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Dragon Ball: Tag Blast Racing is the first racing game with a Dragon Ball theme. There is scarcely any information on this upcoming game, but it has been officially announced by our folks over at Namco Bandai. This is strange for Dragon Ball Z, has starred mostly in fighting games, but this was mostly inspired by the episode in Dragon Ball Z in which Piccolo and Goku are forced to get their drivers' licenses and they start racing. For now we know that you can be any character in the Dragon Ball series. Each character will have a ki trick gauge, which will release each character's signature attack when it is filled up. To fill it up you will need to shake the joystick on the controller when you get air. There are 12 places in each race and there are items included on every race map. Some rumors say you will be able to make your own racing maps. More information will be released as it comes.

EDIT: We have recieved a picture revealing that there will be a DS version of this game. (Click the link to see the picture.DBZ: TBR DS Version

Written by: Sam Reeder.

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