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Dragon Ball Absalon is a non-profit, fan-animated series created by Melvin E. Dompig (known as mellavelli) of Max Gene Studios. The series revolves around the Z-Fighters protecting the Earth from warriors who capture full-blooded Saiyans and bring them to a place known as 'Absalon'. The series is currently in production, and is only on it's second episode. 


Episode 1Edit

Taking place multiple years after the end of GT, our heroes have settled down and lived life peacefully on Earth. Many events occured, such as Majuub and Pan becoming engaged and having children, Vegeta leaving Earth to train and search for more power, and Gohan discovering many new techniques. 

Whilst everything goes well, this peace is interrupted by a new threat. Approaching the Earth are three Saiyan pods, soon after, Dende contacts all of the Z-Fighters and warns them about the upcoming threat. Majuub, Goten , Trunks and Gohan all feel this threat, and head towards the trio.

After landing on Earth, the trio of villians look over the Earth, the leader known as Cyborg asking his henchmen Razzle and Sizzle to complete their objectives.

Episode 2Edit

Picking up where episode 1 left off, Zissle has flown off to an icy area of earth. He seems to have found what he was looking for, based on his coordinates. Breaking open the ice, he finds Broly's space pod, and a single hair from the Legendary Super Saiyan. After radioing his findings to Cyborg, the villain proclaims "Soon... you will be ready for recruitment". Zissle is then attacked by Majuub, whose strength takes Zissle by surprise. Zissle states that he and his comrades are only on earth to "fulfill our duties", and that he "fancies a good fight", before charging Majuub and leading to the opening sequence.

Following this, the three Saiyan warriors from the previous episode scout Goten and Trunks. Purika, the youngest of the three, is instructed to "shake their hands" by his commander, who flies off to look for more saiyans as he declares Goten and Trunks "half-breeds" and "beneath him". After a brief spat, Goten wins the right to fight Purika alone by beating Trunks in a game of Rock Paper Scissors. However, Future Trunks arrives, and sends normal Trunks after Razzle. Goten clearly overmatches Purika in their battle, effortlessly using the Saiyan warrior as a punching bag for the most part. Though Purika fights, he is defeated, and severely burned by a fiery Kamehameha from Goten.

Purika's other commanding Officer, who is apparently Purika's adoptive father, orders Purika to stand down and return home, as defeat and shame will make him a stronger warrior. As the older Saiyan and Goten trade verbal blows, Purika's temper gets the better of him. He injects himself with what is apparently synthetic fluid that mimics Zeno Radiation, as Purika grows and becomes an Oozaru as the episode ends.



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