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Dragon Ball AP's Necessary Knowledge:Edit

  • In this story, Buu is alive and Uub is too. This is because in the events the creator decided to leave out, Uub and Buu defused from Shenron's wish, but, they decided to leave bits of each other in the other's body. So, at will they can both become Majuub{Majuub and Majin Uub.}. If the two Majuubs fuse, they become Majuubuu, who is arguable the most powerful character in DBZ history.
  • There are inconsistences involving who is alive, who is dead, and who ceases to exist. Those are overlooked as GT rules are very loosely followed in DBAP.
  • Pan and Bulla both do not exist in Dragon Ball AP.

Dragon Ball AP Opening Movie: The Arrival of KeekoEdit


Piccolo prepares to fight

While training in the mountains with Piccolo, Vegeta senses a strange power level off in the distance. Vegeta stops and thus, so does Piccolo. Piccolo asks what's wrong and Vegeta answers, "I sense that there's a high power level off in the polar ice caps, should we check it out?"

Piccolo answered, "The cold will help with our training if we don't find anything. Sure" The two warriors flew off to see what could be the beginning of the end.

Vegeta, since he was faster, got to the source of the power first. Piccolo could also sense the energy now and new it was hostile. They both landed and Vegeta quickly got irritated, saying, "If you say that there's a hostile power level nearby, wouldn't it make its move by now?!" Piccolo didn't have time to answer for a blast of silver energy shot up from under him. Piccolo narrowly dodged it.

Vegeta was the first to see the source of the blast, a fighter who looked just like Goku, but with a black and white gi instead of a blue and orange one. His hair was also like Goku's, but it was styled more like Super Saiyan Future Trunk's before the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The unknown character landed where Piccolo once stood and glared at Vegeta. The person somehow made it so Vegeta couldn't move.

Piccolo soon came back and kneed the character in the neck, breaking his mental lock on Vegeta. Vegeta fumbled at first but caught himself and flew at the person. Piccolo was already wailing on this strange new creature, but the person was just taking it like it was nothing. Piccolo finally jumped back and fired his Special Beam Cannon at his heart but he just deflected it.

Vegeta shouted at the Namekian, "You fool! Just let me handle it if you cannot!" Vegeta slammed into the person and was delivering punch after painful punch to the person's torso but nothing happened. Finally the character kneed Vegeta in the stomach and whispered, "My turn."

Vegeta was clutching his stomach and the character kicked him into a glacier. Piccolo ran at the man and he just dodged Piccolo's punch. He punched Piccolo in his side and kicked him in the face into the ice-cold water. Vegeta broke out of the glacier in Super Saiyan form and kicked the man on his face. Once Vegeta landed, Piccolo in his Super Namek form landed by his side.

The man whispered," I thought only I could do that, no matter. Since you are capable of the Super Saiyan transformation I will tell you my name. It's Keeko." Keeko stuck out his hand and a silver ball of energy appeared. He continued," So I will give you an honerable, Saiyan death." And he launched the blast as a silver beam and the two warriors dodged.

Vegeta landed as Piccolo and they flew at Keeko together, elbowing his arms at the same time. They kicked him into a glacier together and launched a Final Flash and Light Grenade at the glacier. Keeko emeged from the smoke and whispered," Sadly, if that's all you've got you haven't a chance of winning." He launched a barrage of silver energy spheres at the duo and landed several hits on Piccolo.

Keeko got in front of Piccolo and grabbed him in a full nelson. Keeko whispered," Now you die." And shot a thin beam of energy through Piccolo's head. Piccolo fell to the ground, dead. Keeko whispered after checking Piccolo's pulse," He should've gone all-out when we started. But when I get the Dragon Balls I'll wish him back to life with the rest of you guys. Vegeta said, shocked at Piccolo's death," How do you know of the Dragon Balls and the others?" Keeko answered," I am a Saiyan, but not just any Saiyan. I, am the most dangerous and feared Saiyan that only a few know of. Broly cowers at my name. I, am the Universal Super Saiyan. The Saiyan who's sole purpose in this world is to destroy it."

Vegeta said," If only a select group of Saiyans knew about you, why didn't I?" Keeko answered,"Because even the Prince of all Saiyans isn't important enough to know of my name." Vegeta powered up to a Super Saiyan 2 and shouted at him as he charged a Final Flash," Well I will be important when I KILL YOU!!!"

The Final Flash shot at Keeko who deflected it into a glacier. Keeko said," I didn't think someone could show such dishonor to the Super Saiyan form. To rely on it so much. That is why you are weak." Vegeta powered up and charged at Keeko who dodged. Vegeta turned and kicked Keeko in his back but Keeko stopped himself and punched Vegeta into the glacier he had just blasted.

SSJ Vegeta Request

Vegeta attacks Keeko while his SSJ3 hair elongates

Vegeta burst out of the glacier in Super Saiyan 3 form and Keeko said," If your opponent is easily angered, seek to anger them." And Keeko blocked vegeta's punch. Goku arrives with Gohan and they quickly notice Piccolo's dead body. Gohan is the first to become a Super Saiyan 2 and charge at Keeko. Keeko simply kneed Gohan's face and Gohan slams into Goku.

Keeko and Vegeta continue battleing back and forth until Vegeta kicks Keeko into a glacier. Goku runs up to Vegeta and asks," What's going on?!" Vegeta answers," This is some "Universal" Super Saiyan. He says that he is too important for me, but he's just a weak crybaby trying to make a name for himself." Goku's eyes widened.

Vegeta asked what was the problem and Goku said," I was told of the Universal Super Saiyan by King Kai last time I visited. How did you manage to keep up with him?" Vegeta was shocked to hear that Goku heard of this person before he did but calmed down when he realized that Keeko hadn't come out of the glacier yet. He said," No matter, what makes you think I couldn't handle him?" Goku answered," He is the one who is behind the Planet Trade Organization, he not only trained the first Super Saiyan, but he also was the one who gave Bibidi the energy to create Majin Buu!" Vegeta simply laughed and said," Well that doesn't change the fact that I don't even have to go all-out to defeat him."

Keeko shouted {but with his bored tone} ," You forget that I also destroyed all the planets in ownership of Freiza." Keeko flew down and landed in front of Goku and Vegeta, Goku jumped back beside Vegeta and became a Super Saiyan. Keeko said to them," Now that you know the truth, I'll tell you of my future plans. I have done two things already that only Broly knows of and he'll kill you if you go to Hell to make him talk. Should I die then those two plans will come at a random order, maybe at the same time. Then, Broly himself will come because the odds of me not getting the Dragon Balls are slim."

Goku powered up to a Super Saiyan 3 and said," Well those are enough odds for me!" Gohan got up also and the three of them charged Keeko at the same time. Keeko flew up, as did the fightrers. Krillin and the kids landed and saw what was happening. Keeko stopped and kicked the three of them down to the ice. Trunks and Goten powered up to Super Saiyans and they attacked together.

Keeko grabbed both their throats and slammed them into a glacier. Goku launched a Full-Powered Kamehameha Wave at Keeko who knocked it at Krillin. Krillin dodged it but was still harmed and fell, injured. 18 came and launched a barrage of Destructo-Disks at Keeko, as did Krillin. Keeko dodged while fighting with Vegeta.

Keeko kicked Vegeta at a Destructo-Disk but he barely dodged it. Keeko made a barrier around him and the Destruco-Disks were absorbed by the barrier. Keeko held up his palm and the barrier flattened into a silver Destruco-Disk that he launched at Krillin. Krillin dodged it but then 20 Destructo-Disks came up around and under him all silver. They flew around him and left many large and small scratches, slashes, cuts, and amputations in him. Cutting Krillin to peices.

18 shouted in rage and charged Keeko, Keeko just kicked 18 in her neck, severing it. He stomped on her now lifeless head and smirked. Gohan screamed in rage and became a Super Saiyan 3. Gohan punched Keeko in his face, knocking him through two glaciers until one finally caught him. Keeko slowly rose out of the glacier.

Keeko said," Obviously I can't defeat you all in my current form. So how about we all go all-out?" Goten, Trunks, Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan landed side-by-side in a line facing Keeko all on the same glacier. Keeko was the first to power up. He became a Super Saiyan. His hair looked like Goku's as a Super Saiyan but had two strands of hair hanging over his left eye.

Trunks and Goten fused into Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, Goku and Vegeta became Super Saiyan 4's, and Gohan powered up to Super Saiyan 3 again. Keeko charged at Gotenks who didn't have time to defend. Gotenks went flying as Vegeta and Goku both caught one leg of Keeko. Gohan got in front of Keeko who was now being held by Goku and Vegeta. Gohan launched the Electric Kamehameha Wave.

Goku and Vegeta jumped back at the last minute and launched a Galick Cannon and a 10x Kamehameha Wave. The three beams hit Keeko dead on but when the smoke cleared he emerged, only his tattered clothing damaged. He powered up again to his Full-Powered Super Saiyan state and kneed Goku in his stomach. Goku flew where Gotenks was and Gotenks caught him. Vegeta was battling a rather one-sided fight against Keeko, who was obviously winning.

Keeko kicked Vegeta past Goku and Gotenks and Goku said," You and Gohan need to hold him off while me and Vegeta fuse." Gotenks flew down beside Gohan and told Gohan the plan. Gotenks flew at Keeko.

Meanwhile Goku and Vegeta were fighting," Well we should keep wearing him down!" "But what if he's still too strong!?" "Noone can defeat me in this form, much less all of us!" This continued untill they sensed Gohan and Gotenks' power levels dropping dangerously quickly. They decided to fuse.

Back on the glacier, Keeko was kneeing Gohan in his ribs, catching his leg bringing him back, and repeating the proccess. Gotenks launched 5 ghosts at Keeko who just threw Gohan at them. When the smoke cleared, Gohan in his normal form fell to the ground, dead. Gogeta in his Super Saiyan 4 form landed by Gotenks who was now in Super Saiyan form. Gogeta saw the dead Gohan and told Gotenks to take a brake.

Keeko powered down and whispered," This must be your final and most powerful form. I usually overestimate my opponents, but this was by far the worst dissapointment I've ever come across." Gogeta said," Call it whatever you want, but Earth is going to be the one Planet you won't destroy!"

Both warriors prepared for the final battle of Earth...

Keeko charged at Gogeta who kicked Keeko back. Keeko flipped and caught himself. He pulled back his hand and launched a silver blast at Gogeta. Gogeta teleported out of the way and punched Keeko through the ice. Keeko smiled as he fell and shouted," Instant Transmission!"

Keeko teleported behind Gogeta and swatted him away. Gogeta landed and said," Ohh, so you can use any technique you see done." Gogeta charged a Kamehameha x10 at Keeko, he said," Then I'll finish you off with one attack!" A red beam of energy shot out of Gogeta's hands at Keeko who blocked the attack. Keeko fell, severely damaged.

Gogeta laughed and said," Well, I didn't think you'd survive." Keeko stood, beaten up and coughing up blood, then he transformed into a Super Saiyan. He whispered," I didn't think you could do so much to my untransfromed body, now I'll show you a true Super Saiyan!"

Gogeta and Keeko charged each other at the same time, elbowing each other's faces. They flew back, blasting Ki Engergy Attacks at each other. Gogeta jumped off a glacier and charged a Super Kamehameha x10. Keeko stopped at a glacier and saw Gogeta charging his attack.

Keeko stood on the glacier, his head down. Gogeta shouted over the sound of his energy," So you've given up eh? Too bad, but I've never been beaten!" Gogeta launched his attack at Keeko who looked up at Gogeta with enraged eyes. The blast hit Keeko dead-on. Keeko shouted over the blast that was killing him," I SWEAR EVEN IN DEATH I WILL RIP OUT YOUR THROAT GOKU AND VEGETA!!!!!"

That was the last of Keeko... or was it?

The Legacy Saga: Part 1: The Preperation Of The Z-Warriors!Edit

The Goku, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien, and Bulma were hanging out at Master Roshi's house. Vegeta caught Yamcha and Tien up while Bulma set up dinner while Roshi and Oolong were watching T.V. Goku was looking at the ground, saddened by his son's death. Goten and Trunks were in the Hyperbolic Time chamber, training for the new threats to arrrive.

When Vegeta finished, Yamcha got up and hit the door," Darn it! I should've been there! I could've helped!" Tien calmed him down and they sat down again. Vegeta told them what the plan was," While the kids are training, we are the first lines of defense. Yamcha and Tien will be searching for the Dragon Balls while I stay at the Kame House with the old man. Kakkarot will be with Bulma who will be constanlty scanning the atmosphere for any signs of attack. When attacks are detected Kakkarot will tell us the exact location of where it will crash. By then we should already be on our way to check it out." They all agreed on the plan and left to their stations.

Meanwhile in the Hyporbolic Time Chamber, Goten and Trunks had finished their 5,000 laps around the palace, 1,000 pull-ups, and 1,000,000 sit-ups. They were now just sparring when Trunks brought up the idea," Hey Goten, remember how your dad got his tail pulled out and it made him stronger?" Goten answered," Yeah, why?" Trunks continued," Because what if we pulled each other's tails out and then we could become stronger, maybe even Super Saiyan 3's on our own!" Goten inthusiastically agreed.

Trunks was trying to pull out Goten's tail when they realized that there was a lot more to getting stronger than pulling out a tail. There was a lot of pain involved. Trunks decided," How about the puller stays the same while the one getting his tail pulled is in Super Saiyan form, that way the pain should lessen." But when they tried this the pain was still so much that Goten had to power down. Trunks said," Well I managed to get your tail out about an inch." They continued with this method because it was the best they could manage and by the end of the day Goten and Trunks had their tails fully out.

Trunks said," Wow, this feels great!" Goten agreed," Yeah, I feel like I could take on my dad!" Trunks teased," Yeah, It'd take you a whole other level of power to beat my dad!" They argued and decided to settle the dispute with a battle.
Goten Karemi Super Sayan by Byakugan12293

Goten attacks Trunks

They took their positions and powered up to their Super Saiyan forms. Trunks was the first to attack, he kicked Goten into the air and began moving his arms wildly around him. Goten stopped in the air and charged a Kamehameha Wave. Trunks launched a Burning Attack and Goten {mispronouncing it Kamekameha} launched a Kamehameha Wave. The two beams collided in a blinding flash of yellow, blue, and white. At first it seemed that neither had an advantage until Goten powered up to a Super Saiyan 2, his hair looking like that of Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

Trunks was overpowered and fell back, when he got up he saw that Goten was a Super Saiyan 2 and was stunned. Goten smiled and said," Well looks like I win!" Trunks just smiled back and powered up to a Super Saiyan 2, his hair looking like Super Saiyan 2 {Teen} Gohan's. He said," Not even close!"

They clashed and Trunks kneed Goten in the stomach at the same time that Goten punched Trunks in the face. They both flew back and landed, jumping at each other again. They had their hands on each other's shoulders shoulders, trying to push each other back. Trunks kneed Goten in the stomach and then punched him into the air. Trunks shouted," Galick Gun!" and shot a red and white blast at Goten.

When the smoke cleared Goten fell to the ground in his base form. Trunks powered down and ran to his aid. Goten got up after eating a Sensu Bean and they just decided since they have an increased power, that their training scedule would become more difficult. The new scedule would be 15,000 laps around the palace, 3,000 pull-ups, 2,000,000 sit-ups, and a contest to see how long they could hold Super Saiyan forms {1 and 2}.

The Legacy Saga: Part 1: A Blast From The Past!Edit

While everyone was in their stations, Vegeta sensed an unusually high and familiar power level. He told Master Roshi about it and then realized he was asleep with a magazine over his face. Vegeta was angered by this but held it in and left to see what was happening. Goku sensed it too and was already on his way. Vegeta landed first and used his communicator to tell the others not to come but Goku had already landed by him. Vegeta was angered by this and they began arguing. Their argument was cut short when a familiar enemy came out from behind a mountain. Vegeta and Goku looked at the being in the mountains with their mouths agape. Cell stood with his arms crossed, but he looked different than before. He was in his first form and had two tails, the jem on his forehead was shaped like an oval with sharp points similar to that of a scar, he had three points on his head instead of two. He was dark red where he was orange and blue and light green, his eyes were green with black slits for pupils and a red iris barely noticable around his pupil slits, and where he was dark green he was black, and the dots around his body were white.

Vegeta simply laughed and said," Well this should be easy Kakkarot, instead of training he spent all his time on a makeover!" Goku smiled and said," Don't take him lightly Vegeta, remember he still has a really high power level." Vegeta was slightly annoyed but found truth from Goku's word's so let it slide. Cell smiled and said," So you think I am that pathetic weakling Cell? No, and never compare me to him. My pod was labeled Bio-Cell, but I didn't like being named after a failure. So I named myself Mocull." Vegeta smirked and whispered," So your brother and you are both named after microscopic terms." Mocull got really angry and shouted at Vegeta," You'll die for that comment! Don't remind me that he's my brother... you insult me by that."

Vegeta powered up to Full-Powered Super Saiyan and Goku commented," Wow Vegeta, when did you learn to do that?" Vegeta crossed his arms and said," Well if you had been more focused you would've noticed that I've been a Super Saiyan for a long time since we went to prepare for the attack. I figured that if you could use the Super Saiyan form to it's full power than why shouldn't I? I've also mastered this in the Super Saiyan 2." Goku said," Really? So did I!"

Mocull said," If you're done I'd like to fight now!" Goku said," I love the enthusiasm!" And Goku transformed into a Full-Powered Super Saiyan. Goku and Vegeta charged at Mocull who flew up to the air. he wrapped each tail around the Saiyans and slowly crushed them. Vegeta broke out of the grip and launched a Galick Gun at Mocull, freeing Goku.

Goku landed and flew up to Mocull, slamming him down to the ground where Vegeta roundhouse kicked him into a mountain. They jumped back and landed side-by-side. Vegeta said," If you can use the Full-Powered Super Saiyan 2 form do it now!" And they powered up to Super Saiyan 2.

Mocull jumped in front of Vegeta and kneed him in the stomach. Goku flew at Mocull but he kicked Goku in the stomach, and then in the face, sending him flying. Vegeta grabbed Mocull in a Full Nelson and flew up in the sky. Goku got up and saw that Vegeta flew down to the ground, using Zarbon's Moster Crush technique but with a red aura. He shouted just before slamming Mocull into the ground," Galick Groundshaker!" Then Mocull slammed into the ground while Vegeta flew away and the red aura stayed with Mocull until he hit the ground and a giant red and white light sphere slowly increased in size and exploded while the ground was being ripped to peices.

Vegeta landed by Goku and said," Well that should do it." But Mocull stumbled out of the smoking crater that he landed in. He fell to one knee and looked into Vegeta's eyes with pure hatred. He stood up and shouted," If you think that was all then you're in for a rude awakening!" He powered up to what looked like Cell's Semi-Perfect form.

Everything about him was the same as his Imperfect form except for some changes. He had five spikes like that of Cooler's fifth form and the jem was still there except it was glowing a blood red now, he had one tail now. He smirked and teleported behind Goku, punching a hole through him. Goku fell to the ground, a dazed and lifeless look in his eyes. Vegeta kicked Mocull but he grabbed his leg and threw him at a mountain. Vegeta fell to the ground and powered down to his normal form, shocked at the amount of increase in his power level. Mocull smiled and stepped on Goku's almost lifeless body. He said," It would be pointless to kill you now, but that's my orders."

Suddenly he teleported behind Vegeta and kicked him into the air. Vegeta stopped and powered up to a Super Saiyan. Mocull jumped up and slammed him down to the ground. Vegeta handspringed up and backflipped, he landed on the ground and launched a Final Flash
Vegeta Final Flash

Vegeta prepares to attack Mocull

saying," This almost killed your brother!" Mocull's eyes widened and he screamed in rage. He blasted a Big Bang Crash at Vegeta and the attacks clashed. Mocull's attack easily overpowered Vegeta's and Vegeta was knocked unconcious.

The Legacy Saga: Part 1: Unexpected Saviors!Edit

Meanwhile in the Hyporbolic Time Chamber, Mr. Popo burst through the door shouting," The enemies are here! You must fight!" Goten and Trunks had just finished their cooling off period and were going to start the next round of sparring. They stepped out of the Hyporbolic Time chamber and instantly felt their parents' power levels. Their expressions were shocked, Goten shouted," DADDY!!!"

At the moutain area Goku was about to die when he felt the presence of Goten and Trunks, he smiled as his eyes slowly shut. Right before his eyes shut, they snapped open as he heard a scream echo through his head," Daddy." He saw an image of him, Gohan, and Goten sitting at the dinner table, Chi-chi out at a Parent-Teacher conference, they were all talking and laughing together as Gohan passed some food to Goten.

Goku coughed up a large amount of blood which was enough to distract Mocull. Vegeta fell to the ground, blood pouring out of almost all his body. Vegeta landed face-first on the ground and Mocull said," Oh yeah, almost forgot." and charged a Big Bang Crash and aimed it at Goku. Vegeta grabbed Mocull's leg and looked at his face. When Mocull kneeled to pick up Vegeta's face and mock him, Vegeta spit up blood in his face. Mocull kicked Vegeta's neck, killing him. Mocull turned and looked at Goku and said," Now, where were we?"

Meanwhile on Kami's Lookout Goten was in shock and Trunks' mouth was agape. They looked at each other and their faces hardened, hatred filling them. They powered up to Super Saiyans and flew to the huge power level in the mountain region.

Trunks kicked Mocull into a mountain while Goten landed by his father. Goku said to Goten," S-son, I am... amazed at your new power. You rival Gohan in his Super S-s-saiyan... form." He coughed up a lot of blood and continued," I-I'm so pround of you. Don't worry, just wish me back with... the... Drag-the Dragon Balls..." He died in Goten's arms.

Trunks was checking Vegeta's pulse and heard Goten let out a bloodcurdling scream of what sounded like a cross between agony
Kid trunks ssj2 by spongeboss-d2zpxlx

SSJ2 Trunks as he is enraged by Mocull

and horror. They were both crying over thier fathers' deaths. Mocull slowly walked out of the smoke and rubble of the mountain and was laughing. He said," Yep, I killed them both, it was like breaking a toothpick."

Trunks got up and shouted," My father is no freaking toothpick you jerk!!!" Goten shouted," What could you have possibly gained from killing my daddy!" They both powered up to Full-Powered Super Saiyan 2's. Goten was the first to hit Mocull back, Trunks dove into the ground and came up under him, kicking him into the air.

Mocull stopped and was surprized to see that these mere children were matching his strength, so he decided to take them seriously. He landed and smirked. He powered up and the kids landed side-by-side. Trunks said," Hey Goten, remember that ultimate technique we came up with for dramatic effect?" Goten aswered," Yeah." Trunks continued," Let's kill him with it now!"

The two powered up to Full-Powered Super Saiyan 3's. Trunks said," Let me fight first, I'll stop about the time he's half in power, then you'll fight." Goten said," Seems fair to me, he's already too weak to beat either of us one-on-one." Trunks charged at Mocull who blocked his knee. Trunks punched Mocull in the face and sent him flying.

Trunks charged a Final Flash while Mocull skidded to a stop. Mocull flew into the air and thrust both his hands up. He charged a Spirit Bomb while Trunks launched his Final Flash. Mocull launched the small Spirit Bomb and both attacks collided. Nobody was overtaking the other until Trunks shouted," Goten help me out here!" Goten ran up to Trunks and launched a Kamehameha. The combined attacks overtook Mocull and he fell to the ground.

Trunks said," Well I can't beleive he could kill our parents." Goten was enraged at hearing this and shouted at Trunks," Don't talk about my daddy's... death." Trunks said," We can bring them back so it shouldn't be a problem." Goten answered," Well yeah but still..."

Mocull got up and shouted at them," YOU CAN'T EVEN TAKE OUR FIGHT SERIOUSLY!!!" He regained his composer and said," Then I'll show you my true power." Mocull transformed into what looked like Cell's Final form. He had three tails and his face were the same colors as Perfect form Cell's. Trunks whispered to Goten as Mocull was powering up," I think we should fuse for this one."

When Mocull was finished with his transformation, he looked up to see a Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks. He looked exactly like normal Gotenks but he had red hair and some of it was over his shoulders, sort of like Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta's. Gotenks said," Now that I'm here you're gonna get beaten so hard you'll be in a fullbody cast in Otherworld!"

Gotenks and Mocull clashed into each other in a barrage of punches, kicks, headbutts, knees, elbows, shoulders, and Ki attacks. Gotenks got a good uppercut in and sent Mocull into the air. Gotenks launched his Super Ghost Kamehameha. A giant white tail-like stream came at Mocull. Mocull dodged but it came around and wrapped around him and it exploded in a blinding flash of white light.

Mocull fell to the ground in severe pain but caught himself and stood, a ring of purple around his torso where the attack wrapped around him. Gotenks said," See, there goes your arms, next is your legs, then your life." He charges another Super Ghost Kamehameha Wave. Mocull powered up and grew two more tails which wrapped around with his other three and flowed his Ki through them to make a sheild. Gotenks launched his attack but it just moved around his Tail-Sheild and wrapped around his knees. Mocull's eyes widened at the sight of this and the explosion covered his entire body in smoke.

When the smoke cleared he was lying in a pile of blood coming out of his legs and torso. He slowly rose out of it using his Ki and filling his joints with his Ki, allowing them to move as though they weren't broken. Gotenks said," You may be able to move but you'll still feel the pain." Gotenks charged at Mocull and punched him directly in his stomach. Mocull fell to the ground, face down.

Gotenks said," I'll finish you with my newest move!" He charged full speed at Mocull and blew out two ghosts which held on to his arms. He double-punched Mocull's back, shattering it. A giant explosion covered the entire area and a barrage of Super Kamehameha Waves flew out of the center. Gotenks jumped out of the smoke and the Kamehamaha Waves slammed into the center of the smoke where Mocull lay.

When the smoke cleared there was just a head that looked up at Gotenks who was charging a Big Tree Cannon. Gotenks shouted,"
SSJ4 Gotenks DBAP

Gotenks attacks Mocull

Gotenks' Annihilation Barrage!" And he launched the Big Tree Cannon at Mocull's head, his last words were," I will kill you when you get to Namek!"

The light slowly died down and Gotenks landed on the ground in his base form. He defused into Goten and Trunks who looked at each others' attained power. They flew to Kame House and filled everyone in on what happened. Tien says," My condolences but the last Dragon Ball is in a volcano and Yamcha and I aren't able of getting it." Goten and Trunks leave to get their things and set off when Goten picks up the magazine that was covering Roshi's face. Goten looked at it and dropped it saying," It doesn't even have any words in it, that's not a book." Trunks looks at Master Roshi who gets up and asks what happened. Trunks fills him in while he gathers his things and afterwards Roshi teaches them how to utilize 100% of their power like his form.

The Legacy Saga: Part 1: A Surprize Attack! Phase One Go!Edit

Goten and Trunks flew off to the volcano where Tien and Yamcha were stationed and on the way noticed a dark shape above them. Goten said," Man is it shady today." Trunks said," Yeah, but the weirdest thing is that the forecast said that it would be sunny." Goten retorted," You watch the weather channel? That's hilarious!"

They began arguing but the dark shape kicked them both into the water. They crawled onto land and coughed up some water. Trunks looked up and the shape landed. It had the size and mohawk of Android 16 but had the body of Nappa. He wore Saiyan Armor that didn't have a chestplate so it was just the knee pads. He laughed and said, I am Sipher, your doom!"

Goten got up and said," Yeah yeah yeah just move along." Trunks said," Yeah last guy who challenged us and took us lightly because of our size ended up dead, easy." Sipher aughed and said," Your best is too weak for my worst." Trunks charged Sipher who kneed his face into the air. Sipher jumped up and elbowed Trunks down to the ground again.

Sipher landed and stuck out his hand at Goten. A yellow Ki blast charged in his palm and Goten grabbed Trunks and flew off. Sipher launched his attack and Goten narrowly dodged it. Sipher slowly rose and followed the kids.

Goten landed and Trunks woke up with a headache. After a Senzu Bean, they were both fine. Goten told them," You guys, a guy will come here you need to hold him off until we can get the Dragon Ball and wish for the rest of the Z-Warriors to come back and finish the job." Tien nodded and said," Yamcha go with them just in case I fail and they need a little more muscle. It'll be good not to have their power levels seem higher than before so Sipher will be more intimidated." Goten looked at Trunks who was looking confused.The three went into the volcano when Sipher landed. Sipher said to Tien," You're dead."
Tien by JonieD26

Tien powers up to fight Sipher

Trunks said as they climbed the volcano," Did you guys notice how Tien knew Sipher's name when we didn't mention it before?" Goten said," No I think I mentioned it. Didn't I Yamcha?" Yamcha agreed," Yeah, I heard you call him Shifter or whatever." They turned around to see at the bottom of the volcano, a large explosion.

Tien stumbled out of the smoke and Sipher grabbed his head, flew up, and slammed his head down to the ground. He repeatedly stomped on Tien's body. Tien stopped his foot and launched a Tri-Beam. Sipher stumbled back and Tien kicked him in his face, sending him flying. Sipher stopped and laughed," You think that you stand a chance now don't ya? I'll start going hard for 30 seconds and you'll see..."

Goten and Trunks landed on the summit before Yamch and Trunks said," This is gonna be easy." He jumped into the air and launched a Burning Kamehameha Wave into the lava. The volcano erupted while Goten started flying around the small island really quickly, causing large waves which cooled the lava. Trunks looked into the volcano with nothing in it now but black crust. He launched another Burning Kamehameha Wave into it, clearing the way.

He picked up the Dragon Ball and they summoned Shenron in the volcano. Shenron took one look at the kids who were covered in ash and said," Looks like you tried really hard to summon me, what are your wishes?" Goten said," We wnat you to bring back everyone killed by Keeko and Mocull." Shenron said," Okay, what is your next wish?" Trunks jumped in and said," We wish that all the people on Earth that have Saiyan blood will grow their tails back." Shenron said," They will slowly grow back within a week. What is your next wish?" Yamcha said," What? Dende must've powered him up. We want you to make it so that Senzu Beans can grow faster." Shenron nodded his head and the Dragon Balls rose, and split up around the world.

Tien got punched in his stomach and kicked down to the ground. Tien slowly got up but Sipher kicked him into the volcano where Sipher repeatedly punched him deeper and deeper into it. As Sipher left Tien shouted," We aren't done here!" A blast of white light shot out of the hole in the volcano and hit Sipher head-on.

Sipher rose out of the smoke, damaged, but unfazed. Tien stumbled out of the hole and said," I may not be equal in power to you, but you should have known by now that you can't just kill me that easily." Sipher smiled and said," Good, I've always wanted a weakling who wouldn't die very easily so I could fight to my heart's content and still not be in any real danger."

Yamcha landed by Tien and took a fusion stance. Tien mimiced and they fused. Out of the light emerged Tiencha. Tiencha charged Sipher who kicked him back. Trunks and Goten landed by Tiencha, who was horribly damaged.

Goten and Trunks took up a fusion stance. Out of the light emerged Gotenks in his Super Saiyan 3 form. He gave a thumbs up to Tiench and they charged together.

Sipher blocked their punched and threw them into the air. He powered up and shot a barrage of energy attacks. Gotenks launched Die Die Missles and they cancelled out. Tiencha landed in front of Sipher and kicked his neck. He punched Sipher in the face, kicked him in the side, kneed him in the face, and roundhoused him into a wall. But Sipher got up, smiling.

He spit out some blood and powered up to a Super Saiyan. His right hand turned yellow and he stuck up two fingers. A huge blast erupted out of the ground. When the smoke cleared, Tiencha was face first sprawled on the ground. Gotenks flew to his aid but was kicked into the air by Sipher.

Sipher cahrged at him and also was punching and kicking him. Gotenks used a point-blank Kamehameha Wave at the center of Sipher's chest. Sipher landed on the ground and Tiencha launched a Full-Powered Super Kamehamedodonpa Wave at Sipher's back. Sipher fell forward, onto the ground.

He rushed at Tiencha, kicking him into a wall. Sipher kicked Tiencha's stomach and repeatedly punched him in the stomach and face. Gotenks powered up to Super Saiyan 4 form and shouted," Leave him alone!" Gotenks charged at Sipher, kicking him into the air. Gotenks charged a Galick Kamehame Cannon. He launched it as Sipher launched an energy wave at Gotenks and the balsts collided. Tiencha stumbled forward and shot a Kamehameha Wave at Sipher.

Sipher wasn't fased or distracted, but it still did enough damage, just enough damage to let Gotenks blast him. Gotenks Powered down and defused, as did Tiencha. Goten, Trunks, Tien, and Yamcha lay on the ground looking at the smoke where Sipher lay. They thought they'd die when they saw him get up.

Sipher stood, shouting in anger," HOW DARE YOU!?" He powered up past a Super Saiyan. He sprouted fur on the back of his hands and on his cheeks. His pupils disappeared and his eyes glowed red. His hair elongated to that of a Super Saiyan 3's. He roared, and then laughed.

Suddenly the Z-Warriors sensed Goku and Vegeta's presence. They smiled as they landed. Vegeta said," Wow, he looks like he could handle a Super Saiyan 4 that rivals my Super Saiyan 4 power, I'm glad I learned a new technique in Other World." Vegeta powered up to a Super Saiyan 5, as did Goku. Goten and Trunks lay mouth agape at their parents' power.

Vegeta charged first and kneed Sipher in the stomach, doing nothing. Vegeta jumped up and punched him in the face. Sipher grabbed Vegeta's head and slammed it down on his knee. Vegeta fell to the ground, almost unconcious. Goku shouted," VEGETA!" and charged at Sipher.

Sipher blocked the punch and punched Goku in the ribs.Goku fell, clutching his side and Sipher kicked him into the volcano. Vegeta got up and uppercut Sipher's chin. Sipher smiled and punched Vegeta in his stomach. Vegeta doubled over, clutching his stomach. Sipher uppercut Vegetainto the air, grabbed his leg, threw him into the air, and kicked him beside Goku, freeing them both.

They sat beside each other in Super Saiyan 4 forms, Vegeta said," Looks like Other World was easier to hold this form, no matter. Kakkarot, let's use our new combination move!" Goku and Vegeta got on opposite sides of Sipher and took the Final Flash stance.

They said in unison," Final... Kamehame... HA!!!" The two blasts met where Sipher stood. When the smoke cleared, Sipher stood there, smiling. Blood coming out of the corner of his mouth, and damage marks all over his body.

Goku and Vegeta charged at Sipher trying to sandwich him but Sipher grabbed both their heads and started crushing them. Trunks and Goten powered up to Full-Powered Super Saiyans and launched a Galick Gun and Kamehameha at Sipher. Goku and Vegeta were released and flew beside their sons.

Trunks and Goten powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and Goku and Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 5. They all launched their Family Trademarks. Goten and Goku launched a Super Kamehameha x10 while Vegeta and Trunks launched Super Final Flash x10 at the same time. Sipher was blasted by all four and Tien and Yamcha pitched in with a Tri-Beam and Kamehameha.
Galick by 2D75

Vegeta launches his final attack to destroy Sipher

Sipher stood, but his smile disappeared, he said," What's the matter Vegeta? Holding back your true power?" Vegeta was angered and launched his Final Flash x100 at Sipher. When the smoke cleared Sipher was gone. Vegeta said," The fool was literally asking to die."

The Z-Warriors went to meet the others at Kame House, where they had a celebration barbeque. Vegeta felt strange the entire time, like he was being watched. Goku felt like there was another presence at the barbeque, it was small, but almost right beside him.

The Legacy Saga: Part 2: The Strongest Enemy! Goku VS. Vegeta!Edit

In the middle of the barbeque, Vegeta stated that he was getting a headace and was going to leave for some rest. Goku sensed that the power level left with Vegeta. goku stated he had to use the restroom and used Instant Transmission to go to where Vegeta was. They flew by each other when Goku told Vegeta what he sensed. Vegeta said," Ever since we killed Sipher I've felt like there was another person beside me, do you think Sipher is still alive? Haunting me with these nuisances?" Goku said," No, what reason would he have for doing that?" Vegeta answered," Well since Keeko said he was sending several people to try and kill us, so he could be one of them. I bet now they've changed tactics to slowly wear down each of us. So when they all come back as a group they will kill us and take over Earth easily."

Vegeta cryed out in pain and fell to the island they were flying over. He held his head in one hand and slowly rose, only one eye visible from the shadow cast across his face. Goku asked," I've never heard you shout like that Vegeta. What's wrong? That must be one strong headace!" Vegeta used Instant Transmission and punched Goku in the face, sending him flying. Goku stopped and said," What's wrong with you Vegeta?!" Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan and said," Sorry Kakkarot, but I'm not Vegeta!"

Vegeta kneed Goku in the stomach and swatted him into the water. Goku charged at Vegeta as a Super Saiyan, uppercutting him in the jaw. Vegeta stopped in the air and came down upon Goku, slamming him into the island. Goku got up and Vegeta landed. Goku said," Keeko I'm guessing?" Vegeta answered," Nope, I'm Ezara!"

Vegeta teleported in front of Goku and punched him in the stomach. Goku doubled over in pain and Vegeta kneed Goku in the face. Goku flew up and Vegeta punched Goku into a tree. Goku said," Y-you are too much like Keeko, but I'm guessing you are his boss." Vegeta launched a Super Galick Gun at Goku who jumped up and Vegeta elbowed into the ground again. Vegeta shouted," NO! I would never and could never be the boss of Keeko, he is my lord and leader!" Goku powered up to a Super Saiyan 2 and launched a Kamehameha Wave and Vegeta who dodged.

Vegeta landed and said," I am just another Saiyan warrior who is a part of phase two of Lord Keeko's plan. He's so powerful and smart he already knows your next move after this fight." Goku said," Whatever. But you picked the wrong body to occupy, you see I am the strongest Z-Warrior. Vegeta and I fought in The Other World Tournament and I won." Vegeta said," That is only because of a ring out. And besides, I am not Vegeta, I am Ezara. It doesn't matter if you're stronger, you're close enough so that I may use my tactics and copy ability to defeat you. So you beat him by a ring out, there's no ring, and I'm not that careless." Goku said," Vegeta isn't careless. If he's so careless why was he the target for all of your attacks so far? I would be your main target aside from the Keeko insident."

Vegeta said," How do you know that?!" Goku answered," I do now." Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 2 and charged at Goku who blocked his attack. Vegeta kneed Goku in the stomach but Goku used instant Transmission to dodged and kicked Vegeta into the air where he launched a Super Kamehameha x10 at him. Vegeta fell out of the smoke and landed in front of Goku.

Vegeta got up and jumped back, powering up to a Super Saiyan 3. Goku did the same and they began fighting again. They said as they fought," You know Kakkarot that you can't win." "Oh so now I'm a weakling." "You were always a weakling!" "We're fighting equally!" "Only because I'm holding back!" "I'm holidng back too!" "AARRRGGGHHH!!!"

They jumped back. Vegeta said," Then let's both fight to our full potential." Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 5, as did Vegeta. Goku said," Ever since Other World, I've gotten a lot smarter. All that mental training and meditation with Piccolo and Grand Kai really helped. Vegeta on the other hand spent all his time on learning new attacks which I already knew." Vegeta said," If you think that gives you an edge you're wrong." They clashed, the ground shaking when they did.

Vegeta kneed Goku's stomach and Goku punched Vegeta in the face. Vegeta kicked Goku in the side while Goku punched Goku in his stomach. They went flying and Vegeta launched a Super Galick Gun while Goku launched a Super Kamehameha. They collided.

Goku shouted," Super Kaioken 5 times 20!" Vegeta shouted," Times 50!" The beam slowly moved towards Vegeta who shouted," DARN IT!!! THIS BODY IS USELESS!!!" The beams exploded in the middle, so neither got hurt. Vegeta looked around and said," What's going on?"

The Legacy Saga: Part 2: The End Of Ezara! Goku's New Transformation!Edit

A women landed in front of them who wore Saiyan Armor. She looked like Fasha with light blue armor where Fasha's was pink. She smirked and said," I am Ezara." Goku asked," How did you take over Vegeta's body?" Vegeta answered," I remember now! Whilewe were fused, we shared thoughts. You took oaver my body through my own Ki." Ezara laughed," Yes, after you killed Sipher I used my Mist Attack to go into your system through your nose and ears until I got into your Ki Energy's core, where you energy is produced and refilled. My body became yours and we became one, I was in control and there was literally nothing you could do since your willpower is directed thorugh your Ki which I controlled." Vegeta powered up to his full power and said," Nobody controls me like that!"

Vegeta used Instant Transmission behind her and kicked her onto the ground saying," Downside of your plan is that now I know some new attacks." Ezara used Instant Transmission, as did Goku and Vegeta. They were constantly clashing in the air until Vegeta used the Galick Gun and Ezara dodged. Goku put her in a full nelson and Vegeta punched her in the stomach repeatedly. Ezara powered up to a Super Saiyan and kicked them both away.

Ezara flew at Vegeta who kicked her into the air. Goku punched her down to the ground. Ezara caught herself and launched a barrage of blue energy blasts and Goku and Vegeta dodged while charging her. Vegeta kicked her into a wall and Goku used the Super Kamehameha Wave to blow up the wall she was stuck in.

Ezara stumbled out of the smoke in her base form and mumbled," This wasn't part of the plan." and collapsed to the ground, dead. Vegeta powered down and said," Well looks like she's only useful in another person's body." Goku powered down and said," And even then she's weak." They laughed and went back to the barbeque.

The Legacy Saga: Z-Warriors VS. Squad Keeko! Takeoff!Edit

After the barbeque Bulma state," We've gotten reports that New Namek has been having some trouble." Goku said," Oh man, how many brothers does Freiza have?!" Bulma said," No. Not that, I mean Namek's Dragon Balls aren't working properly." Vegeta asked," What do you mean?" Bulma just shrugged her shoulders," I don't know."

Vegeta, who took the role of tactician of the Z-Warriors, planned the takeoff. Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks would go first and make sure everything was safe. Then the rest would come." There were many objections but Vegeta reminded them of how easily Keeko killed most of them.

When the day came Vegeta got on board first, saying that he'd get everything in order. Goku told Goten and Trunks," Ya know, while we're on board I'm gonna teach you my newest technique." The kids smiled and laughed as they prepared for takeoff. Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, 18, and Master Roshi all got on a seperate ship wich would go with the other half of the gang to fight with them. Their ship was customized to have their own special armor to work with their attack styles and gravity chamber with a couple new features. Their pod had a 2 on it.

On the pod with a 1 on it was Vegeta's groups' ship. It had a higher set gravity chamber and their armor was designed to absorb energy through a green sphere in the chestplate. The ship was set to go a bit faster than pod 2's. Vegeta commented," Nice work with the new Saiyan Armor. It looks just like the old ones with the shoulder pads and everything." Goku said," It's black too. Black makes you look cool." Goten and Trunks said," It's just like our ancestors!" Piccolo's only comment was," I'm not wearing that." Bulma said," I thought you'd say that. That's why I made you a new and improved version of your Namekian clothing. It looks and feels like your normal clothes but it never wears out and never gets dirty so you don't have to wash it in a lake or something." Piccolo said," That's a stereotype."

They got on board and left to Namek. Meanwhile in Hell...

Keeko was with his group, Sipher, Ezara, Mocull, Cell, Freiza, and Broly all sitting on rocks around Keeko who was standing in front of them. He said," Now that you're all here, we'll begin the next phase of our plan. Mocull and Cell, you'll go to Namek and Freiza will entercept the second ship containing the lower power levels. Broly, you'll be waiting on Earth terrorizing the planet, forcing them to decide between Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, 18, and Roshi, or their sacred planet. Of course they'll choose their friends and wish them back with the Namekian Dragon Balls." Cell asked," Why would they trust the Namek Dragon Balls? We sent the fake message that they were defective." Keeko answered," Because we'll send them another message that explains the Dragon Balls now work. In the time it takes to get their friends Broly will retreive the Dragon Balls using my personnal Dragon Radar that finds even stone Dragon Balls. You'll then wish us back to life where we'll wreak havoc upon the Universe!" They agreed and went to their stations.

The Legacy Saga: War Between Sides! Krilliencha & Rosheighteen VS. Freiza!Edit

When Freiza teleported in with Keeko, Roshi's eyes and mouth fell open. Keeko said," Later, but don't worry, you'll see me again soon." and teleported out. Freiza popped his knuckles and laughed, saying," This will be fun." Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and Roshi powered up to their Maximum Power forms and 18's hair elongated to her elbows and she grew taller and more muscular. Krillin asked," What is that?" 18 answered," It's been my secret. This is my Super Android form." They all charged Freiza who knocked them all away. Freiza touched his hand to the wall and shouted," Instant Transmission!" and they teleported to an unknown planet.

Freiza said," This is my home Planet, Planet Cold!" They instantly noticed why it was called that. They would've frozen had they not trained to their power levels' abilities. Tien and Yamcha fused and Tiencha said," Well let's get right down to it." Krillin said," Hey I need to help!" Tiencha asked," Are you even able to triple fuse? Let's find out!" They fused into Krilliencha!

Roshi whispered to 18," You think we can fuse?" 18 said," I'd be afraid to see what we'd look like." Roshi said," Well we might as well." They also fused, much to the dismay of 18. Out emerged the half-android, half-human Rosheighteen.

They landed side-by-side and charged Freiza together. Freiza took both hits and slammed into a wall. He said," Well, looks like together you're already prepared to face my second form!" He powered up to his second form and easily beat Rosheighteen.

In Rosheighteen's mind 18 shouted," Why did we ever fuse!? You aren't strong enough to support our form!" Rosheighteen powered up to his maximum power, as did Krilliencha. Krilliencha punched at Freiza who dodged all the punches. Freiza swatted away Krilliencha who bounced off a wall in the air.

Krilliencha launched a Super Kamehameha Wave and Freiza launched a Punishing Blaster and the beams collided. Krilliencha shouted," Rosheighteen! Help!" Rosheighteen landed on the other side of Freiza and launched a Photon Kamehameha Wave. Freiza launched another Punishing Blaster that collided again.

Freiza lauughed and said," Is that all?!" Krilliencha and Rosheighteen shouted in unison," Nope!" They powered up and overtook Freiza before he could power up again. Freiza powered up and blew the smoke around him away. He shouted in anger," You filthy insects! I'll show you my power!" Freiza transformed into his third form.

Krilliancha said to Rosheighteen," We've got to fuse!" Freiza said," Fine, I'll let you give me your full power so I can fight you properly." The two fused and out emerged Roshkriencheighteen. He said," My name is too long and confusing... just call me, The Five." Freiza chuckled until he detected his power level.

Freiza's eyes widened as he said," You're power level is equal to mine... how?" Freiza launched a Crazy Finger Beam which The Five deflected repeatedly. The Five charged and punched Freiza in his stomach. Freiza doubled over and The Five kicked him into a barren tree.

The Five laughed and said," You're arrogance shall be your downfall." Freiza emerged in his final and most powerful, dangerous form. he chuckled and said," Now I'm the strongest." The Five powered up and flew behind Freiza. Freiza turned just in time to see The Five elbow him onto the ground, kick him into the air, and slam him down to the ground, landing in front of him. The Five stood, arms crossed, smiling.

Freiza stood and jumped back. He shouted," I am the strongest!" Freiza powered up to his 100% Final Form and chuckled, saying," I will kill you." The Five and Freiza clashed and they kicked each other's sides at the same time, sending each other flying.

They caught themmselves and The Five started charging his final and strongest attack, while Freiza charged a Supernova. The Five smiled and said," Super... Photon... Dodon... Kamehameha... Fist..." He charged at Freiza, breaking through the Supernova, and shouted," TIMES TEN!!!" HE slammed his fist which was a mish-mash of blue, yellow, red, and white into Freiza's right shoulder and went down in a diagnol pattern to his left side.

Freiza stumbled back in his final form and coughed up blood. The Five charged a Super Kamehameha Wave and said," Now you're dead!" But suddenly he defused.

Freiza fell to the ground and looked up at the now five people standing in front of him. Freiza smiled and pointed at 18. He closed his hand into a fist and 18 exploded. Krillin shouted in rage and kicked Freiza into a wall. Freiza shot a Death Beam through Tien's third eye.

Roshi launched a Maximum Power Original Kamehameha Wave at Freiza, killing him. Roshi said," We'll wish them back. My condolenses." Yamcha kneeled at Tien's body and checked his pulse, none. Krillin looked around, seeing the parts to 18. He shouted in rage and sorrow.

The Legacy Saga: Broly VS. Group One! Keeko's Relative?!Edit

Goku and the others, after dabating, decided to go to Earth and stop Broly. They landed soon and Broly was already on a psychotic rampage at only Super Saiyan form. Vegeta powered up to a Super Saiyan and charged at Broly. Broly was sent flying but skidded to a stop, smiling. He powered up to Super Saiyan 2 and punched Vegeta in his stomach. His SSJ2 form looked like Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks' hair cut to his shoulders. Broly looked at Goku and kneed him in his stomach, sending him flying.

Trunks said," last time he was easy!" Broly said," That's because last time I was uncosious for 7 years! Now that I've been awake my power has been constantly increasing and I got a Zenkai boost, plus my training. You're dead!" He powered up to a Legendary Super Saiyan.

He closelined Vegeta and Piccolo while Goku powered up to a Super Saiyan 3 and launched a Super Kamehameha Wave. Broly flew out of the smoke and swatted Goku to the ground, jumped on him, and launched an Eraser Volley. Goku and Vegeta landed by each other and Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 3. Goten and Trunks powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and punched Broly's stomach at the same time. Broly put them both in a headlock and threw them into the air where he kicked them into their fathers.

Broly was punching Piccolo in the stomach and roundhoused him into the four. Gohan powered up to a Super Saiyan 3 {which he learned to control in the ship} and flew at Broly who grabbed him in a bearhug, crushing him. Gohan shouted in pain but Broly just laughed sadistically.

Goku and Vegeta flew at Broly who released Gohan and threw him at the two. Goku and Vegeta dodged and kept running. Vegeta jumped up and roundhoused Broly's face while Goku stayed low and uppercut Broly's chin. Broly grabbed both their heads and kicked them into the air. Goten and Trunks fused into Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks. Gotenks flew at Broly who blocked his punch. Broly kicked him into the air and swatted him into a brick wall. Gotenks stood and launched a Super Kamehameha x10 at Broly who deflected it through Piccolo's chest.

Piccolo powered up to Super Namek and the hole regenerated. Piccolo panted and said," We need a plan, not just randomly attacking him. Vegeta and Goku, you need to power up to your full power while Gotenks holds Broly off. Gohan and I will be launching energy attacks at him while Super Saiyan 5 Gogeta and Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks fights him up close. Me and Gohan are in no shape to fight up close."

Broly punched Gotenks in his stomach, he coughed up blood. Broly turned to see a Super Light Grenade x10 and a Super Electric Kamehameha x10 at him. When the smoke cleared he saw Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Gogeta laughed," Now I know I don't even need to power up to Super Saiyan 5 because I'm already stronger." Broly shot an Eraser Volley at Gogeta who blocked it and charged Broly.

Broly was sent flying and slammed into a building. Broly broke out of the building in what looked like Super Saiyan 3. He shouted," I AM LEGENDARY SUPER SAIYAN 3!!!" Gogeta powered up to Super Saiyan 5, saying," Looks like now we're even in power." Gotenks slowly got up and said," Not with me, Piccolo, and Gohan teamed up with ya'."

Piccolo and Gohan fused into Gocilo. Gocilo landed by Gogeta and powered up to what looked like Super Saiyan 3. He said," I will call this form, Neyain, Super Neyain 3... yeah." Gogeta and Gotenks flew at Broly together, sending him flying. Broly caught himself and launched two Omega Blasters, saying," Dual Omega Blaster!" The blasts were deflected by Gotenks and Gogeta who punched Broly's stomach.

Broly flew into the air and launched an Erasor Volley which were dodged by Gogeta and Gotenks. Goccilo slammed into Broly who laughed and elbowed his face, sending him flying. Goccilo launched a Super Electric Grenade x10 at Broly who blocked it but slammed into a building.

Gogeta launched a Big Bang Kamehameha x10, Gotenks launched a Super Ghost Kamehameha x10, and Goccilo launched a Super Electric Grenade x10 all together. The three blasts combined and hit Broly's stomach, sneding him into outer space before it exploded into a moon-sized explosion, and imploding in the vacuum of space.

The three defused into six and Trunks, Goten, Piccolo, Gohan, and Goku all fell unconcious. Vegeta fell to his knees and panted in his normal form, saying," If Broly wasn't destroyed by that, we're all doomed." Meanwhile in outer space.

Broly was in a green energy sphere, floating to Planet Cold. The other Z-Warriors knew that in the cold they'd die soon, when Broly landed in front of them. He stood up in Super Saiyan form all bloody. He laughed and said," Even if I can't beat the others, I'll kill you to avenge my loss." He kicked Krillin into a wall and continued," If anything I inheirited my power from my great-grandfather, Keeko."

The Legacy Saga: Keeko VS. The Five! Keeko's Boundaries!Edit

Keeko landed in front of the Z-Warriors and said," If you want to survive, fuse and fight me." So they did, and out of the light emerged The Five. He said," Now you'll face my wrath, Keeko!" He charged and Keeko kicked him into the air. Keeko said to Broly," I told you not to just go around blabbering my identity. But it doesn't matter, I am the oldest living Saiyan in the universe. Why would I care about such a meaningless term. Next time watch your words, and your temper." The Five landed and elbowed Keeko who kneed The Five in stomach.

The Five fell and Keeko kicked him into a tree. Keeko laughed and said," Broly, you wasted your time attacking them, they're no challenge." Broly agreed," Yes, but I attacked them because I was tired and wanted to take a break." Keeko laughed and said," Then these are the right people to fight while taking a break."

The Five rose and powered up to Maximum Power and punched Keeko in his stomach. Keeko karate chopped The Five's neck, paralysing him. The Five fell and Keeko vaporized him with a Silver Shockwave. He laughed and said," Broly, let's go take out the rest of the trash. Earth." The two teleported off to Earth.

The other Z-Warriors had been healed by Dende and were about to go and save the other five when they sensed Keeko and Broly's powers killing them. Goku powered up to Super Saiyan form and said," When they get here... I'll kill him!" Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan form and said to the others," What are you standing there for? Get ready!" Piccolo powered up to Super Namek, Goten and Trunks powered up to Super Saiyan 2, Gohan powered up to a Super Saiyan 3, and Goten and Trunks fused into Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks.

Broly and Keeko teleported in front of them and Keeko said," Looks like you've been expecting us." Broly got enraged at the sight of Goku and powered up to Legendary Super Saiyan. Keeko grabbed Broly's arm and shouted," Universal Restraint!" A flash of light glowed around them and when it died down, Broly was in his normal form. Keeko said," Although I stopped Broly, he will be the first to fight you. I'm coming in two weeks to fight you at The Lookout." And with that, Keeko teleported out.

The Legacy Saga: Broly VS. The Z-Warriors! A New Level Of Power!Edit

Broly laughed and said," I will kill you!" He powered up to Super Saiyan 2 form and flew at Goku who became a Super Saiyan 2 also and blocked the punch. Goku was sent flying when Broly shot an Eraser Cannon at point-blank range on Goku's stomach. Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 2 and charged at Broly who blocked the punch. Goten and Trunks powered up to Super Saiyan 2's and flew at Broly.

Braaoly was overcome and powered up to Legendary Super Saiyan form where he knocked all of them away. He flew at Trunks and grabbed his head, slamming it into the ground. Broly launched an Eraser Cannon at Goten who was sent flying. Vegeta landed by Goku and they both powered up to Super Saiyan 3 forms. They charged at Broly who was punching Trunks in the face and torso.

He kicked him, sending him flying and turned around to closeline both Goku and Vegeta into a mountain. Gohan powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and charged Broly who grabbed his arms and pulled him apart. Gohan shouted out and Broly kicked him into the air. Goku and Vegeta charged as Piccolo powered up to Super Namek and did the same. Broly jumped up, kicked Goku, elbowed Piccolo, and punched Vegeta all away.

Broly charged at the now Super Saiyan 3 Goten and Trunks, closelining them into the air. Broly flew into the air and slammed them into the ground, stomping on them. Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 4 and elbowed Broly in his back. Broly flipped and kicked Goku into the air. Broly charged at him and launched an Erasor Cannon at point blank to Goku's stomach. Goku fell to the ground, damaged.

Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 5 and flew at Broly who laughed and kneed Vegeta in the stomach. Vegeta fell, doubling over and Broly kicked him into a tree. Goten and Trunks fused and Gotenks {in his Super Saiyan 4 form} flew at Broly. Broly grabbed him and threw him into the air, kicking him farther into the air.

Piccolo fused with Gohan and powered up to Super Nemain. Goccilo flew at Broly and uppercut him in his stomach. Broly elbowed him on his forehead, knocking him out. Broly looked at Gotenks who had just gotten up and was panting. Broly laughed and said," Now for you!" Goku slowly got up, as did Vegeta.

They stood, fumbling, and looked at their sons' bravery. Vegeta was the first to become a Super Saiyan 4, saying," Let's fuse Kakkarot!" Goku powered up and said," Take your stance."

Broly punched Gotenks in the stomach and stomped on him, saying," You're as weak as before!" Gogeta shouted," Then how about you fight the strongest Z-Warrior!" Broly turned around and said," Well you are much more powerul then these others. Plus, you have the scent of Kakkarot and that prince. I'll rip you to SHREDS!"

Broly charged at Gogeta who punched a hole in his stomach, much like Vegeta did to Zarbon. Broly fell back, doubling over and said," Keeko!" Keeko teleported down and shouted in anger," SERIOUSLY?! How did you get this done? Great, I don't have a Senzu so you need to just suck it up." He teleported out.

Gogeta said," Well then, this proves that I'm stronger and you can't do anything about it. This looks like it's gonna be easy." Gogeta punched Broly in the face, sending him flying. When Broly emerged he was in Super Saiyan 2 form and said," I won't allow you to win! Silver Restraint!" A silver light glowed around Gogeta, and when it stopped, Goku and Vegeta were there in normal forms. Broly powered up to Legendary Super Saiyan form and said," You won't be able to get out of your normal forms as long as I have my Silver Restraint attack on you."

Gotenks and Goccilo had defused but the fusees got up and stood by Goku and Vegeta. They all powered up except Goku and Vegeta. Goten said," It feels like I'm stronger." Trunks said," It's called Zenkai. It's when we get hurt really bad, if we recover then we get stronger." Goten said," Dad, why didn't you tell me that?" Goku answered," I didn't want you to go out and hurt yourself on purpose just to get stronger." Vegeta shouted," No need to stop your comversation but can we fight him with all our sense!"

Broly laughed and jumped at Goten who dodged. Broly swatted everyone away and laughed. Goten and Trunks fused again and this time Gotenks was in Super Saiyan 5 form. He said," This power, it's amazing!" Gohan powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and laughed at how easyily he attained it. Piccolo powered up but this time he grew in size a bit and grew two more arms. He said," This will be called my Super Namek 2 form."

Vegeta said," Kakkarot, we have to stay back and, when the time comes, fuse again. Even if we can only stay in our normal forms, I'm sure he can't restrain our fusion!" Broly was fighting the others and appeared about equal to them. Broly laughed and said," Look's like I have to try!" Broly kicked Piccolo and Gohan away, while blocking Gotenks' punch. Piccolo and Gohan fused into Gocillo and he looked like he was in Super Saiyan 3 form but with two extra arms.

Gotenks powered down to Super Saiyan 3 and said," What?!" Broly swatted him away while Vegeta shouted," Your not used to your new power!" Vegeta and Goku tooked their stances because they knew it was time. Gogeta in his normal form stood out of the light. Broly shouted out and powered up, which caused Gogeta to shout out.

He said," What's going on?!" He defused and Broly said," I control your form using this attack! You can't power up!" Vegeta started powering up, saying," If we can't help the others to fight Broly, I'll at least try to fight back!" Goku started powering up also and Broly was really trying hard to stop them.

Goku and Vegeta shined with a blinding light and out emerged Goku and Vegeta, but they looked like Super Saiyan 3's with black hair and a single golden stripe going down the middle of their hair. Vegeta laughed and Goku said," I guess this is Super Saiyan 6?" Vegeta said," Oh, Broly you're in trouble."

The Legacy Saga: The End Of Broly! Keeko's Terrifying Power!Edit

Broly charged at the two but they kicked him into the air. Vegeta flew at him and roundhoused him at Goku who swatted him into a building. Broly broke out of it and launched an Erasor Volley while Goku and Vegeta dodged them and kneed Broly's stomach. Broly fell to the ground clutching his stomach in his Super Saiyan form. He got up and punched Goku in the face but Goku caught it and kicked him in his stomach.

Broly fell to one knee and vegeta kicked him into another building. Vegeta laughed and said," This power is amazing!" Goku said," It's like when we're in our normal forms we have weights on, it's like they are removed when we power up to Super Saiyan form, but at Super Saiyan 6 it's like we've just gotten the power to destroy planets with a punch!" Vegeta laughed and kicked Broly back into the air and launched a Final Shine Attack, killing Broly.

Keeko teleported after everyone had the last of the Senzu Beans {Dende was still tired after healing them the first time}. Keeko laughed and said," So you've gotten stronger. Everyone was already in their normal forms so Goku said," How do you know?" Keeko said," You're not the only ones who can sense energy. Besides you couldn't of killed Broly without somebody transforming."

Keeko blocked a kick from Goten and kicked him into a building. Trunks powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and charged at Keeko who dodged and kicked him into the air. Keeko put his hands in his pockets and roundhoused Piccolo away while dodging Gohan's barrage of punches.

Goku powered up and Vegeta flew off. Goku powereed down and chased after Vegeta. Goten and Trunks fused, as did Piccolo and Gohan. Goccilo punched Keeko in the face but Keeko powered up and kicked Goccilo in his stomach. Gotenks in his Super Saiyan 5 form punched at Keeko who kneed him in the chin. Gotenks flew but stopped and landed by Gocillo.

They decided to fuse and Keeko said," Yes, please do. I'd love to see this fusion." Out of the light emerged someone who looked like Super Nemain Goccilo but with red hair that dropped to his shoulders. He lost his entennea and his pants were black with rips in them. He said," I can't come up with any name, maybe Gogotriccolo? No, too themesongy. Gotrikan? I guess." Keeko said," May I call you Gotrikan then?" He answered," Sure, it doesn't matter, I'll kill you anyway."

The Legacy Saga: Keeko VS. Gotrikan! Keeko's True Power!Edit

Keeko flew at Gotrikan who met him in the middle and they began exchanging blows. Keeko powered up to Super Saiyan and sent Gotrikan flying while Gotrikan powered up and said," I'll call this my Super Nemian 4 form! How about Super Nemain 5!" Gotrikan's hair turned silver and dropped down to his waist. He had two arms and had a tail like that of Freiza in his first form. The Metamoran vest ripped off and the right leg of the pants ripped off below the knee.

He smiled and Keeko said," You're stronger than I could possibly be in this form. But I'll wait and see how my meditation went." Keeko crossed his arms and shouted out, energy flowing all around him. He lowered his arms and his muscles were noticably bigger and the veins popped out more. He smirked and said," Now it's a fight."

They flew at each other again, this time Keeko gaining an advantage, sending Gotrikan flying. Gotrikan caught himself but Keeko kneed his stomach, sending him into the air. Keeko launched a Silver Kamehameha at Gotrikan who dodged and launched a Super Kamehameha. Keeko knocked it back and Gotrikan fell to the ground.

Keeko teleported behind Gotrikan and kicked his back. Gotrikan landed face-down on the ground. Keeko jumped on Gotrikan who shouted out and Keeko hopped off. Keeko kneeled and whispered in Gotrikan's ear," You're weaker than I, but gave me a good fight at first. I'll grant you the sight of my full power."

Keeko jumped back as Gotrikan tried in vain to attack him. Keeko shouted and his hair spread out, not up. It was like he was under water, his hair had a glow like Full-Powered Super Saiyans do but it seemed longer. His clothing was moving out and his clothing was ripped from the Ki going out of him.

His eyes became Dark Blue and his muscles went down to a relaxed state. His hair still flowing around randomly but now slow, steady. It was like there was no gravity around him. Keeko said," This is the Universal Super Saiyan form." Gotrikan jumped at Keeko but stopped right in front of him.

Keeko's Gotrikan slammed into the ground and was sent back to where he originally was. Keeko said," My Ki is constantly multiplying and thus an almost infinite amount of Ki is constantly being removed from me. I can still control it and, that means, if you get too close, I can harm you without coming close. The best part is it's invisible so you won't see it coming and I can widen or shorten the radius in which the Ki is around me."

Gotrikan said," Basically nobody can come near you to hurt you, so how about this!" Gotrikan launched a Super Burning Kamehameha at Keeko. The blast stopped right in front of Keeko, like the last attempt. Keeko said," Did you ignore me? I said I can freely control my Ki. That means nothing can come near me, sometimes even the things I want to come near me." Keeko slowly walked towards Gotrikan.

Gotrikan launched his ultimate move, the Super Burning Kamehameha Grenade, but even at almost point-blank range, the attack was stopped. Gotrikan tried to punch Keeko but the Ki crushed his left arm. Gotrikan jumped back and said," Your Ki is that strong huh? That's amazing!" He thought," How do I beat him? Maybe the only way is to defuse and try to confuse him with four people at once. No, he doesn't seem like the person who gets overwhelmed by a small group. What's going on?! I can't beleive he's so strong!"

Ki slammed into Gotrikan's right knee, breaking it. Gotrikan fell to the ground shouting out. Keeko said," You should always be alert. I'm capable of weakening your ability to sense Ki and thus, am able to stop your ability to dodge my most dangerous attacks. You can't escape me, and my Ki is now your most difficult and powerful problem. Even worse, if you get past my Ki you have to still get past my new power and speed. Also, I still have some attacks you haven't seen before."

Gotrikan defused and the four looked around. Goten was the first to try to move but his leg stopped him. Gohan said," No! The leg and arm weren't distributed equally! They were given to all of us equally the same as our fusion!" Piccolo said," The fusion was so powerful the rules of fusion changed again!"

Keeko laughed and Trunks shouted in pain. Trunks other arm was broken. Goten said," You're a twisted person!" Keeko said," Beleive me, it's the transformation. I apologize, I'll make it up with bringing you back to life." Keeko picked them all up with his Ki and made his hand a fist. Just then his Ki crushed them all, killing them in one quick motion.

The Legacy Saga: Absolute Power!Edit

Meanwhile, in the Polar Ice Caps, Vegeta and Goku were arguing, Goku shouted," Why did you run! We have to help them!" Vegeta answered," You go help them, this isn't about you. It's about my pride! When Keeko defeated me, when I was killed by his henchman, that took away my pride. I'm going to destroy him for good and reclaim my honor." Goku said," So you'd let your son and his friends die?!" Vegeta said," I will bring them back! And even if I manage to lose to Keeko, he said he'd brong them back and so far he seems like he has reason to do so."

Goku said," It's too late now, I' m staying with you. But I warn you, we haven't seen Keeko's full power. And from the last battle, he won't take us lightly. He's going to use some new attacks and you know his moves, they always have a trick to them." Vegeta said," Yes Kakkarot, I know that. But he thinks the others transformed to kill Broly, so we have the Super Saiyan 6 transformation against him." The two stayed there to wait for Keeko.

Later, Goku shouted," Woah! Did you feel that? If that's Keeko, then he HAS gotten a lot stronger! Is this his full power? No! H-he wouldn't use it on the others, they're not that strong!" Vegeta said," He's toying with them! How dare he!" Suddenly Vegeta and Goku stopped, sensing Keeko's power go down and the others' power leave completely.

Vegeta said," They're gone... Keeko didn't even break a sweat." Goku said," But we're gonna bring em' back, and kill Keeko in their names." Vegeta agreed," That's what we decided on."

Keeko teleported in front of them and laughed," Their transformation was too much for Broly but easy for me. Plus, those Senzu Beans on the green one are healthy and tasty!" He opened his hand and revealed two Senzu Beans. Keeko put them in his gi and said," Okay, power up so we can fight." Keeko powered up to Full-Powered Super Saiyan form while Vegeta and Goku powered up to Super Saiyan 3's.

Vegeta charged first and Keeko blocked. Goku came up and kicked Keeko who blocked with the other arm. Keeko kicked them both back and charged at Vegeta. Vegeta was sent flying but Goku caught him and they powered up to Super Saiyan 4.

Vegeta and Goku launched a Super Galick Gun and a Super Kamehameha but Keeko deflected them both and charged at the two. Keeko knocked them both away and jumped into the air. Keeko stopped and shouted," Kamehameha times 10!" Out shot a red blast of light that hit Goku, sending him to the ground.

Vegeta and Keeko landed, Vegeta powering up to Super Saiyan 5. Vegeta said," I need to power up to cope with Kakkarot's defeat." Keeko said," Sure, you won't beat me in that form though, and you don't have any other forms." Vegeta laughed and became a Super Saiyan 6. Keeko was stunned and Goku slowly fumbled and rose his hands to the air.

Keeko said," So Goku can probably also do this. Then I have to try." Keeko charged at Vegeta who kicked him into the air. Keeko stopped and Vegeta appeared behind him, knocking him to the ground. Keeko skidded to a stop and said," Vegeta, don't you want to restore your honor? Then allow me to show you my full power. Be patient though."

Vegeta jumped back and said," Fine, but don't keep me waiting, if you want a good fight you'll face me in this form. It's difficult for me to stay in for long periods of time, as does you Super Saiyan form." Keeko said," So we're in the same boat. Whatever."

Keeko powered up, his hair elongating and flowing around randomly in smooth bursts. His gi flying around on his body. His muscles relaxing yes still flexed. Keeko smiled and whispered," This is my Universal Super Saiyan form." Vegeta laughed and charged at Keeko.

Keeko's Ki stopped Vegeta and knocked him back. Vegeta landed and Keeko explained his Ki usage in this form. Vegeta scowledat letting him do this, but charged again. Keeko dodged this time and put his hand to Vegeta's stomach. Vegeta's mouth opened in shock and Keeko blasted a Silver Wave at Vegeta at point-blank range, sending him flying. Vegeta fell to the ground in normal form.

Vegeta stood and said," I got out of the form? Darn it! I must train in this manner." Keeko laughed and walked towards Vegeta. Vegeta smirked and powered up to Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta charged at Keeko who blocked him and knocked him away.

Vegeta stood and smirked again. Keeko was confused and turned around to see Goku forming a Spirit Bomb. It was already a good sized one but Keeko just laughed and said," This is going to be a short fight."

Vegeta charged at Keeko who knocked him away again. Vegeta powered down and thought," Okay, I'll try my trick attacks now." Vegeta charged at Keeko who stopped his fist inches from his face, smiling. Vegeta opened his hand saying," Your arrogance will be your downfall!" He launched a point-blank Galick Gun in Keeko's face, and Keeko couldn't stop it.

Keeko skidded back and slowly got up, his clothing damaged, but not really him. Vegeta laughed and said," Be careful not to underestimate a Saiyan Prince. Remember, there's a reason Vegeta is named after the royal family." Keeko stuck out his hand and Vegeta collapsed in aggony, his right arm broken.

Keeko walked past Vegeta and was saying to Goku," Considering how long it takes to charge, that attack seems pretty useless in terms of battle." Vegeta launched a Big Bang that hit Keeko's back. Keeko stumbled but caught himself and glared at Vegeta. Vegeta was knocked away.

Vegeta stood in Super Saiyan form saying," Don't worry Kakkarot, I've got him!" Vegeta charged at Keeko who stopped him, but Vegeta kept going. Keeko was shocked but the image dissapeared and Vegeta came up from the ice using another point-blank Galick Gun.

Keeko was sent flying into the air and stopped in anger. Keeko launched a Super Kamehameha x10 at Vegeta who narrowly dodged. Vegeta launched a Final Shine Attack at Keeko who dodged it. Keeko landed and launched a barrage of Ki Attacks at Vegeta who dodged.

Vegeta kicked at Keeko who stopped him and knocked him away. Vegeta was knocked down to the ground with another Ki hit. Vegeta started to stand but was knocked away again. Keeko turned to a shouting Goku who was in the air now.

Goku powered up to Super Saiyan form and above his head was a Super Spirit Bomb. Goku launched it at Keeko who blocked it. Vegeta stood up and put Keeko in a headlock. Goku shouted," No Vegeta! Get away from the Super Spirit Bomb!" Vegeta squeezed harder and Keeko knocked Vegeta away.

Keeko applied his Ki to push away the Super Spirit Bomb but Goku was out of his Ki range. Vegeta got up and powered up to Super Saiyan 2. Vegeta shouted as he shot out a golden blast form his left hand," Atomic Flash!" Keeko was kit in the back because he couldn't stop the blast. The attack harmed him just enough for him to power down and the Super Spirit Bomb to hit him.

After the light and smoke cleared, Goku stood in normal form on his knees in front of a dead Vegeta. Goku shouted in rage and Keeko landed in front of him. Goku was stunned and jumped back but Keeko stayed in normal form. Goku asked," You killed my family, my friends, what else do you want to take away!?" Keeko answered," I wanted to prove to myself that I could take on who so many couldn't and win. But now I know that the Z-Warriors are too much for me. I don't know what to do anymore. I've taken on the universe's most dangerous tactician and the universe's most reverred hero, and failed. I'm calling off the attack of Earth for I know that you have the power to attain Super Saiyan 3 and I am too weak to power up, you're stronger."

Keeko teleported away and suddenly Goku's detection of the others in Keeko's army to dissappear. Goku thought," I wonder if he'll be back, if he's anything like Vegeta he will be."

Ultra-Buu Saga: The Newest Z-Warrior! Celebration!Edit

Goku left to Kami's Lookout and Dende already had the Dragon Balls ready. Dende said," I made a discovery! If you take the energy of the planet like your Spirit Bomb and convert it into Koncene, then the Dragon Balls can not only be tracked by radar when they're stone, but also they become normal faster!" Goku said," Thank you Dende, now I need for us to make some wishes."

The dragon appeared and said," Speak your wish." Goku said the three," I need for you to bring back everyone killled form the period of time when Keeko arrived to now, except those who died of natural causes. Next, I need for you to make it so that Keeko doesn't die for the next year. Finally, I need you to make it so that Namekians can heal and not get tired." Shenron granted each wish, the Dragon Balls scattered, and the cerimony was over.

Everyone met at Goku and Chi-chi's house for the clebration. Goku said," If we celebrate every time we beat a villain then I'd like Earth to be threatened every week!" Roshi said," Yeah just at your house. I'm tired of cleaning up after every celebration." Everyone was having fun other than Piccolo and Vegeta.

Vegeta was wondering how he could let Keeko beat him again. Piccolo walked up behind him and said," Vegeta, you are the King of Saiyans now. It doesn't matter wether or not it's out of respect for your father or without a proper cerimony or whatever. You are the King of Saiyans, and you need tyo act like it. You can't cling to the past. Move on and get stronger so you won't have to be beaten again." Vegeta turned away and said," I don't care what you think, you aren't a Saiyan, you don't know how I feel."

Piccolo left him to his thoughts and everyone was over in either the hot tub or eating {Goku did both at the same time}. While there, Keeko teleported to Earth, a halo above his head like before. Everyone got prepared to fight {Piccolo conjured up clothing}.

Keeko said," Please stand down, I'd like to join you." Vegeta shouted at him," Never! I will kill you if you ever come back! We can fight right now if you want to!" Keeko said," Okay, but if I win I join you, if that's okay with you guys." Goku said," No, you have to fight Gogeta in his Super Saiyan 4 form and you can join us if you win."

Everyone took their spots and Goku and Vegeta fused into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Gogeta charged at Keeko who dodged and powered up to Super Saiyan 2. He had Legendary Super Saiyan Broly's hairstyle in this form. He flew at Gogeta and kneed his back.

Gogeta said," I didn't think you could do that!" Keeko said," I can't copy transformations but I can learn them. I just never knew I could do such a thing before I tried." The two collided and Gogeta landed.

Gogeta said to the others," I've got an idea." He powered up to Super Saiyan 5 and began to get an upper hand. It was a constant back-and-forth between the advantage until Gogeta defused and Goku admitted Keeko's victory. Keeko powered down and landed saying," If you don't trust me, then I understand. It would be insane to say someone does trust me. I just want to let you know that I'm on your side. And to warn you of some people coming to get revenge on you."

The Ultra Buu Saga: Warning Of Destruction! Keeko's Father!Edit

At that moment Goku and Vegeta detected the presence of three extremely high power levels near Namek. Keeko said," So you just felt it then? Good, they will listen to you more than they would to me." Goku told them what they felt and Piccolo said," I sense they are hostile too." Krillin commented," They're ALWAYS hostile." Keeko said," It will take them a year to get here. We hsould train to prepare in The Frozen Time Dimension."

The others were confused and Keeko said," You never heard of it? It's a dimension accessable by Instantanious Transmission where one year is 6 hours of this time. Also, whoever's in there doesn't age unless you choose to. Similare to the Hyporbolic Time Chamber here on Earth." Goku asked," So, how do we get out? Instant Transmission again?" Keeko answered," That's the problem, one can only get out of -you can manage to acheive victory in a one-on-one battle with the gate's gaurdian." Krillin and Roshi sighed but Krillin said," I guess I can beat him if I start training again."

Keeko said," The only planet in the dimension is where we'll start off. It is flat and designed as a circle within another, within another. The center circle is where all the cities and towns lie. Also the gravity there is 1000 times that of Earth's. The gaurdian is in front of the main gate, where we start. The atmosphere there is a toxin that will cause excruciating pain to any lifeform, as the gas adapts to the immune system of the host."

Vegeta said angrily," So, what's the bad news?" Keeko snapped back," That if we don't go there we all die painful and embarrasing deaths at the hands of my father and his Saiyan group." Goku said," We're fighting your father?! How many family members do you have that will fight us?!" Keeko said," Look, I just need for you to come with me. Only those who are most likely to survive should go." Vegeta stepped in," Listen, we can't just leave the fate of Earth to five people if these enemies are this strong." They all agreed.

Keeko said," Follow me to the outer Hyporbolic Time Chamber for your first part of training." The went into it and Krillin asked," Wow it's stuffy in here! Plus, I feel heavy." Keeko said," The farther out you go, the stuffier and heavier you will feel. Once you get to this dimension's edge, you will find a purple river known as The River Of Time. We will drink it's water and leave this dimension." Vegeta said," What will this water do?" Keeko answered," It acts like that of the Ultra Divine Water, excluding the pain and death. The difficulty of this is that you will feel the pain and possibly death just getting there. It will take a week of this time to get there, luckily that is only about 6 minutes coming and going in Earth time." Goku shouted as he ran further into the dimension," Let's go!"

The Ultra-Buu Saga: River Of Time! Z-Warriors VS Hell's Water!Edit

The Z-Warriors were two days behind schedule, and Keeko shouted at Yamcha," Keep up!" Yamcha snapped back, "Of course I'll be lagging! And I can't just transform to escape the difficulty like you guys!" Vegeta shot an irritated look at Trunks and Goten who were talking about transforming.

Keeko said," Seriously! It's only 200x Earth's gravity?! We're two days behind!" Goku asked," How much more intense gravity is it at the river? We're low on supplies and we all can't keep carrying the supplies." Keeko said," The highest gravity in here is 850x Earth's gravity." Yamcha fell to the ground irritated and Goten and Trunks mouths fell open. Keeko said," Stop acting like that! We don't really have that much longer to go. The further out you go, the higher the gravity increase rate goes, so really it will really start shooting up around noon."

Meanwhile on the Lookout, Dende asked Mr. Popo," Sir, I have a question." Popo said," What is it Lord Dende?" Dende asked," Can we fight? I've been wearing these weights and training with them on, as you know, and would like to see how I've done so far." Popo answered," Yes master, anything. So that's why I had to stand guard in front of the Hyporbolic Time Chamber all those days. But I'll warn you, I've also been training. A guardian has to keep up his strength." The two took their positions.

Keeko stopped ahead of the Z-Warriors and said," We're close, I can sense the river now." Goku said," I can't." Keeko said," That's because only those who have seen the river can sense it." Krillin asked," So you've seen it?" Keeko said," In a picture my mother showed me." Goku asked as the group started moving again," So what happened to her?" Keeko answered," She was executed for being a threat to King Vegeta's throne, leaving me to die by my father's hand. I worked as a slave for my father at the age of 3, and had to kill animals for the scraps of food and leftovers he ate. He says that it was to build character and that he cared, but he always gave my brother what he wanted and we both ended up equal in strength. I vowed to kill him and show him what he did wrong using my ultimate technique, The Judgement Rosario."

Dende kneed Popo in the face but Popo blocked and went skidding away. Dende jumped at him but Popo punched Dende into the air. Dende stopped in midair and launched a barrage of energy attacks at Mr. Popo who dodged them all. Mr. Popo flew at Dende who dodged and they fought side-by-side, covering each other's shaped with barrages of punches and kicks. They landed, hit each other, and skidded away from each other. Dende said," Look's like I'll have to use my transformation." Mr. Popo was confused by this.

Keeko stopped in front of a huge purple river that was flowing at a slow speed, yet had the noise of a rushing rapid. Keeko leaned down to drink and whispered," Let's see what kind of pain the legend tells of." Keeko was thrown past the Z-Warriors and slammed on the ground. He was writhing in agony, screaming and shouting. He was clawing at the ground, his veins popping out and clearly visible. He relaxed and stayed there for about a minute, then stood up and said," It's not that bad. More of a rush really."

Vegeta quickly ran up and took a drink too, followed by Goku. After their "episode" Gohan went up with Piccolo. At first they were hesitant, but when Piccolo took a sip and said," Gohan, prepare yourself. It will feel like someone is burning your body's limbs while animals are ripping off your torso. The more you scream in pain the more you feel the pain. You'll know it's over when you start coughing up blood and you feel queasy."

Gohan drank, followed by Tien, then Yamcha, then Krillin, then 18. Afterwards, the river started vibrating. Keeko shouted," Everybody down!" The river exploded upwards in a geyser-like fashion and became a giant, Shenron-like monster. Goku shouted," What's that?!" Keeko answered," Dead." He charged it alongside Vegeta and they punched its chin at the same time.

Water launched in all directions, covering the Z-Warriors. It reformed into the shape and color of Vegeta. Vegeta launched a Final Flash that knocked the monster to the ground. He stood and launched a Final Flash at Vegeta, knocking him to the ground, unconcious. Keeko said," We can't get stronger unless we beat our copies! And they already have the power of us after we drink the water!" Tien said," I'm going first!"

Tien stood in front of the Hell's Water and the monster became Tien. Clone Tien said," Call me, Eagus." Tien charged at Eagus who dodged and kneed Tien into the air. Tien kicked Eagus in the face but he shrugged it off and elbowed Tien's neck, knocking him to the ground coughing up blood.

Eagus stood right in front of Tien who uppercut him into the air. Tien said," Now for part-two of my experiment... TRI BEAM!" He launched a triangular yellow beam of light that knocked Eagus to the ground. He got up, smoldering, and lauched a Tri-Beam at Tien. It moved to fast he couldn't dodge it and it sent him flying. Tien stood bleeding badly, smiling. He said," Now I know your weakness."

Tien charged at Eagus and launched a point-blank Tri-Beam that knocked Eagus away. Tien grew four arms, made five of himself, and charged at Eagus. They all cornered him when he stopped and launched Neo Tri-Beams at Eagus. Eagus fell to the ground unconcious and became a puddle of water. Tien landed, became one person, had two arms, and collapsed saying," It can only become you if it touches you. It can only use the attacks it sees you perform."

Ultra-Buu Saga: Power Up! Arrival Of The Enemy!Edit

Vegeta stood up to fight Eagus who became Vegeta. Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan and charged Eagus who powered up and dodged. Vegeta launched a Final Galick Gun through Eagus. Vegeta walked off saying," The only way of killing him would be a one hit kill." Goku defeated Eagus with a Super Kamehameha x10, Yamcha with a Wolf fang Kamehameha, Krillin with a Homing Destructo- Disk, Picollo used his cunning to match Eagus strength so he didn't need a one hit kill. Gohan had some trouble but used a Kamehameha Wave to defeat Eagus. Goten and Trunks fused and defeated Eagus with a Gotenks' Annihilation.

Keeko stood up to face Eagus, they exchanged a couple attacks, but then Keeko crouched down low. He emitted a lightning aura and whispered," Time to see how this works." He powered up to Super Saiyan and charged Eagus. Keeko elbowed him into the air and appeared behing Eagus. Keeko punched a hole through Eagus and shouted," Judgement Rosario! Test!"

A wave of black energy shot out of Keeko's hand and covered the two of them in a black sphere. The sphere shrunk into two cross objects with them on one in a crucifixtion-like fashion. Keeko said," This is one attack I have no control over. That's it's power. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and we will both pay the price. Our "Life Scales" control the good and bad in our lives, and for every bad thing gone unpunished in our lives will be combined and split between us."

A black spike appeared and impaled Eagus. Keeko said," It appears you have done wrong. I have purposely mde sure all my negative karma has been balanced, and will not get hurt. The size of the spike hitting you will depend on the magnitude of the negative action, the number of spikes will be each of your negative actions. Soon, I will be released because my rosario will finish checking my scale and you, might die."

A small spike hit Eagus and Keeko's cross dissappeared. Keeko landed and watched as the Hell Water was killed, so nobody could ever use it again should the Z-Warriors fail. Goku covered Goten's eyes and both Piccolo and Gohan couldn't look at Keeko. Eagus screamed as several more spikes killed him. Finally, Eagus became water to escape the attack but a giant spike slammed into the middle of the puddle, and Eagus was evaporated. Keeko said," I wish he hadn't done so much wrong, even the test was too powerful for me to handle currently. I hope he still is able to make himself a good life in Hell." Keeko kneeled and said his condolences.

The way out of the Lookout nobody walked beside Keeko. When they walked to the outside of the Lookout they saw Dende in a Super Namek form, healing Mr. Popo. Keeko ran up and asked," What happened?" Vegeta said," They were sparring. Why else would Dende be in Super Namek form?" Goku shouted," It's still cool how strong you've gotten!"

Meanwhile out in West City, Three pods landed in the town center. One emerged, he looked like Keeko but had the body of Nappa and the clothing of Broly. He had black hair like a Super Saiyan 3's and he flew into the air. He shouted," Where are you son?!" And launched a Silver Shockwave at the city, destroying it just after the other two Saiyans got to the man. One looked like Tora but had a scar on his right eye and his hair was like LSSJ Broly. The other looked like Fasha and said," Looks like you need to calm yourself." The man who looked like Keeko replied," Sure Fasha."

Ultra-Buu Saga: Keeko, Goku, & Vegeta VS. Keeko's Family!Edit

Keeko said," They're here." Vegeta was the first to fly off to face the new threat, followed by the eager Goku. Keeko told everybody," Go to Kame House and wait for us to return." Keeko then flew off.

Vegeta landed and asked as Goku landed," So who are you?" The one in the center stepped forward and said," I am Rasu, leader of this squad of Saiyans. This is Fasha and Loteck." Keeke landed and said," Hello father, mother, brother." Each time he said a word his voice was harsher and harsher. Loteck said," Hey little bro. Mom look, it's a family reunion!" Keeko snapped," You realize I can kill you all right now and nothing would stop me."

Rasu said," I will stop you." Keeko said," Then try it!" Rasu charged at Kekko who jumped into the air and Rasu followed. The two dissapeared and were reappearing in different areas in the air. Eventually they appeared and Rasu kicked Keeko to the ground. Rasu landed in front of his squad and laughed," I just did." Keeko stood up and said," Bet you can't do it again!"

Loteck walked in between his father and Keeko and said," Hold up, hold up! I'm gonna fight you little brother!" Keeko said," You have no idea how much I've wanted to kill you. Are you sure you want to fight me? The Universal Super Saiyan?!" Loteck laughed and said," You always flont that around like it means something! Just because you're strong and a preist said you were the Universal Super Saiyan you think you're a god!"

Keeko kicked Loteck into the air and said," I used to not be able to become a Universal Super Saiyan, now I can! I am not a god! I just have the power of one!" Keeko powered up to a Full-Powered Super Saiyan and charged at Loteck who also became a Full-Powered Super Saiyan. The two collided and Keeko sent Loteck flying.

Keeko punched Loteck into the air and landed beside Goku and Vegeta. Keeko powered down and said as Loteck landed beside Rasu," The parents' favorites always end up being the most spoiled. You've always had a mouth on you I just thought I'd show you what you're up against before you try and trash-talk us." Rasu said," You do realize you can't beat us, you may beat your brother or Fasha but not me." Keeko said, smirking," Maybe not me, but Gogeta and I have a bit more of ability than you."

Fasha powered up to Super Saiyan and said," That's it, I'm done with you!" She tackled Keeko and they teleported to the moon. Loteck said," I'm not letting you have all the fun!" and he teleported to the moon also. Rasu said," Looks like you're fighting me!"

Ultra-Buu Saga: Keeko VS. Mother And Brother! Rasu's Warmup!Edit

Keeko kicked Fasha away and landed. Keeko turned around to see several rabbits. One of them looked up and waved, saying to Keeko," Hey, what's up?" Keeko was confused but looked in front of him to see Loteck teleport beside Fasha. Keeko said," So, you must have eaten the Uzen Plant huh? I'm the Universal Super Saiyan, I don't need such cheap tricks to breath in outer space." Loteck and Fasha powered up again and charged at Keeko.

Goku and Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 5's and charged at Rasu who powered up to a Full-Powered Super Saiyan and kicked them away. Vegeta said to Goku," We need to fuse, here." Vegeta tossed a Patora Earing at Goku who caught it and said surprized," how'd you get this?!" Vegeta snapped back," I took them from the Old Kai when he wasn't looking now please just put the thing on your right ear!" Goku put the earing on and the two fused.

Keeko sent the two flying away and kicked them to the ground. Keeko landed and powered up to Super Saiyan. Keeko said," I can't beleive you are this weak. You're my family!" Loteck charged at Keeko and shouted," Then how about this?!" Keeko jumped up and kicked Loteck, forcing him to skid on the ground. Fasha launched a pink energy wave at Keeko who dodged.

Out of the light emerged Vegito in Super Saiyan 6 form. His hair was like a Super Saiyan 3's with the coloring of a Super Saiyan 6 and his clothes were black and white. Vegito charged at Rasu who blocked and kicked Vegito into the air. Vegito stopped, laughed, and kneed Rasu in the face.

Keeko sent Fasha flying into a boulder with a kick to the face. Loteck put Keeko in a full-nelson and Fasha punched Keeko in the stomach and face. Keeko kicked Fasha in the stomach and kicked her face, sending her flying. Keeko jumped up and kneed Loteck's face, releasing Keeko from Loteck's grip. Keeko slammed both their heads together, knocking them both out.

Vegito and Rasu were punching and blocking and it seemed Rasu was losing, until he pushed Vegito back and shouted," Universal Super Saiyan form!" He powered up and his hair was just like Keeko's in Universal Super Saiyan form. Rasu laughed as his tunic became just shorts, and how his muscles relaxed. Rasu laughed," Now I can fight you and have fun!"

Ultra-Buu Saga: Vegito's Sacrifice! Keeko VS. Rasu!Edit

Keeko teleported down and was shocked to see this transformation. He asked," What happened?!" Vegito answered," I'm wearing these earings that fuse two peo-." " I KNOW ABOUT THE RINGS!!! shouted Keeko," I mean about Rasu." Rasu laughed," Don't speak to me with my true name, scum! Call me father, or dad." Keeko powered up, his muscles became more intense and his veins were really visible. His hair was standing up sharply and his hair grew down past his shoulders, he appeared to look younger, more like a 16 year-old rather than a 30 year-old like before.

Keeko shouted as he attacked Rasu," I AM SUPER KEEKO!" Rasu stopped Keeko before he could hit him and knocked Keeko away. Vegito powered up and launched several Big Bang Kamehamehas at Rasu but he just kept knocking them away. Keeko stood and powered down to normal form, saying," I am the only one who is aware of this form's weakness. Hold him off!" Keeko teleported away.

Vegito jumped at Rasu who knocked him away. Rasu picked up Vegito with his Ki and repeatedly smacked him around with the Ki. Vegito fell to the ground, damaged and Rasu threw him into the air. Rasu shot out a finger beam that peirced Vegito's legs and arms. Vegito screamed in pain as he couldn't move his limbs but used his Ki to fly at Rasu. Vegito headbutted at Rasu who dodged quickly.

Vegito powered up and flew higher as Rasu laughed and blasted a hole through Vegito. Vegito fell, coughing up blood as Keeko teleported back. Keeko stood surrounded by creatures resembeling Yakon, without the majin symbol. Keeko shouted," What happened?!" Vegito muttered," Y-you took, a l-lot more time than... I thought it, would take."

One of the green monsters asked," Is that him? I sure hope so!" Keeko nodded and all the beasts started eating Rasu's energy. Vegito died saying," He's not really that much stronger than you." Keeko stood up and powered up to Universal Super Saiyan. The creatures exploded when Rasu powered up even more.

Keeko shouted at Rasu as he stuck out his arm," Hell's Guillotine!" A Halberd appeared that was almost like death itself. Keeko took a fighting stance and charged at Rasu who merely stuck out his hand to stop Keeko. Keeko kept moving like nothing happened and Rasu was forced to dodge. Rasu asked," How did you so easily stop my attack?" Keeko answered," I'll tell you when you're dying at my feet. It's the one weakness of this transformation."

Rasu launched a barrage of Ki pressure attacks that Keeko easily sliced through with the Halberd. Keeko got up close to Rasu and attacked Rasu who was still too fast. Rasu put his hand to Keeko's stomach and blasted a hole through Keeko. Keeko fell, the Helberd turning to smoke. Rasu laughed," So now you're dying at my feet!"

Keeko said," Not quite!" Keeko put his hand to Rasu's chest and shouted," Super Judgement Rosario!" The attack quickly took them both hostage. Keeko laughed weakly as the spikes entered Rasu. Finally they stopped as Keeko recalled at told to Rasu what each spike was for, every one included Keeko's mistreatment. Keeko laughed as his life was finally in order when three spikes peirced Keeko's lungs and liver.

The two fell, Keeko shouted as he remembered," I killed Eagus, Fasha, and Loteck all to get to you and never fixed the scale! I'll pay for my foolishness." Rasu said," The weakness is that you rely solely on your Ki isn't it? You trained to overlook that, by devoloping your guillotine move. I apologize for what I did to you, son. It was so you... would..." Rasu died.

Keeko said," Become strong enough to defeat you. I finally kill you and you make me realize I killed the first person who valued my life... Father, that's just like you... Because of you I am strong, but have done so much wrong... I wonder how good Hell will be to me?" a spike peirced Keeko's back because he killed his father and Keeko coughed up blood, dying.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Meanwhile! What's Wrong With Buu?!Edit

After the Z-Warriors sensed teh deaths they got the bodies and searched for the Dragon Balls. But, Goten and Trunks left to West City because they sensed something wrong there. Piccolo followed them. When the two landed they saw Mr. Buu destroying several buildings. They shouted," What's wrong Buu?!" Mr. Buu charged them and they were sent flying. He was a lot stronger than before.

Piccolo launched a Special Beam Cannon through Mr. Buu's stomach, it recovered, and Mr. Buu attacked Piccolo. Goten and Trunks were knocked away from behind by Evil Buu. He laughed and turned Buu to chocolate. While Mr. Buu was being eaten, the three regrouped and Piccolo said," Buu must have been really mad!" Super Buu appeared but he was black now instead of pink. He wasn't fully black like Mr. Popo, more, he was darker than grey but his features could be seen.

Buu laughed and said," Am am not Majin Buu, nor am I Evil Buu. I am called Ultra-Buu, his excess evil reformed into a seperate being, other than Evil Buu. I am a mixture of all negative energy in the world and Majin Buu's power was just too much for the rest to handle. When he lost it just now, that put it over the top and now I have his shape and powers."

Piccolo became a Super Namek 2 and the kids became Super Saiyan 3's. Piccolo charged Ultra Buu who kneed Piccolo into the air. Buu kicked Piccolo past the kids when he fell back to the ground. Piccolo got up and said," You are a lot stronger." Goten and Trunks launched a Final Flash and Super Kamehameha Wave but it did nothing. The three retreated and Buu continued destroying West City.

The three landed at Kame House, the others had three of the Dragon Balls and were planning to get the rest when Piccolo informed them of Ultra-Buu. Roshi asked," Isn't that what we called the buff form of Buu?" Piccolo said," Yes, but this guy is definately diffirent, he's much stronger than Kid Buu could have ever been." Yamcha and Tien fused into Tiencha and said," I'll stall him while you guys get to the Lookout." He left before anyone could object.

Tiencha met Ultra Buu at West City and asked," So you're the one everybody's been afraid of? You look like chocolate pudding!" Buu teleported in front of Tiencha and kneed his stomach. Tiencha fell but launched a Kamehameha Fist at Buu who blocked it and kicked Tiencha into the air. Buu landed and launched a Genocide Blast at Tiencha who fell, incapacitated.

Tiencha moaned in pain but buu just shot a Death Beam through his heart, killing him. Tiencha defused and the two were left there. Buu went to the Lookout. nobody was there except for Mr. Popo and Dende. Dende powered up to Super Namek and Mr. Popo took of his turban, vest, and shoes. Popo said," Now, without my weights and Dende's new powers we should stand a chance." Buu laughed," A small one."

Dende removed his weights and Popo charged at Buu. Buu stopped Mr. Popo and kneed him into the air. Dende charged but passed right through him. It was a mirage! Buu broke out from underneath the Lookout and punched Dende into the air. Buu laughed and was sending the two warriors around the Lookout, smashing through buildings, breaking palm trees, and causing a lot of damage.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Piccolo's True Power! Stand Back!Edit

Piccolo came out of the barricade in which they stayed to see Dende and Mr. Popo at Buu's mercy. Piccolo powered up to Super Namek 2 and shouted," I will not let you do this anymore!" Piccolo removed his weights and his power increased imensley. Piccolo said," Fight someone your own size!" Mr. Popo took the unconcious Dende to the barricade while Buu laughed at Piccolo. Buu charged at Piccolo who stopped him but was knocked back. He never fell down but looked like he was hving trouble. Piccolo kneed Buu into the air but Buu smirked, came down, and kicked Piccolo in the face. Buu sent Piccolo through the palace with a kick.

Piccolo powered up, sending rubble flying. His skin turned darker green, his antennae extended, and his extra arms went back into his body, his fangs got longer so they poked out of his mouth, and he got slightly larger. He laughed at his new strength, saying," This is Super Namek 3." Buu and Piccolo charged each other and collided in the middle.

Piccolo kicked Buu into the air and launched a Special Beam Cannon Barrage which Buu dodged. Ultra Buu flew down and kicked Piccolo away but he blocked it. Piccolo landed and jumped at Buu while Trunks whispered to Goten," Wanna fuse?" Goten whispered back," Nah, I want Mr. Piccolo to get a turn so he feels young." Krillin hushed them.

Piccolo was sent into the air by Ultra Buu kicking him and Buu strentched and shrunk into a ball. He shot himself at Piccolo who was hit and fell to the ground. Buu slammed into him and made him break through the Lookout. Buu came back up, still holding Piccolo, unravled, and threw him onto the Lookout where he stayed, heavily damaged. Piccolo struggled to get up and powered down to Super Namek form.

Buu lifted Piccolo into the air, holding his throat. Goten launched a Kamehameha Wave that Buu just deflected. Buu said," I guess I need your power, you did good, fighting me evenly before I got serious. You'll do good to merge." His other arm became like Cell's tail, opening up and covering up Piccolo. Buu then proceeded to stretch over Piccolo in his coffin and wrap around him again. When Buu reformed he had two antennae coming out of his forehead instead of one out of the back of his head and said," I have absorbed him."

Ultra-Buu Saga: Gotenks VS. Ultra Piccolo Buu! Stall For The Others!Edit

Goten and Trunks landed in front of Buu and said," Do you want to fight someone really strong? Then, uh, wait a sec." The two combined into Super Saiyan 4 Gotenks. Gotenks said," Let's go." Ultra Buu knocked Gotenks flying but he stopped and charged at Buu. Buu launched his arm at Gotenks. Gotenks blew it up and flew through the smoke. Gotenks kicked Buu but he laughed and grabbed Gotenks' leg. Buu kneed Gotenks stomach and the peices of Buu's arm cpvered Gotenks.

Gotenks was covered by Buu who was blown apart by Gotenks Kamehameha Wave. Gotenks jumped back and used Gotenks Annihilation. When the smoke cleared Buu stood smiling. He regenerated and launched a Genocide Blast at Gotenks who dodged. Gotenks launched Die Die Missles that Buu deflected while charging Gotenks.

Gotenks kicked Buu away and Buu skidded to a stop. He laughed, saying," You're not completely weak. You can manage to break out of my attacks." Gotenks launched a Super Ghost Kamehameha Wave that Buu dodged. The attack grabbed Buu and wrapped around his entire body, glowing. It exploded and Buu regenerated.

Gotenks kicked Buu away and launched a Kamehameha Wave while charging Buu. He went inside the attack and when Buu tryed to deflect it Gotenks appeared and kicked Buu's face, saying," Gotenks Surprize!" Buu stopped and, while wiping away the blood on his mouth, said," I think you might fight me evenly now that you're serious."

Gotenks punched Buu in the face and Buu kicked Gotenks into the air. Gotenks kicked Buu to the ground where he knocked Buu into a mountain. Buu broke out and, smiling, launched a Gack! at the Lookout, destroying it. Gotenks powered up to Super Saiyan 5 and kneed Buu in the stomach. He used a barrage of punched at Buu and launched a point-blank Kamehameha at Buu's face.

Gotenks kicked the deformed Buu away and launched Die Die Missles at him. Buu reformed, angry, and punched at Gotenks who dodged and punched Buu's stomach. Buu coughed up blood and fell to the ground. Gotenks stepped on his back and kicked Buu into the sky. Buu laughed as a peice of himself covered Gotenks and flew at him. Gotenks was absorbed.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Z-Warriors Reunite! Buu's Rule!Edit

In a short time span of 1 month, Ultra Buu had killed all the Z-Warriors and ruled over the human population for 2 and a half months. Meanwhile, the Z-Warriors had regrouped in Otherworld and entered the Otherworld Tournament. The matches were as follows:

Goku Piccolo
Trunks Pikkon
The Five Gohan
Masked Fighter Vegeta
Torbie Majin Buu
Dende Cloaked Fighter
Mr. Popo Uub
Dabura Turney

The Z-Warriors gathered as they read their positions," Who is this 'Masked Fighter'? I want to know who I beat!" Dende asked," I must admit I'm afraid but not as much as you should be Mr. Popo." They took their spots to battle. Vegeta said," Don't lose Kakarot! I want to meet you in the finals!" The anounnncer said into the microphone," Hello and welcome to this year's Otherworld Tournament! Here we have the returning champion, Pikkon! But, we can't forget about Goku, who tied with him the year before! So, let's watch the newest battles! Root for who you want to! Place your bets now!"

Ultra-Buu Saga: Otherworld Tournament! Preliminary Round!Edit

Goku and Piccolo walked up and shook hands, Goku saying," I am not going to hold back!" Piccolo said," I sure hope not!" They powered up, Goku to Super Saiyan 3 and Piccolo to Super Namek 2. The two collided and Goku kicked Piccolo into the air. He powered up to Super Saiyan 4 and launched a Super Kamehameha at Piccolo who powered up to Super Namek 3 and deflected it. Piccolo attacked the now Super Saiyan 5 Goku who kicked him into the air, teleported behind him, and slammed Piccolo out of the ring.

Trunks and Pikkon walked up, Pikkon said," Watch your step, I won't go easy on you just because of your age." Trunks powered up to Full Powered Super Saiyan 2 and charged at Pikkon who also powered up. The two clashed and Pikkon kicked Trunks into the air. Trunks launched a Burning attack at Pikkon who dodged and kneed Trunks' stomach. Trunks fell and looked up and Pikkon, launching a Super Burning Kamehameha Wave that Pikkon dodged but it turned and hit Pikkon. Pikkon fell, inches form out of the ring. Trunks laughed, saying," I don't even have to use my full power!" A blast shot up from below Trunks and knocked him out of the ring. Pikkon turned over from where he was laying and showed that he launched a blast into the ring that would hit Trunks. Pikkon helped Trunks stand and said," Don't get cocky until you've already won."

Roshi, 18, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha fused into The Five who stepped on stage with Super Saiyan 3 Gohan. The two collided, sending Gohan flying into the air. Gohan launched a Super Kamehameha Wave at The Five who deflected it and kneed Gohan's stomach. Gohan kicked The Five away and showed that he wasn't wearing a belt, it was his tail that he had pulled out! He powered up to Super Saiyan 4 and laughed at how The Five wasn't stronger than him now. He punched The Five to the ground, almost out of the ring and kicked him. The Five launched a barrage of Destructo Disks which were easily dodged by Gohan. Gohan launched a pont-blank Kamehameha at The Five, knocking them out of the ring, unconcious.

A man in a cat mask walked on the stage with Vegeta. He bowed but Vegeta just shrugged it off. Goku shouted," Grandpa Gohan!?" Vegeta laughed and said," So this is the man who took you away from your heritage? I'll show you why you shouldn't mess with the Saiyan race! He should be just as weak as you Kakarot!" The two collided and Gohan kicked Vegeta away into the air. Vegeta stopped and shouted," I will start trying then!" He charged at Gohan who blocked and swatted with his free hand at Vegeta, knocking him away. Vegeta stopped and charged at Gohan who jumped up and kicked the back of Vegeta's head. Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan and kicked Gohan out of the ring, saying," I can't beleive I had to power up to defeat you!"

Torbie and Majin Buu stepped up, shook hands, and took their stances. Torbie said," This time I won't be as easily overtaken as I was by Pikkon." Majin Buu asked," Who's Pikkon?" Torbie punched Buu's stomach and Buu slammed both his hands on Torbie's face in a clapping motion. Torbie fell, unconcious.

Dende wakled up to fight the cloaked fighter. They clashed and Dende powered up to Super Namek. Dende kicked the man into the air, jumped up, and kicked the man at the ring. The man kicked at Dende repeatedly but Dende dodged it and punched him in the stomach. The man fell and his cloak fell out of the ring. He stood and Vegeta shouted," Father?!" King Vegeta stood, smiling, saying," Son! I knew you were Vegeta! You will win this tournament, correct?" Vegeta answered," Yes of course!" King Vegeta said," Then I will battle you in the finals!" He powered up to Super Saiyan and kneed Dende's stomach, knocking him out.

Mr. Popo forfeited so Dabura, who was now completely good, shook hands with the Namekian named Turney. They attacked and Dabura kicked Turney away. Turney launched a green anergy wave that Dabura deflected and kneed Turney in his stomach. Turney blasted Dabura away and Dabura kicked Turney through a Planet. Turney was barely awake when Dabura slammed him out of the ring, unconcious.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Next Round!Edit

Goku Pikkon
Gohan Vegeta
Majin Buu King Vegeta
Uub Dabura

Goku stood, facing Pikkon and said," Just like old times, right?" Pikkon chuckled," I suppose so. But, I know you must be a lot stronger than last time. I won't go easy." Pikkon powered up and Goku became a Super Saiyan. They collided in a flurry of punched and kicks. Goku sent Pikkon through a Planet and Pikkon kicked Goku almost out of the ring. Pikkon landed in front of Goku as Goku became a Super Saiyan 2. Goku shouted," Super Kaioken 2!" He punched Pikkon into the wall and shouted," Kamehameha!" He launched a point-blank Kamehameha Wave at Pikkon's face. Pikkon fell out of the ring.

Gohan and Vegeta got on the stage and Gohan instantly said," Ooohh boy. I'm in trouble."Vegeta charged at Gohan who powered up to Super Saiyan and blocked. Vegeta still kicked Gohan's face, sending him flying. Gohan stopped and punched Vegeta's stomach, then, he roundhoused Vegeta into the air. Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan and kicked Gohan away. The two landed and Vegeta charged a Final Shine Attack. Gohan charged a Super Kamehameha Wave and they two blasts were launched and collided. Vegeta easily took the advantage and Gohan was knocked out of the ring. Vegeta laughed as his father patted his back," You didn't even have a prayer."

Before the next match, Vegeta and his father were talking," I know you think this will be easy father, but be careful, I've fought this monster and Super Saiyan isn't enough to beat him. He can't be beaten without being killed, and, since killing is against the rules, you must kncok him out of the ring." King Vegeta said," Okay son, but, this question has been bothering me. Who are those people who rooted for you?" Vegeta answered," They are known as the Z-Warriors, they are... my allies. After Planet Vegeta was destroyed, I went to Earth to pick up a low-class Saiyan, the one with the tall one with the orange gi. There I was beaten and Nappa was killed. I fought Freiza after hearing he destroyed you and our planet and ended up with them. I learned that true power lies with a group and people to compare yourself to." King Vegeta reluctantly agreed to this and Vegeta left to talk the Z-Warriors into letting King Vegeta into the group. King Vegeta went to his match.

He and Majin Buu shook hands, and took their stances. Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan and charged at Buu. He kneed Buu's stomach, jumped up, and kicked his face. Buu slammed into the wall but landed back in the ring, rcovering from his injuries. Vegeta punched Buu's stomach, kicked his chin, tripped him, elbowed him to the ground, and kicked Buu thorugh a planet but he landed on the ring and recovered. Vegeta launched a series of punches at Majin Buu's stomach, grabbed Buu's arms, gripped them painfully, and kneed Buu in the chin, sending him flying through several planets. Majin Buu launched a pink blast that Vegeta barely dodged. Vegeta said," So fast." Buu appeared behind Vegeta and before his son could warn him, was grabbed by Majin Buu. Vegeta was lifted and squeezed painfully, shouting in agony. He headbutted Buu, but Buu only laughed and squeezed harder. Buu threw Vegeta into the air and kicked him, juggling him around. Majin Buu spiked him to the ground and the Saiyan King kneeled, covered in blood, his Saiyan armor badly broken, chunks of it falling off. Vegeta jumped back and launched a barrage of Galick Cannons while Majin Buu walked at him. Vegeta finally kicked Majin Buu's stomach but Buu expanded like he did to Goku, covering Vegeta. Vegeta blasted out of it but was too tired to move. Buu picked him up and slammed him to the ground, repeatedly. This continued five times until Vegeta powered up again, broke out of Buu's hold, and roundhoused Buu's face, sending him flying. By now his armor was completely broken off, exposing several battle scars. He shouted," Super... Galick... Cannon..." Buu landed back on the ring, smiling, recovered. Vegeta shouted as he launched the attack," TIMES 20!!!" A giant pink and red energy wave hit Buu dead-on but, when the smoke cleared, Buu was standing there, recovered. Buu closelined Vegeta into the wall, and Vegetakicked Buu into the sky. Vegeta fell to his knees on the ring in normal form. He fell and the countdown started. Buu landed in front of him and said," No! No, don't stay down. Please, get up and fight so you can keep your promise. That matters to Buu! And Vegat!" Vegeta the Saiyan prince mumbled," He still hasn't gotten my name right!?" Vegeta the Saiyan King stood and became a Super Saiyan. He kicked Buu into the air, and, kicked Buu out of the ring in one quick motion that not many kept up with. Vegeta powered down and, before he blacked out, said," I need to go all-out to beat a blob?"

Uub stood, facing Dabura and attacked. Uub easily powered up, kneed Dabura's stomach, and kicked him into the wall. Dabura launched several attacks that uub deflected and then turned Dabura into chocolate. Uub grabbed Dabura and threw him onto the grass, outside the ring. Dabura turned normal and Uub laughed," The instant you lower your guard to trick-moves, you lose!"

Goku suddenly realized," Wait, were's Keeko!?" Vegeta knocked him on the head and calmly said," Of course he isn't here clown! He is in Hell with his family." Goku rubbed his head and said," Oh. You didn't have to hit me."

Ultra-Buu Saga: The Final Round! Ultra Buu's Arrival!Edit

The anounncer said," Now for the Semi-Finals! Here's Goku versus Prince Vegeta! Next is, Uub versus King Vegeta! Let's see if the father-son duo has to fight each other! Or perhaps the master-student duo will fight! Who knows!?" Goku and Vegeta took their positions.

Goku and Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan and charged at each other. Vegeta punched Goku's face, but he grabbed Vegeta's arm, pulled it closer to him, and kneed Vegeta's stomach. Goku then threw Vegeta at a planet that he jumped off of. Vegeta kicked Goku's stomach and Goku grabbed Vegeta's hair. Goku slammed Vegeta onto the ring and kicked him. Vegeta blasted Goku away from him with a One-Handed Galick Cannon. Vegeta jumped up and delivered several punched to Goku's face, knocking Goku to the ground. Goku slowly stood as Vegeta landed and kicked Goku away. Goku powered up and kneed Vegeta's face. Vegeta grabbed Goku's leg and threw him at the wall which Goku jumped off of. Goku roundhoused Vegeta's face but Vegeta grabbed Goku's throat, slamming Goku to the ground where he coughed up blood. Vegeta picked up Goku and punched Goku at the wall. Goku stopped before he fell outside the ring and launched a Kamehameha Wave the Vegeta dodged. Vegeta kicked Goku's stomach and, grabbing his arms, threw him into the sky. He was punching Goku repeatedly. They were both bleeding profusely and Goku was in normal form and couldn't fight back. Vegeta punched Goku through several planets and finally kicked Goku onto the ring. Vegeta landed in front of the now heavily damaged Goku and said," Get up Kakarot, you know you can still fight!" The countdown began and Goku stumbled up. He flashed a smile at the worrying Goten and Gohan then, powered up to Super Saiyan. Vegeta charged at Goku who shouted," Super Kaioken!" Goku kicked vegeta's stomach, grabbed his hair, punched Vegeta into the air, grabbed his leg, slammed him on the ground, and kicked him at the wall, all in the blink of an eye. Vegeta was slowly falling when Goku kicked him back against the wall, grabbed his throat, threw him skidding on the ring, kicked him into the sky, grabbed several planets and threw them at him, tossed the rubble back at him, and launched a Super Kamehameha that sent Vegeta to the ground in normal form. All, once again, in the blink of an eye. Goku landed in normal form, panting. The countdown started as Vegeta stood, saying," I am the prince of all Saiyans!" Goku laughed and said," I guess, you... won." Goku collapsed, unconcious.

Uub and King Vegeta took their positions. Vegeta instantly was upon Uub. He kicked Uub's face, punched his stomach, and swatted Uub at the wall. Uub became Majuub and Vegeta became Super Saiyan. The two collided, sparks and rocks flying. The two were surrounded by hands and feet that were constantly trying to attack them. Finally, Vegeta knocked Uub away and slammed him to the ground. Vegeta said," I must take care of you quickly using my new powers I gained from Zenkai and my last fight. No one should see it from the sheer speed." Suddenly Vegeta dissappeared and Uub did the same. Suddenly it showed Uub knocked out lying outside the ring with Vegeta in the middle of the ring in normal form, smiling. The announcer said," Looks like the final round will be father versus son!"

Meanwhile in Hell, Keeko had overheard a rude remark from the Ginyu Force about his father. Keeko had just knocked out Guldo and Jeice, Burter and Recoome were double-teaming him. Keeko sent them both flying with astounding speed and the two still concious grabbed their teamates, and ran off. Suddenly Keeko sensed an unusually high power level appear in King Yemma's office. He teleported, telling his father not to worry. He appeared before the cowaring King Yemma in front of Ultra Buu. Keeko landed in front of Ultra Buu and said," You don't need to cause all this noise! Go back to the living world, you aren't even dead! If you won't, I'll make you!" Yemma said," If you win, you're getting special treatment Keeko!" Ultra Buu laughed and appeared in front of Keeko in an amazing speed. Keeko barely had time to look up before Ultra Buu kicked him into a wall. Keeko fell but was punched in the face before he hit the ground, Keeko was sitting down, bleeding out of the corner of his mouth. He looked up, smiled, and became a Full Powered Super Saiyan. Keeko kicked Buu in the stomach and launched a flurry of attacks at Buu, sending him flying. All the souls including Yemma cheered.

Keeko walked up to Buu and he attempted to absorb him. Keeko only powered up his Ki to his full abilities, sending him back. Keeko launched another flurry of attacks at Buu in a small intervall of time, sending Buu flying. Buu recovered as Keeko elbowed Buu's throat. Keeko laughed," Even though you can recover, you probably won't recover from sever wounds, like a broken wind pipe!" Buu laughed," You're wrong!" Buu kneed Keeko's stomach but Keeko blocked it and kneed Buu's face. Keeko was beating Buu for a good amount of time, about 30 minutes, before Buu finally realized he was too tired to not only fight back, but recover. Buu used the last amount of his energy to teleport out, unable to complete his plan to kill everyone who was alredy dead. Keeko powered down, and, after talking to Yemma, got his family and him to get to Otherworld.

Ultra-Buu Saga: The End Of The Tournament! Or Is It?!Edit

Vegeta and his father met on the stage and, shaking hands, Vegeta said," You know father, you might not be able to beat me at your current power level of Super Saiyan 2." King Vegeta was surprized but regained his composure and said," So you saw what I did to beat Uub huh? No matter, I will still be able to defeat you. I will not just allow my son to surpass me that easily." The two took their positions. They powered up to Super Saiyan and collided, knocking Prince Vegeta away. He powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and they began to fight evenly. King Vegeta said," So, you have acheived this form of power, good, good." Prince Vegeta kicked King Vegeta away and said while powering up," I can go further!" He became a Super Saiyan 4.

King Vegeta laughed and his hair became more white-ish. He had become a Full-Powered Super Saiyan. The two collided again, knocking Prince Vegeta into the wall. He launched a Final Flash that King Vegeta dodged. Prince Vegeta appeared from the attack and kneed his father in the stomach. King Vegeta elbowed Prince Vegeta's face, sending them both flying. King Vegeta became a Super Saiyan 2 and launched a barrage of attacks at his son who didn't have time to defend. For about 30 seconds King Vegeta was knocking his son around the arena mercilessly. Finally he powered down from exhaustion and laughed at his victory. His son slowly got up in his normal form and became a Super Saiyan 4 again.

King Vegeta became a Super Saiyan 2 and laughed that he had also acheived Full-Powered Super Saiyan 2. Prince Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 5 and laughed that his power was still lower. He powered up to his full power, small rocks and dust flying away from Vegeta. He became a Super Saiyan 6 but his body hair was now golden instead of black. He smiled as he realized he ascended past Super Saiyan 6, he was on the brink of Super Saiyan 7! And, even better, Kakarot wasn't!

The two collided and Vegeta instantly noticed his father's getting weaker from tiredness, and his newfound power. He kneed his father's stomach, grabbed his head, kneed his father's face, headbutted his father, and kicked him into the sky, through a planet. Prince Vegeta grabbed his father's head again and dragged him through several planets before throwing him at one and launching a Final Shine Attack. His father fell to the arena floor, knocked out. Vegeta was proclaimed winner until the announcer received a slip of paper. The announcer said," Oh, sorry folks, but there seems to be a tournament change. This man isn't the champion, unless he defeats the next opponent. This is allowed only as a favor from King Yemma himself, and verified by the holder of this tournament, Grand Kai!" The addience cheered for Grand Kai, but mostly for getting another fight for free.

Vegeta got to have two hours rest and in that time ate a Senzu and relaxed. Meanwhile Keeko walked in with his family and told them what happened. Goku asked," Do you by any chance know why he tried to come here at this time? I know he wanted to kill those already dead but why when he knew we were here." Keeko said," I don't think he did. I don't remember fighting Buu, so he might not know who I am. He didn't know that I existed. So, I was an unwelcome surprize. Not to brag but, I totally creamed him!" Goten shouted," Not fair! You're famous throughout the universe!" Vegeta laughed," And that makes it difficult to beleive that Buu didn't know about you. I really don't care, I'm almost a Super Saiyan 7! When I beat the bafoon who fights next I will be proven as the strongest in Otherworld!" Keeko chuckled at this," A bafoon? So, you aren't worried?" Vegeta laughed," Of course not! I beat Kakarot, my father, heck I can easily beat whoever fights me! I can't be stopped!" Keeko laughed now and wouldn't tell the kids why.

Vegeta got to the stage but not before his father stopped him," Please tell me more about what happened. Who's side are you on? I've seen you be a Saiyan and more of a Human. Tell me son." Vegeta explained his relationships with Earth and it's residents. How his life was and about his family. His father shook his head and said dissapointedly," My own son, a Human! With halfbreed children and a Human wife! I am greatly dissapointed, but I guess I must live with it. You are King now Vegeta, and I am but a lowly, true Saiyan. The last true Saiyan. I will join you fully to try and stop your becoming more like a Human." Vegeta smirked and walked up on stage.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Vegeta's Surprize! Ultra Buu's New Rival!Edit

Vegeta laughed from what he had been thinking about, some fool wishing to fight but came at the wrong time, true fighters had already been fighting. Now he was serious and prepared to fight anyone who would try to attempt such a foolish thing. Suddenly his thoughts stopped. He was shocked at his opponent who walked out of the other door. Vegeta turned around to see Rasu, Loteck, and Fasha. He noticed they were there, but he wasn't. Vegeta turned in disbelief and said," Oh, man! Now I will have some trouble." Keeko smiled on the other side of the stage.

Keeko laughed at Vegeta's face and Vegeta shouted in anger," You could've told me! How dare you mock me, the King of all Saiyans!" Vegeta charged Keeko in Super Saiyan 3 form and Keeko dodged easily. Keeko kneed Vegeta into the air and, teleporting behind him, kicked him at the wall. Vegeta jumped at him in Super Saiyan 4 form and punched at Keeko wildly. Keeko dodged and knocked Vegeta away. Vegeta became a Super Saiyan 5 and Keeko became a Full-Powered Super Saiyan. It was esy to see Keeko had the advantage. Keeko knocked Vegeta away and Vegeta became a Super Saiyan 6, laughing. Vegeta said," Now, watch this!" His body hair became a golden color and Keeko when back a bit from the sheer power. Keeko had to power up to full power and they collided, lightning struck the arena.

Keeko punched Vegeta in the face, but Vegeta kicked Keeko into the air. Vegeta repeatedly punched at Keeko who blocked and attacked back. The lightning never ceased. Everytime they clashed a huge burst of energy launched, making the crown fear. Keeko slammed Vegeta through a planet, but Vegeta launched continious waves of energy at Keeko. Every edge one gained was met by the other, no one had an advantage for more than one moment. When they collided again Vegeta became a normal Super Saiyan 6, with black body hair.

Keeko gained an advantage as Vegeta tired from inexperience in his form. Keeko punched Vegeta through three planets but Vegeta launched a Final Flash as Keeko did the same. The two blasts collided and Keeko shouted," Silver Flash Condence!" His blast became a sphere, which shrunk and Vegeta laughed," You can't even control your own attacks!" Keeko smirked as Vegeta's Final Flash flew at him. Vegeta laughed but realized the blast was hollow. The beams of the Final Flash went past him, not at him, trapping Keeko like an animal. Vegeta shouted over the energy collision," When the middle of the beam gets to you you'll die! You have no where to run!" Keeko shouted," I won't need to! Extend!" The blast got to its normal size, but much closer to Vegeta.

Vegeta was shocked as Keeko laughed. Keeko shouted," Condense!" And the process repeated. Only this time, the attack passed through the Final Flash and rextended in front of Vegeta, cutting off the Final Flash and hitting Vegeta. Vegeta fell, unconcious. But, Keeko had enough time to explain," That attack is your, only by condensing it it became more of a wedge, cutting through the Final Flash. Your attack passed by, but only the edges, so I was safe. My attack pushed your attack's center back, maiking the edges extend, but they were still completely harmless. My attack was also so ppowerful from being condensed it could easily pass through. It could've cut through you but you wouldn't have gotten too hurt, it was too small to really do any stabbing damage. All that could be done was get larger, stop the Final Flash, and spread out the energy to damage every part of you instead of stabbing through you." Vegeta lost conciousness as Keeko walked off the stage, the crowd cheering. Keeko powered down, smirked, and said," Ultra Buu, when I come back to life, you will be dead. I, am your new rival!"

Ultra-Buu Saga: Travel To Namek! This Sounds Familiar...Edit

The Z-Warriors were talking to Baba after the tournament," Baba, youa must allow one of us to go to the world of the living and stay there, Goku needs to see his family, Vegeta does too. We need back there." Baba was repeating that it wasn't allowed and Keeko sighed and looked her in the eyes," Universal Restraint!" Baba teleported them to Earth. She teleported away and Keeko said," Release."

Keeko set aside the questions and irritated comments from the Z-Warriors and teleproted away. Vegeta was away from the group with his arms crossed, muttering," If Keeko thinks he's stronger than me then forget it. I chose not to use my full power to defeat him on an even level. I can't fight him properly on a small arena." Keeko came back with a Capsule Corp. space craft. He said," We're going to Namek to retreive their Dragon Balls and wish to brong us back. Sadly, it won't take long for Baba to realize what happened, so, we must hurry. We have about one month for them to lock onto us and punish us. We must not still be dead." They boarded.

On the ship Vegeta went to the gravity chamber. He brought it up to 1000 times Earth's gravity and easily trained in it. Keeko came in and Vegeta asked," Why did your family come to Earth when we were supposed to fight them at the other universe you talked about." Keeko said," We lost our chance. They chose to catch us off guard, and three of us suffered. I want to know, you aren't Vegito now, why?" Vegeta answered," It appears the Patora Earings only stay fully effective in the general area the fusion was performed." Keeko nodded and they continued.

Goku was helping Gohan perfect a new move he was learning and Keeko had left the gravity chamber. Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and 18 all came up and asked," Can you train us to fight more evenly with you guys. We're tired of getting the back seat to the fights." Keeko said," I can only guarantee two of you will survive. And that is not good seeing as you are already dead." They didn't care, this surprized Keeko," Fine then, we begin now. Sadly, Krillin has an unfair advantage, as does Tien." They followed Keeko to a dark room.

Keeko sat in a chair and said," Freiza's spaceship." They appeared in Frieza's spaceship but Keeko was gone. They heard him as though he was everything," You are in my world, this room, is my mind. You will have to kill all life on this ship but be careful, although this is simulation, your body will be done the same as what happens in here. Begin!" Suddenly they heard," Lord Frieza I found him!" Krillin was the first to kill him.

Krillin said," Split up!" Tien and Yamcha went one way, Krillin and 18 went the other. Krillin and 18 worked like clockwork, destroying every enemy they crossed before they could even utter a word, but, Yamcha and Tien had constant trouble. Tien and Yamcha would be attacking the same person, another would shout, more would come, they would get swarmed. Finally Yamcha shouted," I fight up close, you take out the guys I'm not hitting, cover me. Kay?" Tien answered," Kay." They did, and they easily destroyed more soldiers.

Suddenly Dodoria appeared before Krillin and 18, saying," You aren't getting by weaklings!" He charged them and 18 shotued," Photon!" Dodoria turned and shouted," DIE!" He launched a last of pink energy at 18, knocking her away and stopping her energy attack. Krillin kicked Dodoria away and 18 stood up, okay. Dodoria laughed and powered up. He punched Krillin in the chin, sending him flying as 18 kneed Dodoria's stomach.

Zarbon appeared before Yamcha and Tien. They stopped and said," You must be stronger than the others, you are the only one not running away. Zarbon laughed and appeared in front of Yamcha, about to uppercut him. Tien grabbed Zarbon's arm and kneed his stomach, sending him flying. Zarbon stopped and powered up. He smirked and punched Tien's face. Yamcha closelined Zarbon into the wall, grabbed his arm, pulled him out, and threw him to the ground.

Dodoria laughed as he held Krillin by his throat and 18 was on the ground with Dodoria's foot on her face. Dodoria laughed as he squeezed the life out of them and Krilling shouted," KAMEHAMEHA!" He launched a one-handed Kamehameha at Dodoria, sending him flying. Dodoria stopped just in time to see 18 launch a Destructo Disk, slicing him in half.

Zarbon jumped up and kicked the two away. Tien launched a Tri-Beam as Yamcha launched a Kamehameha Wave. Zarbon was knocked down and, when he stood, was surprized as he saw what happened. He powered up and jumped at Yamcha who punched his stomach. Zarbon fell and Tien kicked Zarbon at the wall. Zarbon was about to stand up when Yamcha punched his face, launching a point-blank Kamehameha, killing him.

They met back up and sensed Freiza on the top of the ship. They got up and noticed that they could breath. They knew that they would only die from fighting in this zone. Freiza turned around and laughed at their low power levels. Tien powered up and Frieza stepped back, knowing his opponent's true power. Equal to his.

Frieza and Tien clashed in midair as they exchanged blows. Yamcha kicked Frieza away as Tien launched a Dodon Ray, peircing Frieza's stomach. Frieza fell and Tien said," I got your stomach, also, where you create Ki I got. You will have some more trouble now. Frieza turned to his 2nd Form and his wound healed.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Arrival On Namek! Z-Warrior Training Complete!Edit

The Z-Warriors arrived on Namek just as Tien and Yamcha fused. Tiencha was holding a level battle with Frieza, forcing his 3rd form. Tiencha had to recieve help by becoming Krilliencha and easily beating Frieza. Frieza said," You must be joking! You think you've won?! I'll show you, my true power!" He became his true form and was tied in power to Krilliencha. 18 had received a wound that stopped her from fighting. Freiza laughed as he powered up to 100% Final Form and knocked Krilliencha to the ground. Frieza crushed his ribs, broke his arm, twisted his leg, and fractured Krilliencha's jaw. Frieza laughed but 18 shot a Destructo Disk at Frieza, slicing him in half. Frieza was stunned as 18 walked up to him and said," I was never so hurt I couldn't fight. I said that to make you shift your focus. Sadly, when I paused, I couldn't move. I knew you did something to me with paralysis but it waas weakened and I got you. I must be regaining some of my true power again." They were taken out of the world. They were healed and this process repeated until they landed.

The Z-Warriors received Senzu Beans for their injuries while training and met up. They all stepped off and Mocull appeared with Cell by his side. Both were in Perfect Form. Mocull laughed," I told you I'd get you!" Keeko walked forward and said," I'll handle them! Go and get the Dragon Balls!" The Z-Warriors left, leaving Keeko with Cell and Mocull. Keeko smirked and said," I told you not to try anything funny! How did you survive on Earth? I thought you were killed! I saw it!" Mocull laughed," I simply survived! Bits of my cells survived and floated in Earth's dust until I thought the coast was clear, then, I regenerated! I brought back Cell from Hell!" Keeko said," Then Cell will cease to exist! And you will die!" Keeko charged at them.

Keeko punched Mocull's face and kneed Cell's. They went flying as Keeko launched a barrage of hits on them both. Cell and Mocull teleported away. Keeko appeared in front of Cell and kneed his stomach. Keeko kicked away Mocull who was charging him. Keeko landed in front of them, laughing. Mocull shouted in anger," Then I'll use my full power!" Mocull's tail opened up and absorbed Cell. Mocull laughed as he grew to Broly's size. Mocull swatted away Keeko, laughing at his new power. Keeko became a Super Saiyan and punched Mocull's chin. Mocull kicked at Keeko but he was too fast and launched a lot of attacks. Mocull was knocked to the ground and Keeko flew up to the air and, holding out his hand, said," Now for my newest and most painful technique! Ka... Me... Ha... Me..." A blue energy sphere appeared and Keeko took the stance. He spun his hands in a continous circular motion and the energy spun so energy was becoming more wedge-shaped with a spiral going down it. He launched it shouting," HA!!!" And a single blue energy wave shot out as Mocull charged the attack shouting," That's nothing!" The blast easily impaled his stomach and he coughed up a lot of blood. Keeko smirked," That attack is the Drill Kamehameha, it drills through almost anything." Keeko launched a Full Power Silver Shockwave at Mocull, destroying all of his cells. Keeko flew off.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Keeko's New Enemies! Ultra Buu Fights!Edit

Keeko stopped mid-air before Frieza. Frieza laughed and Keeko said," Are you or are you not going to move?" Frieza looked serious and sneered," No! Now let's fight! I've got a bone to pick with you after saying those things back when you led us!" Keeko said," Shut up lackey. If you want to do something about it do it!" Frieza charged Keeko and he kicked him away, saying," I can't beleive you faked your own destruction back when you fought The Five." Frieza scowled," How dare you accuse me of such low-life abilities! I am the prince of Planet Cold! Eiher to the throne of The Planet Trade Organization! I was only knocked out, and, you will not tell me to shut up!" He charged at Keeko who dodged. Keeko laughed and appeared behind Frieza. Keeko put Frieza in a full-nelson and kneed his back repeatedly. Frieza coughed up a lot of blood but eventually turned around and kicked Keeko away. Keeko launched a Drill Kamehameha Wave at Frieza who launched a Full-Power Punishing Blaster that the Drill Kamehameha simply drilled right through, impaling Frieza's heart. Frieza disappeared and Keeko said," I am not going to stand by and let you say that! You are nothing but a weakling. And I will not let you live." Keeko left as he noticed several power levels following him.

Meanwhile, as the other Z-Warriors went to retreive the Dragon Balls the nearby Namekian villagers gathered. They landed and the villagers handed over 3 Dragon Balls. But, suddenly a rip in the dimensions nearby appeared and Ultra Buu stepped through it. He cackled as he saw their terrified faces," It took me several tries, but I've finally found an interesting fight." Suddenly a Namekian villager stepped forward and shouted," I can handle this fool!" He charged him but Goku coulsn't stop him in time. Buu impaled the poor Namek with his hand which had become a spike. His hand became a hand again and he dropped the dead Namekian. Goku stepped up and shouted," Stop that! I will not let you continue this!" His hair elongated to Super Saiyan 3 size and it was a shimering golden. His body hair was also golden. Vegeta shouted in anger," Kakarot acheived Super Saiyan 7 before me!? Damn it!" Vegeta powered up to the brink of Super Saiyan 7 and finally pushed enough to become a Super Saiyan 7.

They charged Buu and he knocked them away. He laughed," I have already abosorbed everybody on Earth, Planet Cold, Dark Star, and even took the stone Dragon Ball's power! I have become far stronger than before! Even Keeko can't stand a chance!" Gohan powered up to Super Saiyan 3 and shouted," I won't Keeko have a turn!" He punched Buu's stomach and launched a barrage of attacks on Buu who was smiling. Gohan punched Buu and he said," I can't believe you think you can take me!" Buu punched Gohan's stomach and kicked him to the ground. Gohan powered down to normal form and his ribs and jaw were broken. Krillin gave Gohan aid as 18 and Tiencha held off Buu, who was laughing as they attacked him. Buu finally was bored and knocked them away. He took interest in 18 and launched a barrage of hits at her, breaking away her outer shell, revealing her machine. Buu laughed as he launched a giant blast that fully destroyed her. Krillin powered up in rage and shouted as tears streamed down his eyes," You monster! I'll kill you!" He launched a Destructo Disk Barrage and Buu was cut to peices. He fused with Tiencha and became someone who didn't look like Krilliencha. He was taller, stronger, and his hair was to his ankles. He wore a permanent scowl and said," I... will be called Yamchiellin."

Yamchiellin appeared before Buu and kicked him into the air. Yamchiellin launched a barrage of attacks including, Wolf Fang Fist, Dodon Ray, and Kamehame Ray. He was stopped when Buu regenerated and impaled him with his arm and shouted," Another one falls to the Demon Spike!" The dead one fell and defused. Goku and Vegeta stepped up and fused into Gogeta who was, needless to say, Super Saiyan 7. The two collided.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Keeko VS. The Saiyans! Gogeta's Time Limit!Edit

Keeko smiled slightly and landed by a mountain. He turned around to see Paragus and three other Saiyans who Keeko didn't know. Paragus said," Oh, I forgot to mention, this is Turles, Goku killed him. This is Nappa, Vegeta technically killed him. This is Raditz, Piccolo killed him but took Goku with him." Keeko smirked," So, you aren't afraid about fighting the man who killed was the boss of Broly?" Turles looked stunned and stuttered," B-Broly? The, you mean the Legendary Super Saiyan?! The same Broly who was executed for being too powerful?!" Raditz was shocked and Nappa bit his lower lip. "He wasn't as powerful as all of us together!" Paragus reassured. Keeko said," Yes but I am the Universal Super Saiyan!" Paragus shouted before they would fly away," No he's not! That's a myth!" Keeko smiled sadistically," Are you sure you want to take that risk?!" Raditz became a Super Saiyan and shouted," SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!!" He flew at Keeko and, catching him off guard, knocked him over.

Keeko kicked the enraged Raditz off of him and Nappa powered up to Super Saiyan too. His goatee grew like King Vegeta's did and Raditz's hair in Super Saiyan form was like normal but yellow and spiked upwards. Keeko smiled as he brushed off the dirt and said," So are you deciding to fight? If so then I'll use my full power." He powered up to Super Saiyan. Turles asked," Did you prepare to fight him at this power?!" Paragus stuttered," I-I didn't know he could do that." Turles shouted in anger and became a Super Saiyan, looking like Goku when he becomes a Super Saiyan. Turles planted a new Tree of Might that was made by Paragus' technology and Paragus became a Super Saiyan also. The three attacked as Raditz got up and Keeko jumped into the air. Raditz met them and the four charged after Keeko.

Gogeta charged at Ultra Buu who blocked it but they went flying. Buu kicked Gogeta away but Gogeta launched a barrage of energy waves that Buu took head-on. Buu recovered and Gogeta appeared in front of him. Gogeta kicked Buu away and launched another barrage of energy attacks. Gogeta slammed Buu to the ground and Buu launched a Gack! attack that Gogeta deflected. Gogeta kicked Buu's face and, grabbing Buu's antennae, attacked him repeatedly like a paddle-ball game.

Gogeta kicked Buu away and Buu skidded to a stop. When he stood up, Gogeta made a sword out of energy and stabbe Buu repeatedly. Buu made the Demon Spike and they fought in a sword-like fashion. Piccolo was standing by with Goten and Trunks and they were waiting for Gogeta to end this. They knew they'd only get in the way if they were to fight Buu too. Gogeta was wailing on Buu when Buu kicked Gogeta away. Gogeta stopped and laughed when he saw Buu struggle to stand up. He coughed up blood and recovered. Buu was tired from trying to fight back and recovering from attacks. Gogeta laughed and went at Buu again.

Keeko kicked the four all away and flew after Paragus. He smiled and said," If the ringleader is dead, the rest leave." Keeko punched Paragus to the ground and stomped on him. Keeko picked him up and repeatedly punched Paragus' face. Keeko pulled his hand back a lot, charged a Super Kamehameha Wave, and launched it point-blank in Paragus' face. Paragus was in normal form and unconcious. Raditz and Nappa flew at Keeko while Turles absorbed the tree's power. Raditz was kicekd away but Nappa was stopped and put to the ground by Keeko. Keeko said," Tell me Nappa, how much do you enjoy having arms?" Keeko pushed Nappa's arm in a way were it was dislocated and Nappa screamed in pain. Keeko twisted Nappa's arms and ripped them off. Nappa was writhing in agony when Keeko smacked Nappa with his own arms. Nappa was left to bleed to death by the now sadistic-form Keeko. Keeko's sadistic expression stayed on his face as he slowly walked towards the dazed Raditz. Raditz looked up when he came to see Keeko towering over him. Raditz charged an attack but Keeko slapped him in the face with Nappa's arm. Keeko swatted Raditz repeatedly with Nappa's arms and kicked Raditz's head into the mountain, blood from Nappa and Raditz going everywhere. Keeko shouted," I can't supress it anymore!!!" He became Universal Super Saiyan and slowly crushed Raditz as he screamed for forgiveness. Keeko said," Forgiveness was wasted on you already, goodbye!" Keeko launched a Drill Kamehameha through Raditz's heart, killing him while Nappa died of blood loss.

Gogeta was wailing on Buu again when suddenly he defused. Goku shouted," Oh no! Our time is up!" Vegeta said," Oh Go-" But Buu slammed them away. Buu recovered and he panted, but smiled. Goten and Trunks fused into Super Saiyan 5 Gotenks and he attacked Buu. Piccolo became a Super Namek 3 and charged at Buu too. Buu laughed and knocked them away, cracking Piccolo's neck. It was obvious Buu was so mad he'd powered up. Buu easily made his way to the tired Goku and Vegeta. Gotenks cried," You won't do this anymore!!!" He became a Super Saiyan 6 and blasted a hole through Buu. Buu turned around, insane with fury, and blasted thousands of energy beams so thin they could barely be seen straight through Gotenks, killing Goten and Trunks before they even fell to the ground. Goku and Vegeta had to power down and flew away while Buu finished his killing of Namek.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Last Of The Z-Warriors! Keeko's Turn! Not Him!Edit

Goku and Vegeta landed in front of Keeko who had calmed down and finished off Turles and his tree of might. Keeko waved and Goku said," We need to go! Now!" Keeko had a look of confusion but suddenly Vegeta was imapled through the stomach by the Demon Spike. Vegeta elbowed Buu away but Buu stopped and said," I liked fighting Gogeta better. Your friends wree delicious." Goku whispered," We need to save them." Keeko said," It won't work, this Buu's victims get digested and his body feeds off their energy. Kind of like Yakon." Goku nodded and said," That will never stop eating... and never die from it." Vegeta coughed up blood and reached for the Senzu Bean in his pocket that he forgot about until it fell in front of him. Buu stepped on his arm and took the Senzu Bean, shoving it inside his torso. Keeko shouted," I-impossible! Did you just absorb it?!" Buu nodded and laughed. Vegeta blasted a Big Bang attack at Buu but he just deflected it and picked up Vegeta's hair, pummeling him. Goku became a Super Saiyan and kneed Buu's face, knocking Buu away. Buu laughed again, louder, and pummeled Goku. Vegeta stood, battered, and became a Super Saiyan 4. Goku became a Super Saiyan 4 also in the time Buu was hit by Vegeta. Buu was blocking or dodging every attack Goku and Vegeta sent at him, but he was getting noticably damaged. Buu kicked away Goku but Vegeta dodged and launched a point-blank Double Final Shine Attack in Buu's face. Goku launched a Super Kamehameha Wave at Buu after Vegeta jumped out of the way. Buu emerged and screamed a bloodcurtling scream. He glowed a brilliant white and his screaming intensified. Suddenly the light stopped and Buu stood there as Kid Buu looked, but now he was silver and his sillouhet was bright white with the energy he was getting. Goku charged with Vegeta but Buu kncoked them away. Buu grabbed them, slammed them together, and kicked them into a mountain. Goku and Vegeta were both in normal form, knocked out and Buu launched a Planet Burst at them. Keeko jumped in at the last second, knowing he couldn't save them both if he didn't, and fell to the ground, almost unconcious.

Buu stepped over Keeko, picked up the two main Z-Warriors, and launched a Planet Burst through their heads. Keeko slowly stood up and said," You, you killed them? Didn't you? You killed them... DIDN'T YOU! YOU KILLED THEM!!!" Keeko powerd up to Universal Super Saiyan and punched a hole through Buu's head," HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?!?!" Keeko bashed repeatedly into Buu, occasionally grabbing him and bringing him back to restart the proccess. Keeko crushed Buu's throat and slammed Buu into the ground, boulders flying away from the extreme amount of pressure and energy rocketing from Keeko. Buu was coughing up blood like crazy and Keeko was going crazy. Keeko punched Buu's face will crushing Buu's throat to microscoping size. Buu looked like he was crying blood when Keeko threw him into the air and kicked him through several mountains. Buu slowly rose and recovered, screaming from the amount of power he drew from this new form. Keeko appeared behind him and ripped both his arms off. Keeko screamed a bloodcurtling scream," I DON'T CARE IF YOU WILL REGENERATE!!! I WILL MAKE YOU WISH YOU CAN'T!!!" Buu was on his knees, trying to absorb Keeko but it failed repeatedly. Keeko was bashing Buu's head and torso in a way where it made even the people on Earth were being battered by the high level winds coming from the energy Keeko was emitting on Namek. The planet was caving in... Keeko's power had made him a new center of gravity! His level of gravity was higher than Namek's! Buu was being ripped apart from the high gravity right beside him, screaming in an emotion he'd never truly experienced: fear.

Ultra-Buu Saga: Keeko's Final Opponent! King Vegeta!Edit

Keeko jumped into the air and screamed," FOR WHAT YOU DID!!! DIE BUU!!!" Keeko charged a Final Flash-like attack that was silver. Buu regenerated and started charging a Super Kamehameha Wave. Namek was being ripped apart up under Buu and flying at Keeko's new gravity. The boulders went into the attack and Keeko exctracted their power. Keeko shouted," SUPER... FINAL... SHINE..." Buu launched his attack and Keeko screamed," KAMEHAMEHA!!!" The beams met and Keeko was surprized he lost his advantage. He new his power had drained from being in that form, using so much power, for so long. He thought this and snapped out of his insanity form. Keeko new he was doomed with the sudden loss of power. Keeko thought," Well, I had a good run. Wait, how can I beat Buu? He has unlimited power from the legends. He can regenerate. He has a lot of strength. So he mainly focuses on up-close combat. If I could do a far-away combo to weaken him and strike the finishing blow I should win!" Keeko pulled back some of his power and Buu's blast flew at him. Keeko smiled and Shouted," HAHA!" He launched all his power and sent both blasts at Buu. Buu's particles were annihilated. Buu screamed in agony. Keeko fell, exhausted. Keeko could only lift his head a little bit to see a laughing Cooler in his Fourth Form. Keeko whispered," Darn... I'm out of power. My power level is... 17." Cooler jumped down from the ruble-cliff and landed in front of Keeko, saying," What a weakling now aren't you? I should easily take you out." Suddenly Cooler was kicked in the face, sending him flying. A blast hit Cooler, knocking him to the ground. Cooler shouted as he powered up to his 5th From," How dares?!" King Vegeta laughed and powered up to Super Saiyan. Cooler charged at him and King Vegeta dodged, saying," I've been training as much as possible from when we landed on Namek to a couple minutes ago." Cooler kicked him away and said," It won't bee enough!" Keeko shouted," Your son! He's gone! Cooler killed him! And I'm too weak to stop him!" Cooler was confused and in that moment King Vegeta powered up to Super Saiyan 2 screaming," WHAT!?" King Vegeta punched Cooler's face, knocking him through the rubble of Namek. Suddenly an active volcano erupted and lava seeped through the rocks that they stood on. They were standing on stones in a sea of lava! Cooler got up and Vegeta sent him flying into the air. The two collided as Cooler used 100% of his full power. Keeko tried to stand but it was in vain. Vegeta easily knocked Cooler through several boulders but Cooler stopped just before he touched the lava. Cooler flew up and shouted," DIE MONKEYS!" He charged a Supernove that was the size of the Universal Spirit Bomb. Cooler launched it at King Vegeta who shouted," Keeko! Leave! I'll handle this!" Keeko said," I... can't! I have no power, no energy." King Vegeta shouted," Then find it!" Keeko rose one arm to the sky and whispered, Please, give me... your energy. Namek, you have only a bit to give... but just enough to allow me to... leave this planet. Namek... GIVE ME YOUR ENERGY!" Keeko stood as the small energy Namek still had went into him and King Vegeta screamed," Hurry and leave! I can't hold this off anymore!" At that time the Supernova pushed through Vegeta and he screamed as it discinigrated him. Keeko shouted," EARTH! NAMEK! 1,000,000 MOONS! MARS! VENUS! JUPITER! SATURN! ALL THE KAI'S PLANETS! PLANET OF THE KAIS! HEAVEN! HELL! EVEN THE WORLD OF NOTHING!" The Supernova sped at him faster and faster. Keeko whispered," Super... Silver... Drill... Energy... KAMEHAMEHA!!!" The blast shot into the Supernova and ripped through it. Cooler shouted," NOOOOO!" But he was annihilated instantly...

The EndEdit

A man shut a book and said to his daughter while she was sitting in bed,"The End. They say that Keeko is still alive. Watching over the weak and poor. Waiting to help and fight off any threats to Earth." The girl asked," Do you really think he is? Does he have a holiday? Is he friends with Santa Claus?" The man's wife sitting next to him hushed her child and said," Who knows? Only Keeko can know the answer. And I think he's closer than you think." Her husband and her looked at each other and smiled, the child had a look of confusion," So, what happened to the Z-Warriors?" The man said," I don't know Sentaku... I don't know." The wife said," Well, you've had your fun and the story's over. Let's get to bed." The husband and wife left after kissing their daughter's forehead and after shutting the door the wife whispered," When will you tell her? The next threat that comes you might need help with." The man said," When she turns 10. She shouldn't know until then. Until then, I will keep her interested in fighting so she will embrace it and not become a girly-girl. Not that there's anything wrong with that." The wife said," When the Universal Super Saiyan himself has to keep his daughter from fighting, it's a sad day on Earth." The man smiled and said," Well, people think I died on Namek, so my legacy is over. But, I'm glad I wrote a book about it... I'm even thinking about a sequel." The woman chuckled," I sure hope your fans are ready. But I can't belevie what happened with Buu... he killed them again." The man hushed her," The past is prequel. And sometimes... the next part is more interesting."

Teaser for Dragon Ball WAEdit

In a world of darkness, a new being arrises with incredible powers from another planet. There are actually more than one! When their planet and lives are threatened by enemies thought to be destroyed, who can win?! Find out in Dragon Ball WA. The sequel to the beloved fan-fiction Dragon Ball AP, Dragon Ball WA is the next series that follows the events of Keeko after his second, third, and fourth deaths! With more precise powers, new characters, and more dangerous battles this series has promise. With the begginner writer Jenjie and his amatuer but still skillful knowledge of the Dragon Ball franchize, we shall see what there will be!

Pictures of scenes from DBWA:

Adult dende by negatiivegokux20

Earth's new guardian

Frieza Soldier by dbzataricommunity

Koy with his cybernetic arm


  • In the many prototypes of the first movie, Keeko's original name was Choal from the Japanese "death".
  • So far there has been a new Z-Warrior added in every saga.
  • Jenjie admits that the reason Uub isn't fighting much is because he forgot he existed! This was also the case with Akira Toryama and Launch!
  • Majuubuu was never shown in the anime, but was shown in the OVA. This is only because Jenjie wanted to give Uub and Majin Buu a spotlight, though the story mainly revolves around Keeko.
  • Keeko's form at the end of the anime, where he fights Buu on Namek, is known as Insanity Universal Super Saiyan. Simply because he is in Insane Form and Universal Super Saiyan form at the same time.
  • Loteck is a new version of Locth, a pun on cloth.
  • Rasu is a pun on Sugar. Also, the creator of DBAP made it from Sugar Cookie because of his son's name pun.
  • Keeko is a pun on cookie.
  • Mocull is a pun on molecule.
  • DBAP stands for Dragon Ball Absolute Power, the name of the last part of the Legacy Saga.
  • Sipher's original name in DBAP was Locth, a pun on cloth.
  • Ezara is a pun on Zoey, one of the favorite characters of a show the creator's sibling watches.
  • The auther of Dragon Ball AP has purposely made some incosistences regarding the story. So far Jenjie has only made 1 purpose inconsistence.
  • In the fight scene on the moon between Fasha, Loteck, and Keeko, the rabbits were a reference to Dragon Ball when Goku took Monster Carrot to the moon.
  • The parts of Ultra-Buu Saga during the events of Keeko's father, mother, and brother are the part one of the saga. Which is why they don't have much to do with the main saga parts. Jenjie was going to fix this but decided against it. It would stretch the saga more.
  • The Ultra-Buu Saga actually isn't about the origially known form of Majin Buu {The buff one}. It is actually an entirely different being. After speaking to Jenjie, he revealed that he named Ultra Buu that because he forgot about the Buff Buu also being called that, seeing as he usually refers to that form as Buff Buu.

Video GamesEdit