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Dragon Ball Chronicles Edit

Dragon Ball Chronicles takes place nearly a thousand years after Dragon Ball GT. Nearing the Great Release of Hell. The inhabitants of Earth have lost all hope. With the Z fighters gone. The Earth has become a dark and corrupt planet. The Raijin Clan. The descendants of Vegeta. Have taken over most of the planet. And nearly wiped out all of the Fuujin Clan, the descendants of the Great Goku. Leaving Reigo, and his grandfather, Shen left.

For years. Reigo has been training under his grandfather for the time they are found by the Raijin. Reigo wasn't what you would call a genius. Heck, he'd rather roll around eating Fried Turtle Tails than train.

But one day, in the middle of the night. A man of Raijin Descent, Marui. Discovers the hideout of the pair. And without any warning whatsoever. He attacks and burns down everything in sight. Leaving nothing else but Reigo who luckily survives.

When he wakes up. He finds the whole village burned down along with his Grandfather. Obviously angered. He thrashes everything in sight. Nearly destroying the whole Fuujin base. After a while, he loses power and blacks out. After exactly one week. Reigo wakes up in the middle of a burning forest. Not knowing where he is, he meets a girl of Raijin blood named Bulla XIII (Who Reigo in fact deems "Pretty"). They start off by arguing about how she's Raijin and he's Fuujin. Eventually Bulla kicks the crap out of him. Soon enough, they come to terms and she agrees to bring him back to Mt. Paozu, the Fuujin base. Along the way they meet a old hermit named Roshi Jr, who in fact was the grandson of the Turtle Hermit Roshi. He reluctantly agrees to train Reigo on one condition. That they get to Mt. Paozu. When they get to their destination, they are all taken by surprise to find out that everything burned down. Reigo enters his grandfather's house and finds his Grandfather's body lay on the floor. He searches the whole house for anything his grandfather would leave behind. But only finds a blue 4 star Dragonball. Only then does Reigo realize that in fact it was HE who caused all this. He breaks into tears and nearly goes berserk again. Only to be stopped by Bulla who holds his hand in the middle of the sequence. Soon enough after the events. Roshi Jr. agrees to train Goku. And with that. They start a whole, new adventure.

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