This article, Dragon Ball: AW-Mysteries Explained, is property of Raging Blast.

Dragon Ball: AW-Mysteries Explained is made for most of lack of detail and questions to be answered. It will cover the part of story that has been written, with minor spoilers. As the story gets more and more deeper, there will be more questions to ask. Feel free to ask anything on talk page.

Another Way SagaEdit

Explainings for Another Way Saga:

How could Cell still be alive when Gohan killed him?Edit

The answer is really simple. One of Cell's cells survived and it regenerated giving Cell a major power boost, much like in Z.

Why isn't Gohan affected by Cell's Ki blast?Edit

Gohan just fooled that he's hurt, later killing him with ease.


  • This is the first Mysteries Explaining article from Raging Blast.
  • If some of the questions are solved in the story when it comes out, they might be deleted.
  • This is the 4th fan-fiction on this site to have an Explaining Page.

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