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Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series is a fan fiction created by Hyper Zergling, written partially by KidVegeta, focusing around Cuber, a saiyan who escapes the Genocide of the Saiyans.


Genocide Escape sagaEdit

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Four saiyan children, Cuber, Chaiva, Speonitch, and Kailon, are sent to a faraway planet by their mission handler, Ocra, to clear out its most powerful inhabitants. Little do they know, they are actually sent away so they can escape the Genocide of the Saiyans. When they arrive on the planet, their space pods are destroyed almost immediately, stranding them. For several years, the saiyans eliminate the planet's most powerful creatures, until some of Frieza's weaker soldiers arrive. The soldiers attack the saiyans, but are defeated easily. Unfortunately, Zarbon hears of the saiyans' presence from one of the soldiers' scouters, and then sends his current best team to eliminate the saiyan threat.

Nitro sagaEdit

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The saiyans are able to avoid the Planet Trade Organization for several more years, until they unknowingly entered the territory of Nitro, Frieza's younger brother. When the saiyans wipe out an entire outpost on one of Nitro's planets, the tyrant is alerted, and sends one of his best teams to investigate. The team proves to be far stronger than Zarbon's team the saiyans have faced years earlier, resulting in the incapacitation of Cuber and the death of Speonitch, which triggers Kailon's ascension to super saiyan. Kailon destroys the entire team and goes on a rampage, with Chaiva, the only other conscious saiyan, unable to calm him down. Seeing the planet's inevitable destruction, she takes Cuber to the nearest space pod, and sends him off the planet. Chaiva, however, does not make it off herself in time. Barely conscious, Cuber sees the planet explode, out of Kailon's inability to control his power.

After drifting in space for two years, Cuber lands on the planet, Mrov, and is hospitalized by the planet's technologically-advanced natives. In a dream, Cuber once again sees the events of his comrades dying, waking him and transforming him into a super saiyan. Once calmed down, Cuber begins living peacefully alongside the Mrovians. Three years later, Nitro himself discovers Mrov, and invades the planet with a large armada. With more than enough strength to overpower Nitro, Cuber prepares to avenge his friend and brothers.

Cold VengeanceEdit

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Yuki, daughter of Nitro, vows to avenge her father. She sets up her ambush of Cuber on the planet Typhon, but it soon becomes apparent that the planet has just as many surprises for her as she has planned for him.

Amoon sagaEdit

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Other World sagaEdit

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Hundreds of years after the defeat of Amoon, Kibito Kai has already been appointed the new Grand Supreme Kai. Several young and powerful Shin have been trying to prove themselves worthy of the Supreme Kai title. One particular Shin is appointed to Supreme Kai. However, two Shin are suspicious of this newly-appointed Supreme Kai, and soon discover that he really is Amoon's second-in-command in disguise. Wanting to show their competence, these two Shin have decided to take the matter into their own hands. One searches heaven for powerful fighters he can claim as disciples, while the other takes his search to Limbo. The latter Shin comes across Cuber, Chaiva, Speonitch, and Kailon, and agrees to send them to heaven so they can train to become stronger, provided they help him take care of the false Kai.


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