punched, but Vegeta caught his fist.

Vegeta then kneed Doore in the stomach, then threw him into the air. Doore barrel rolled aside, then fired a volley of blasts. Vegeta deflected all of them, then fired a Galick Gun. Doore dodged, then rushed at Vegeta again. Vegeta afterimaged and punched Doore in the back, hard enough to break his armor. Doore fell to the ground, unconscious.
File-Doore f'd by Piccolo

Doore is killed

Vegeta laughed and said:- "What would Cooler say to you sleeping on the job?" He threw Doore and fired a blast, killing the alien.

The End of NeizEdit

Tien, Krillin, and Gohan were all flying back to their cave with a Dragon Ball. Grand Elder Guru had unlocked hidden potential in all of them. Krillin saw amazing increase. Tien's was even more dramatic, but Gohan's was the greatest. Tien's ended up the highest, due to being the strongest beforehand.

Not half a mile away, Neiz was floating in the air. He was taking constant readings with his Scouter, trying to find a Dragon Ball. Suddenly, he picked up three power levels; The three Earthlings had sped up. He read 32,000. 48,000. 50,000. Neiz flew off in that direction.

In about five minutes, he found his targets. The Earthlings stopped dead. They saw Neiz's scouter and armor. Neiz said:- "I see you have a Dragon Ball. Hand it over, nice and easy." Tien said:- "No. You'll have to pry it from our cold, dead hands." Neiz took a reading. He said:- "A feisty one eh? You almost have the muscle to back up what you say. 50,000. Doore may have a problem with you. I have no such weakness." Neiz attacked at lightning speed.

He starting beating Tien senseless. Krillin jumped in and was kicked out of the way. Neiz took another reading and said:- "That's a tough toddler! 48,000 at his age!" Gohan said:- "It's because I'm my father's son!" He went into a rage. Neiz's scouter lit up. He said:- "61,000!" Gohan kicked him in the face. Neiz was sent flying. Tien said:- "I've been

Neiz sees the Dragon Ball

holding back!" He put his arm out and started charging ki. Neiz said:- "What? 70,000! Impossible!" Tien shouted:- "Dodonpa!" Neiz jumped aside. Tien rushed forward and started pummeling Neiz.

Gohan fired a Masenko that blasted Neiz several feet. Krillin threw a Destructo Disc and cut off Neiz's left arm. Neiz saw the three advancing on him and started flying away as fast as he could. As he flew, his scouter lit up. He said:- "75,000!" Then he heard a shout:- "TRI-BEAM!!!!!!" The giant blast hit him from behind, destroying his body.

Krillin said:- "We did it! We shouldn't have to be afraid of thugs like Vegeta anymore!"


Several of Cooler's men were torturing Ginyu, who was still in Salza's body. Salza had gotten out of the healing tank and was overseeing the torture. After a while, Ginyu said:-

Salza in his old body

"Okay! I give up! Change!!!!" A beam came from his mouth and connected to Salza. They switched bodies and returned to the original. Upon returning to his body, Salza said:- "It's good to be back." He fired a beam through Ginyu's heart, killing the captain instantly.

A soldier ran into the room and said:- "Sir! Some of Frieza's soldiers are outside the ship!" Salza said:- "I'll take care of this. Lord Cooler won't have to be bothered." He stepped outside. One of Frieza's soldiers said:- "Is that Salza or Ginyu? Are we too late?" Salza realized they were there to stop him from getting his body back. Salza said:- "It's me, Ginyu! I have single handedly taken down Cooler and all of his men!" Frieza's men took a moment to register what he said. Then they started cheering.

Salza said:- "Let's go back to Frieza and tell him the good news! And I think I'll keep this body, it's much better looking than my old one." A soldier said:- "I agree sir!" As soon as the soldiers turned their backs, Salza shouted:- "Sauzer blade!" He created a beam from his finger and cut several of the soldiers in half. Appule shouted:- "It's a trap!" All


the soldiers turned and shot a blast at Salza, but he jumped and started firing beams down at the soldiers. He was killing them one by one.

Eventually, none of the soldiers were left. However, one of the soldiers that was cut in half crawled towards Salza and outstretched a hand, attempting to fired a blast. He was hit by a beam from behind. Salza heard the noise and turned, and then instantly fell to his knees. Cooler had exited the ship.

Cooler said:- "Salza, you should learn to sense energy without a scouter." Salza said:- "Why my lord?" Cooler said:- "You didn't seem to notice that both Neiz and Doore were killed." Salza said:- "What? By who?" Cooler said:- "Doore, I believe was killed by our old friend Vegeta. Neiz's killer is unknown. This is where you come in. Bring Vegeta to me, alive. Find and kill those who killed Neiz." Salza said:- "Yes, sir."

Salza vs. Vegeta; Frieza vs. CoolerEdit

Salza took a reading with his scouter. He said:- "I'm picking up a reading of 11,000 from about two clicks that way." Cooler said:- "It should take less than five minutes to get there. It's probably Vegeta." Salza said:- "But last time we encountered him, he was closer to 20,000." Cooler said:- "He can obviously mask his power level. How else could he kill Doore?" Salza took off.

Cooler turned to his men and said:- "Take a seat. The show is about to begin." He sensed a power heading his way. Salza followed his scouter, and as Cooler said, ran into Vegeta. The Saiyan sensed Salza coming, but couldn't hide fast enough. Now he faced the alien with apprehension. Salza said:- "Vegeta. You'll regret killing Doore." Vegeta said:- "How did you get your body back?" Salza said:- "I am Cooler's right hand man. I can do whatever I want." Vegeta said:- "I killed Doore. I can kill you too." Salza said:- "Show me your full power Vegeta." The Saiyan said:- "With pleasure." He started charging, just like when he fought Doore. After about a minute, he was at full power.

Salza took a reading. He said:- "You've almost broken 80,000. I'm impressed. You could take all those Ginyu dogs at once. Too bad it isn't enough." Salza took off his scouter and tossed it to Vegeta. He said:- "Go ahead. Take a reading." Vegeta did so, then said in shock:- "237,000!? Impossible!" Salza said:- "Nothing is impossible, except for matching Lord Cooler." Vegeta said:- "Well, I still have an ace in my sleeve!" He let his tail unwind. Salza said:- "So your a monkey." Vegeta said:- "This monkey does tricks. Watch."


Vegeta transforms

He created an artificial moon and fired it into the sky. He started into it intently. Suddenly his eyes turned red. He started bulging. He grew to a titanic size. He grew fur all over his body. Salza took another reading. He said:- "798,567 exactly. That's tenfold." Vegeta said:- "Hahaha! I even surpass Frieza in this state!" Salza said:- "Maybe in his current form. You see, Frieza and Cooler can transform into some forms almost as hideous as you."

Vegeta said:- "They can never match me!" He tried to grab Salza, but Salza dodged and said:- "You're speed has stayed constant. Impressive for your size, but not enough." Vegeta attacked again and again, but Salza dodged around his attacks. Back at Cooler's ship, Cooler and his men saw a dot on the horizon that slowly got larger. Frieza was coming in his hover chair.

When Frieza arrived, he said:- "You treacherous little... where are my Dragon Balls?" Cooler said:- "I have no Dragon Balls. You are insane." Frieza said:- "Fine. Once I kill you, I'll turn your ship inside out." Cooler said:- "Very well. Father isn't here to save you this time.
Cooler First Form by Vulcanlsj

Cooler's first form

Let's make this interesting." Cooler looked like he was charging his ki, but he was doing the opposite. Cracks appeared all over his body. Horns sprouted from his head. He morphed into a form similar to Frieza's.

Frieza said:- "So you plan to fight across the stages?" Cooler said:- "I can think of no better way." With that, they leaped at each other. Meanwhile, Vegeta stilled tried in vain to hit Salza. The alien was too quick. After about ten minutes, Salza said:- "Enough dancing. Sauzer Blade!" He created a blade with his energy and charged at Vegeta. Vegeta swung at him, but missed. Salza went straight through Vegeta's legs and cut off the tail.

Vegeta shrunk back to normal form. When he was his regular size, he new any chance he had of victory was gone. Salza said:- "I have always wanted to bring the proud prince to his knees." He fired a golden blast from his hand, sending Vegeta flying and knocking him out. Back at the ship, Cooler and Frieza were grappling. The ground was shaking and rocks were being lifted up from the ground. Cooler attempted a stab with his tail, but Frieza stopped with his tail.

Cooler swung his head and cut Frieza's shoulder with a horn. This caused Frieza to weaken slightly and Cooler pushed forward and knocked Frieza over. Cooler then started pummeling Frieza, but Frieza used his tail to throw Cooler off of him. He stood up and fired a Death Beam. Cooler fired one as well, and a beam struggle started. Frieza had developed a greater mastery of the attack than Cooler and won the struggle.

Cooler was injured in the subsequent explosion, and he said:- "I guess you win round 1. Now for round 2." They both started charging ki. The bulked up. Their horns
2nd form Cooler by Eisoniq

Cooler's 2nd Form

lengthened and stood upright. They had reached second form. They immediately resumed the titanic fight. Cooler punched Frieza a few times, but was kicked in the stomach. Frieza then tried to follow up by spearing Cooler, but Cooler dodged and Frieza ran a random soldier through. Cooler took his chance and grabbed Frieza by the shoulders and wrenching him into the ground. He took Frieza by the horns and wrenched his head back. Cooler was in complete control. After a few moments of struggling, Frieza said:- "Looks like you win round 2." Cooler let go of Frieza. They began transforming again. Their heads grew and spikes appeared on their backs

Cooler's 3rd Form

and shoulders.

Cooler said:- "I don't have much experience with this form. I never bothered with it." Frieza charged him. Cooler kicked Frieza in the side, and Frieza rolled sideways. He got up and started firing Crazy Finger Beam.

Cooler was hit by the attack, and Frieza's went nonstop. He got a good thirty hits on Cooler with his beams. Eventually he stopped and Cooler said:- "Let's take it up a notch." They once again transformed.

Goku's ArrivalEdit

Goku's ship landed in a barren area on Namek. The first thing he noticed were two tremendous powers clashing, and another smaller power
200px-Daizenshuu goku stance

Goku prepares to fight Salza

moving towards them. That one was the closest to Goku, so he took off. He flew for about ten minutes, eventually coming upon a battleground. Two aliens were fighting, both in a monstrous state. He saw a blue-skinned alien coming in.

Goku strained his eyes and saw that the alien was carrying something. It was an unconscious Vegeta. Salza went past the fight without notice and entered the ship. He put Vegeta in the healing chamber and exited, hoping to watch the fight. When he got out of the ship, Cooler and Frieza were powering up to final form. Cooler said:- "Salza! Get the Dragon Balls. Frieza won't be going anywhere."

Salza took off and flew in the direction of Goku. He flew over Goku without pause, but then his Scouter went off. He pressed the button and said:- "A power level nearby... about 90,000..." He dropped to the ground. Goku stood there proudly without even trying to hide. Salza said:- "Who and what are you?" Goku said:- "My name is Goku. I'm a Saiyan, raised on Earth." Salza looked at Goku's face, and suddenly remembered Planet Vegeta's destruction. Bardock, and the Saiyan pod they let pass. Salza said:- "You must be Bardock's son." Goku said:- "I don't know. Maybe."

Salza said:- "Well, as complicated as their relationship is, Lord Cooler and Lord Frieza have one similarity. They hate monkeys. So, my friend, it is my duty to defeat you. Perhaps Cooler will like to see you along with Vegeta, so I'll spare you." Goku said:- "So it was Vegeta you were carrying." Salza said:- "Yes. Defeating someone of his strength is nothing to a fighter of my level."

Goku said:- "Well, I don't intend to come quietly." He got into a fighting stance. Salza said:- "You monkeys are all the same. Fine." He charged at Goku and punched him in the face. Goku got back up and said:- "Ka... me.... ha... me.... ha!!!!" He fired the blast, but Salza jumped aside, then rushed forward. He kicked Goku in the stomach, then elbowed him on the back of the neck. Goku fell to the ground, and Salza put his foot on Goku's head.

He started pushing down, and Goku screamed. He shouted out:- "Kaio-ken!" He forced Salza off of him. Salza's scouter lit up, and he said:- "180,000?! That's impressive, but not enough to handle me, Salza!" Salza charged and punched Goku in the gut. Goku doubled over. Salza swung his legs around and knocked Goku onto his back. Salza

Goku attacks with Kaio-ken x3

grabbed Goku by the leg and threw him. He finished with a devastating gold blast, which hit Goku and rocketed him into a mountain, which blew up.

Goku got up. He said:- "This might be a bad sign, getting hurt this badly in my first fight. But I'm going to start winning now. KAIO-KEN... X3!!!!!" Salza's scouter went crazy again. Salza said:- "270,000?! How does this happen?!" Goku said:- "I feel I owe you an explanation. Kaio-ken doubles your power. Kaio-ken x3 triples it." Salza said:- "270,000 is good, but not good enough to handle Frieza or Cooler." Goku said:- "Well, how about x20? That's about how high I can handle."

Salza stumbled back. He said:- "Impossible!" Goku said:- "Where were we... oh yeah! Kaio-ken x3!!!" He charged forward and punched Salza in the chest. He then unleashed a quick barrage of punches. Goku started to slow down. He reverted to normal and said:- "Wow, you really did a number on me before I used Kaio-ken!" Salza said:- "I'll do it again!" He kneed Goku in the stomach, then punched him in the face multiple times. He finished with a Super Explosive Wave, which sent Goku flying.

Goku landed on his back. Salza fired a Finger Beam which hit Goku in the upper shoulder. Goku screamed in pain. He got up and said:- "Now I'll end this quickly... KAIO-KEN X5!!!" Salza said:- "450,000!!!" That was the last thing he said before being sent flying into a mountain. Goku screamed and grabbed his chest which was bleeding copiously. Salza got up. He stumbled as if drunk and almost fell over. He said:- "Why did you hold back? That punch could've destroyed me." Goku said:- "I thought you might repent... AGH!!!!" He fell to his knees. Salza walked up to him and said:- "I envy that." He extended his hand.

Goku took it. Salza smiled. Then he threw Goku and fired a blast at maximum power. It KO'd Goku. Salza picked him up and took him to the ship. He put Goku in a healing pod, then said:- "I could use this myself." He was about to get into one of the tanks, but suddenly he saw the sky darken outside of the window. He knew there was no night on Namek and wondered what was happening. Then he saw a pillar of light on the horizon. He decided the healing chamber could wait, and he took off.

Cooler and Frieza noticed the sky darken too, and Frieza said:- "What could this mean?" Cooler said:- "It's a sign. The universe acknowledges your imminent death." They resumed fighting.


Shortly before Cooler and Frieza started fighting, Tien, Krillin and Gohan returned to the cave where Bulma hid. Gohan, Krillin, and Tien split up after returning to the cave. Tien and Krillin went to where five Dragon Balls were beeping on the radar, Gohan went to the last one. After about half an hour, all seven Dragon Balls were gathered. Krillin said:- "Okay, ready you guys? Shenron! Arise!" Nothing happened. Tien said:- "Maybe you said it wrong. Shenron! Grant our wish." They tried variant after variant, but nothing worked.

After about an hour, they just about gave up. Gohan was sitting on a rock trying to think of something to say. He then sensed three powers headed their way. He stood up and


said:- "Careful guys! Some people are coming! One of them seems tough!" They got ready to receive whoever came. After about ten minutes, they saw who it was. Nail, Dende, and Cargo.

Gohan said:- "Hey! What are you guys doing here?" Nail said:- "The Grand Elder sent us to assist you." Dende said:- "He unlocked the potentials of me and Cargo! It gave me the power to heal!" Cargo said:- "I can unlock power, but not as well as the Grand Elder!" Gohan said:- "That's great! We got all seven Dragon Balls, but we don't know how to call the Dragon."

Nail said:- "You need the password." He walked up to the Dragon Balls and said:- "Porunga." The skies darkened. A giant Dragon burst from the Balls. He said:- "What are your three wishes?" Gohan said:- "We wish Piccolo was alive!" Nail relayed it in Namekian. "We wish Piccolo were here!"

Before Nail could relay the wish in Namekian, they heard a voice:- "I wish Lord Cooler was the ruler of the Universe!" Porunga ignored Salza. Salza repeated himself several times. He finally said:- "Why isn't this working!" Nail said:- "You need to repeat the wish in Namekian. You and your master will never get what you desire!"

Salza said:- "Then I'll force it out of you!" Salza charged at Nail. Nail attempted to punch, but Salza was too fast. He hooked Nail in the face, sending Nail flying into a rock formation. Nail got up and fired a blast. Salza fired one as well, which easily drove Nail's back. Nail lay on the ground, an inch from death.

Dende shouted:- "Nail!!!" Salza said:- "Not so fast! Grant me my wish first!" Gohan said:- "Dende! Wish for Piccolo was here!"

Piccolo vs. SalzaEdit

Nail relayed. Piccolo appeared in a flash of light. Gohan ran and shouted:- "Mr. Piccolo! You're alright!" Piccolo said:- "Hey kid."Nail said:- "What is your third wish?" Tien said:- "I don't know. What should we wish for?" They all started thinking. Suddenly, they heard a piercing noise. Porunga vanished. The Dragon Balls circled up into the sky. They then turned to stones and fell to the ground. Dende said:- "The Grand Elder has passed!" He, Cargo, and Nail separated themselves from the group.

Salza said:- "You'll regret that!" Piccolo said:- "Not so fast. You have me to reckon with now!" Salza said:- "Another Namek with a death wish. Fine." He fired a beam through Piccolo's stomach. The blast carried Piccolo several yards, and he landed about ten feet from Nail. Gohan was driven into a rage. He started attacking Salza with all his might. Salza just shrugged the attacks off.

Nail crawled over to Piccolo. He said:- "Hey brother." Piccolo said:- "Hey. You look just like me." Nail said:- "We are both warriors of the Dragon Clan. We are as close as two P

Piccolo after fusing with Nail

Nameks could be. Because of this, I have a proposition for you." Salza punched Tien in the face. He kicked Krillin into the ocean, then kneed Gohan onto the ground. He created a Sauzer Blade. He attempted to finish Gohan, but the blade was stopped with a finger. Piccolo had returned. He was holding the Sauzer blade back with his index finger.

Salza said:- "Back for more?" His scouter went off. He said:- "What? Over 1 million? Impossible!" Piccolo said:- "I'm afraid it's true. I am no longer just Piccolo. I am Piccolo and Nail. He punched Salza in the stomach. Salza went flying, and Piccolo fired a Destructive Wave, finishing Salza off. Piccolo said:- "Alright. Let's go find Frieza."

Frieza's Full PowerEdit

Cooler and Frieza kept fighting even after the skies returned to normal. They were both in Final Form. Cooler punched Frieza in the gut, then kicked him multiple times in the
180px-216676-100 power frieza super

Full Power Frieza

face. Frieza recovered and fired a barrage of Death Beams at Cooler, but they were all deflected. Cooler charged and punched Frieza in the face. Frieza was sent flying into a mountain. A giant purple blast shot out of the rubble, but Cooler jumped over it.

Frieza said:- "You've done well thus far brother. But this isn't my limit." Cooler said:- "Really? You've been holding back?" Frieza said:- "Yes. What you see may not please you...." He started charging his energy. Piccolo, Cargo, Dende, Gohan, Tien, and Krillin landed on a cliff overlooking the fight scene. Piccolo said:- "This is some terrible power." Gohan said:- "I think I sense someone inside the ship... I think it's dad!" Krillin said:- "What? Goku? How is that possible?" Tien said:- "We won't know unless we check."

Gohan, Tien and Krillin entered the ship. They wandered through a few rooms and hallways until they entered a healing room. Inside of the first tank was Vegeta. Beside him in the next tank was Goku. Krillin ran over to Goku and said:- "We need to get him out of there!" Tien said:- "No! Look at him, he's injured! That machine might be the only thing keeping him alive." Suddenly Gohan screamed. They ran over to him. He was staring into Vegeta's pod. The Saiyan had opened his eyes!

He blasted the door of the pod and all the liquids drained out. Tien said:- "What were you doing in there?" Vegeta said:- "These machines heal you imbeciles." Krillin looked back at Goku and said:- "Alright. That's comforting." Vegeta said:- "Why are you in Cooler's ship?" Krillin said:- "Well, we came to find Goku. These two guys are fighting outside." Vegeta said:- "What?! They're fighting!" He ran outside. Everyone followed him. Vegeta stood in the doorway watching Frieza power up.

Throughout the course of the fight, Cooler and Frieza wandered away from the ship, so they were about a quarter of a mile away. They didn't notice any of the comings and goings in the ship. Frieza finished powering up. His muscles were bulging. His power had skyrocketed. Cooler said:- "I'm impressed. You certainly have improved." Frieza didn't say anything. He just attacked. Cooler was no longer a match for Frieza. He was being easily smacked around.

Krillin said:- "I don't know who I want to win. I don't think either of them are in our league." Vegeta said:- "Don't be a fool. I have become a Super Saiyan." Frieza just finished smacking Cooler around. Cooler said:- "Alright! I concede! You win... this round." Frieza said:- "What do you mean 'this round'? There is no power greater than this!" Cooler said:- "That's where you're wrong Frieza."

5th FormEdit

File-Cooler's final form

Cooler reached Full Power

Cooler started powering up, much like Frieza did. Frieza said:- "Try your hardest. You can't match me!" Cooler said:- "I'm not going to match you. I'm going to surpass you." He developed armor-like plating on his chest. His head branched off in four directions. A plate covered his mouth and muffled his voice, making him sound robotic. He had reached 5th form.

Frieza was speechless. He said:- "I... I can't...." Cooler said:- "Are you surrendering Frieza? I'm afraid it's too late for that. Once I kill you, I'll gain immortality. Then I'll destroy this planet. Father will think you died in the explosion." Frieza punched Cooler, but Cooler caught his fist. He crushed Frieza's hand, breaking all of the bones. Frieza screamed in pain.

He punched Frieza in the gut, then smashed him into the ground. He tossed Frieza a few feet away from him, then said:- "Goodbye baby brother." He created a Supernova on the tip of his finger. He threw it at Frieza, ending the tyrant's reign for good. He then turned back to his ship and said:- "How's that for a show?" He found that all of his minions had been killed in the crossfire of his battle with Frieza. He laughed and said:- "Guess I'm just too powerful."

He looked at the ship and saw the people in the entrance. He then saw Piccolo, Dende, and Cargo up on a cliff. He grew angry. He shouted:- "Scum! What are you doing in my ship?!" Vegeta said:- "Looks like I get to test the powers of a Super Saiyan at last." He charged at Cooler, attempting to punch him. Cooler kicked Vegeta aside. Piccolo
Goku 2

Goku faces off with Cooler

charged next and was kneed into a pile of rocks.

Gohan grew enrage and charged at Cooler, but he took a Death Beam through the chest. Piccolo got up and attacked. Cooler started toying around with him. Dende ran up and healed Gohan. Gohan got up stronger than ever. Krillin was frightened. He started backing up, but bumped into someone. It was Goku. Krillin shouted:- "Goku! You're alright!" Goku said:- "There will be time for this later." He walked straight up to Cooler.

Cooler said:- "Another monkey? Wait a second...." He remember Bardock and the Saiyan infant he spared. He said:- "You were the survivor of Planet Vegeta's destruction." Vegeta stood up and wiped some blood from his face. He said:- "What do you know of Planet Vegeta's destruction?!" Cooler said:- "I was there. I saw as a lone Saiyan, apparently the father of this one (he nodded to Goku), stand up to Frieza, and get blasted away like the rest of his filthy race.

Vegeta said:- "Frieza... Frieza destroyed... AAAHHH!!!!" He angrily charged at Cooler, and Cooler fired a Death Beam through the Saiyan's heart. Goku said:- "Vegeta!" Cooler said:- "Where's Salza? I'd like a power reading on this fool." Piccolo said:- "Salza is dead." Cooler said:- "Fine. I'll make this quick." He walked to the corpse of one of his men and pressed the button on the scouter. He read:- "3,000,000. Impressive. Not even close to my first form however." Goku shouted:- "Kaio-ken X20!!!" Cooler said:- "60 Million. Better, but think in the area of 150 million, and that's what you'll need to have a shadow of a chance."


Cooler's attack

Goku said:- "You're all talk! Let's fight!" Cooler said:- "Fine!" He charged Goku, smashing the Saiyan into a rock with his foot. Goku blasted Cooler back with an explosive wave, then charged forward again. Cooler punched Goku in the face, then grabbed him by the collar and proceeded to pummel Goku.

Cooler finished with a knee to Goku's face. He then started relentlessly pummeling Goku. He lifted Goku by the neck and said:- "Weak like the rest." He tossed Goku next to the dying Vegeta. Vegeta said:- "Kakarot.... you have to win. You have to beat Cooler!" Goku said:- "I'm sorry Vegeta, but I can't!" Vegeta said:- "No! You are the Super Saiyan of Legends! You can win!" Vegeta took his final breath.

Dende ran over to Goku and began healing. Goku was about 25% healed when Cooler saw what was happening and killed Dende with a Death Beam. Gohan shouted:- "Dende!!!" He attacked, distracting Cooler. Goku flew up onto a rock and put his hands into the air. He said:- "Give me energy!!!" Goku started gathering energy from what was left of the life on Planet Namek.


Goku attempts a Spirit Bomb

He created a Spirit Bomb, but it wasn't enough to kill Cooler. Cargo flew over to Goku and said:- "Will this help?" He started trying to unlock Goku's potential. All of the power went straight to the Spirit Bomb, and it grew dramatically. Cooler tossed Gohan aside. He then sensed a tremendous power. He turned just in time to see the Spirit Bomb before it made contact. The powerful blast rocketed Cooler into the ocean.

Super Saiyan GokuEdit

Goku nearly fainted from exhaustion. He fell, but was caught by Krillin, who had raced over as soon as he thought it was clear. Soon, Piccolo, Tien, and Gohan joined them. They all started celebrating, saying:- "You did it! That guy was no match for you!" Krillin said:- "I knew you had it in you-- WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE!" Everyone looked. An injured Cooler stood on top of a plateau. He said:- "A nice attempt. That could've killed me!"

Tien said:- "That was the plan!" Cooler said:- "Insolent little...." He regained composure and said:- "You're a human? Such a frail and weak race." Krillin said:- "Hey! Watch it buddy!" Cooler said:- "I call this Death Shower." He fired dozens of Death Beams. They didn't move after being fired, they just remained suspended in air. Cooler changed them into sharp purple crystals. He sent them all forward. Half of them stabbed into Krillin; half into Tien. Cooler clenched his hands into fists and the shards exploded, vaporizing both Krillin and Tien.

Something snapped in Goku's brain. He shouted:- "KRILLIN! TIEN!" Cooler said:- "Oh, I'm sorry. Were those weaklings yours?" Goku said:- "They... they were my best friends...." Cooler said:- "And you're next!" He fired a Death Beam, but it ricocheted off of Goku automatically. Goku's hair stood up, then went down. It went up again, this

Super Saiyan Goku

time flashing gold, before returning to normal. It happened again, his hair gold and his eyes green, then returned to normal. It stood again, and this time stayed. He had become a Super Saiyan.

Cooler said:- "A flashy trick. I should take you with me as my entertainer." Goku said:- "Piccolo, get Gohan out of here." Piccolo said:- "Of course." He and Gohan started flying. Cooler said:- "Not so fast." He started charging a blast, but Goku moved in front of Cooler instantly. Cooler said:- "Fine. You volunteer to die!" Cooler punched, but Goku dodged and kneed Cooler in the stomach.


Goku takes on Cooler

Cooler was shocked. Goku's speed and power had gone up exponentially. He tried to punch again, but Goku easily blocked the attack. Cooler said:- "I see what happened. Frieza's greatest fear in the flesh. A Super Saiyan." Goku threw Cooler down to the ground. Cooler landed next to one of the dead henchmen. He said:- "Let's take a reading shall we?" He checked the scouter. He dropped it in surprise. He said: "150... million?!"

He stood up and said:- "There's a power in the universe to rival mine then? It is fitting that you die with the pathetic planet you tried to protect." He created a Supernova on his fingertip. He threw it at the ground. Goku said:- "What?! You're inane!" Cooler said:- "Five minutes. That's how long you have to live." Goku said:- "I'll be done in three!"

He and Cooler started fighting. Goku couldn't control the form very well, and he and Cooler were completely even. Cooler punched Goku in

Goku vs. Cooler

the face, then attempted the kick, but Goku afterimage. Cooler spun around and took a punch from Goku. The Super Saiyan then threw Cooler onto the ground, which was starting to crack. Around the battlefield, volcanoes started erupting. The Supernova dug deeper into the ground.

Cooler said:- "Three minutes left." Goku said:- "This is it! You've made me angry!" He started charging an Angry Kamehameha. Cooler removed the plate covering his mouth and said:- "Fine. Let's settle this." Cooler created an energy ball on both hands, then combined it with the power he was forming in his mouth. Goku fired his Kamehameha.

One Minute LeftEdit

Cooler was slowly driving the attack back at Goku. He started laughing, which caused the mouth beam to falter. Goku shouted:- "HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" And drove the blast back at Cooler. He directed the blast into the pit with the Supernova, cooking Cooler in the fires of his own attack. Goku landed on the ground in front of the hole the Supernova was digging into. He put his hand out and fired a gold blast, causing the Supernova to explode prematurely.

Dbz Cooler 002

Cooler's death

The planet grew dangerously unstable. The ground started shaking; Goku could hardly stand. He started running towards Cooler's ship, but the ground beneath it collapsed. Goku flew up as high as he could without suffocating, then saw Frieza's ship and started flying towards it. As he landed in front of it, it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption. Goku looked around and saw the Ginyu Force's Battle Pods. He ran towards them, but before he could get inside, a battered Cooler burst from the ground.

Cooler said:- "One minute left..." Goku said:- "Don't you give up already?" Cooler charged, but stopped as Goku extended his palm an inch from Cooler's face. A blinding golden light appeared in Goku's palm, and Goku said:- "Think of this as a Judgement Kamehameha!!!!" He fired the blast, which blasted Cooler straight to the second sun of Namek.

Goku saw Porunga appear in the distance. He flew over to the Dragon, and saw Cargo. Cargo screamed something in Namekian, and disappeared. Within a second, Goku disappeared also.


Goku appeared in a grassy field on Earth. He returned to base form. He saw Vegeta sitting beneath a tree. He saw Shenron disappear and the Dragon Balls scatter. Tien, Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma ran up to Goku. Gohan said:- "Did you do it dad? Did you beat Cooler?" Goku said:- "I sure did son." Vegeta said:- "So, you really are the Super Saiyan."

Everyone celebrated Cooler's downfall, and had about a year of piece.


Just as this is a sequel to special #1, special #3 will be a sequel to this, featuring three villains starring in one! Meta-Cooler, Mecha-Frieza, and King Cold. Meta-Cooler comes independently of King Cold and Frieza.


The name 'A Cold Rivalry' was thought of by NomadMusik.

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