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g Dragon Ball: Saiyan Rebirth takes place 150 years after the end of Dragon Ball Gt and focuses around the rebirth of the Saiyan Race. A wish made by Goku Jr., the character from the final Dragon Ball special, before he went to train with Kai's was to bring back the saiyan race. Except with a pure good heart. The new Saiyans settled on a new planet which came to our galaxy twenty years after Gt, the planet was named New Goku after the mighty Saiyan.

The one hundred new Saiyans were trained by King Kai and became a form of universal police dubbed the Galatic Saiyan Force. Each was trained in KaioKen, taught to use their Ki in other multiple ways. A select few called the Saiyan Elite were taught to transform into Super Saiyans. The Saiyan Elite Force protected the galaxy from them on.

The show is mainly focused on one of the Saiyans Goken whose is the great descendent of Bardock's brother Garsarot. It shows his journey's as one of the elite and his struggles to coping with being the pressure as Gaurdian of Earth.

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