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Dragon Ball: AW-Time travel and Universes is an info page for Dragon Ball: AW. It will explain how Time travels and time machines work in ": AW", as they are a little different from the cannon ones.

Time travelEdit

TT is a process where a person or a team travels trough time (Into future and history). It is first seen in Androids Saga when Trunks uses a time machine to travel trough time and talk to Goku.

In ": AW", TT is simmilar to the one in Z and will be mostly shown in Another Way Saga.

  • There are an infinite number of timelines. You could mark them as U1(U stands for universe), U2, U3 etc.
  • Every moment, a timeline is created, as timelines always start from the beggining of the universes and they are created every second.
  • When a person travels in time, all times are still running. Time Machine calculates when to start the travel to get into the wanted time. (E.g. Gohan goes to "main" timeline but his timeline is still in move) Time Machines calculate when to travel to get to the previous time too.


Universes also known as Dimensions are different from timelines. Timeline is just a different time of It's own universes, while Universes are different worlds which have their own timelines.

In ": AW", Universes won't play a big role (Except in some movies), but they will be shown now or then.

  • Universes are infinite. You can mark them as A, B, C, D etc.
  • Every Universe has It's own timelines.
  • Universes can't be travelled like Time. To travel trough them, a person needs to develop his own techique(s) (E.g. Dimension Scream, Instant Transmission etc.)


  • Trough most of things on this articles are already known, there are someone which aren't even shown.
  • In Dragon Ball: AW, timelines will play a major role, biggest in the fan-fiction.
  • Universes are going to play a major roles in one of ": AW's" movies.
  • This is the first Dragon Ball: AW's info article.

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