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Harudo SagaEdit

New World Second ChanceEdit

It has been 99 years after the fight with Omega Shenron. Both Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were having a little sparring match with each other out in the open field with Pan closely watching. Both have reached the stage at Super Saiyan 2 at the age of 10. (Now 11) The match looked equal. They were both fighting with all the power they could get. They both blocked each others punches and kicks as if predicted. But Pan could tell that Vegeta Jr. had the upper hand and Goku Jr. was getting tired. Suddenly they knocked eachother away. Goku Jr. used the Kamehameha and Vegeta Jr. used the Galick Gun. The beam struggle began. It was even but Goku Jr. put all his power in it and Vegeta Jr. did the same thing. It was still even and then BOOM there beams exploded and knocked both of them out. Both of them finally woke up with the help of Pan.

It was one month after that fight and both were training as hard as they could. All of the sudden both sensed a huge power level just arrive on the planet. Goku Jr. and Vegeta jr. thought to leave it because it was not causing any trouble until they heard an explosion from the west. Goku Jr. and Vege
Goku and vegeta

Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr.

ta Jr. went to investigate. The being that caused the explosion was small and blue but his power level was HUGE. Suddenly the being heard them and said "Who are you and what do you want." Goku Jr. said " I don’t know first tell us who you are and why are you destroying the city," The being said "My name is Harudo I have been sent here on a mission to destroy the earth with everything on it because its life forms are weak and useless us now."

Vegeta said "What do you mean useless were stronger then you." Harudo said " Ha you can not defeat me if you do I will leave and not come back." The fight began Goku and Vegeta both powered up to there Super Saiyan 2 form. They charged at Harudo with everything they had. But Harudo with ease blocked and dodge there attacks like he wasn’t even trying and then Harudo knocked them away with a powerful punch and yelled HAILLING BLAST. Suddenly numerous black balls filled the sky and with the flick of his finger all the black ball were falling down on Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. each creating a huge explosion. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were beaten to the brink of death. Harudo came up to them and said “I will give you one more chance since you two are the strongest on this planet. In two days I will be back you can choose wither to give up this planet up or you can fight." Harudo fully healed Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. to full health and then vanished.

Meanwhile in heaven Vegeta was talking to King Kai. Suddenly King Kai said "Vegeta I have just felt a disturbance on earth." Vegeta said "On earth what?! What do you mean on earth what has happened?" King Kai said "Whatever it was it is gone now but I feel it will come back soon." Vegeta said "Darn there is nothing I can do because I have been wished back with Dragon Balls over twice. Vegeta said “King Kai I have an idea let me talk to my great-great grandson." King Kai said “Ok Vegeta if that’s what you want put your hand on my back." "Hello Vegeta Jr. can you hear me. The being that has just attacked you I fear is far to strong for the both of you. I need you to do something you must go to your mother and ask her about Planet Namek and then you must get a spaceship go there then you must ask the Namekians to get the Dragon Balls and wish me back to life then for the last wish ask if you can talk to Kakarot or...Goku just tell him about this! I must go now." Vegeta Jr. said “Um Pan who was that. “Pan said “Well Vegeta Jr. that was your great great grandfather Vegeta...I think if Vegeta is willing to contact us this must be trouble. GOKU JR. VEGETA JR. I WANT YOU TO DO EVREYTHING THAT VEGETA JUST TOLD YOU. GO NOW!!!!!" Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. said " Ok " and then rushed straight to Vegeta Jr.'s mother's house.

They arrived at Vegeta Jr.'s house in no time. They explained everything to her. Vegeta Jr.'s mother said "Ahh you need to go to Namek I have just the ship for you." She showed the two boys an enormous ship. “This baby can get you to Namek in about I say ten hours. So when do you need to go? “Right now! Vegeta Jr. yelled. Vegeta Jr.'s mother said " Okay but be careful I set the ship on auto pilot so don’t touch any of the buttons. It will take you to Namek then back to Earth." Vegeta Jr's mother said in a somewhat calm voice. “Okay! Come on lets go now im exited." Goku Jr. said in a happy voice. After they gathered food they left for Namek.

Vegeta Jr. said "Well if were on here for ten hours we might as well do some training." "Right." Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. started a sparring match. This time Goku Jr. had the upper hand and was throwing punches and kicks at Vegeta Jr. and all of them landed. Vegeta Jr. said "How did yo


u get so strong it’s remarkable." In a stunned voice. Goku Jr. said "Well im just excited I get to talk to my great great grandfather and possibly meet him. Are you excited about meeting your great great grandfather? Vegeta Jr. paused for a moment and said "I am excited now lets continue." And with that they started to continue there training.

10 hours was over and they arrived on Namek. They exited the space ship to see many Namekians starring at them. One Namikian said “Hey guys its Goku and Vegeta there back." Another Namikian shouted "Why are they so mall though." Goku Jr. said "Hello everybody the people you are talking about are-.Stop said the grand elder I will see. The elder put his hand on Goku Jr.’s head and read his thoughts. "Ahh I see you may use our dragon balls. The Namekians gathered up the dragon balls and summoned porunga.

Vegeta and Goku ArriveEdit

Porunga appeared before them and said "What are your wishes." Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. were startled because this the first time they saw Porunga. The Grand Elder told Porunga the 2 wishes they needed first was to bring Vegeta back to life. And the second was to speak to Goku. Porunga granted both wishes and the Grand Elder told Goku Jr. "You may speak to Goku now." Goku Jr. said "Grandpa can you hear me? Goku said "Well sure I can hear you and call me Goku. What do you need that was so important I was in the middle of lunch? Goku Jr. said "Um sorry Goku but we need you’re help there is a huge power that is coming to Earth and we need your help. Goku said "Hmm I will be there right away I can sense the power from here it is strong. Ok I will meet you guys at earth so we can make a plan. Vegeta Jr. said "Wait we brought Vegeta back to life to you should meet him on Earth." Goku said "Wow I haven’t seen Vegeta in years wonder how he’s doing. Well then see you guys on Earth BYE." The grand elder said “You have one more wish." Goku Jr. said "Um I wish... Vegeta Jr. interrupted and said I wish that..... Grand Elder said "Wait I will make the wish for you. The Grand Elder muttered something to Porunga. Then the Grand Elder said "I believe he will be great assistance to you. Bye have a save trip back to Earth."

Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. left Namek and started there Journey to Earth. Goku Jr. said "Im so excited to see Goku are you excited to see Vegeta." Vegeta Jr. said "Yes I am excited to see Vegeta. But I can’t stop thinking about who the grand elder wished back to life." Goku Jr. said "Yeah im wondering that too well we will find out when we get to earth. Want to get something to eat?" Once again in 10 hours they arrive on earth Goku and Vegeta were waiting for them. Goku said "Well it’s about time you guys got here we were waiting all day. Now listen we only got 12 hours until Harudo comes." Goku Jr. interrupted and said "First we have got to tell you something the Grand Elder on Namek wished someone back to life and sent him to earth." Vegeta said "What who did he wish back--- I sense a power level a huge power level it is as strong as ours Kakarot." Goku said "Your right Vegeta I sense it to lets check it out Goku Jr. Vegeta Jr. we don’t know if this thing is friend or foe. Let’s go Vegeta." Goku and Vegeta went toward the power level. In a few minutes they arrived at the power level and were shocked to learn that the power level was Goku's dad Bardock.


Bardock looked up and was amazed to see his son. Bardock said "Kakarot is that really you. I haven’t seen you in so long." Goku said "Yes it’s me Dad what are you doing here." Bardock said "Well I was just doing some training with Tora and then suddenly I was here." Vegeta interrupted and said "Enough with this we have to do as much training as we possibly can before Harudo comes here." Goku said " Oh yeah. Listen Father there is a huge threat approaching this planet in 12 hours can you help us?" Bardock said "Of course I can help you son but first let’s have a little practice match." Goku said "Yeah that sounds great but not here lets go somewhere else follow me." All three of them headed back to where Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were waiting.

Goku said "Hey guys I want you to meet Bardock. Goku Jr. he is you’re great great great grandpa and my father. Hey Vegeta Jr. you have a place for a few sparring matches." Vegeta Jr. said "Why of course I have rooms for training follow me." Vegeta Jr. led everyone to a room as long as a house. Goku said “Wow this room is huge. So Dad are you ready?"

Father vs. SonEdit

The fight began. They both threw punches and kicks at eachother but each one was blocked as if predicted. Bardock said "Wow son im amazed at how strong you have become looks like I have to transform." Goku said "Transform?!" Bardock started powering up and then he turned into a Super Saiyan.
Bardock ssj2

Bardock SSJ

The fight began once more and this time Bardock has the upper hand throwing punches and kicks and each one landing directly on Goku. Goku said "Well Dad if you are a Super Saiyan I guess I should become one to." Goku powered up to his Super Saiyan form. Bardock quickly went to Goku to give him a punch but Goku Instant Transmission to dodge it and get behind Bardock that sent him flying. Bardock stopped before he hit the wall. Bardock once again went to Goku to punch him then he disappeared and the re appeared behind Goku and gave him a hard punch in the back. Blood came out of Goku's mouth. Then Goku Gave Bardock a kick in the stomach. Quickly Goku got a good distance from Bardock. Goku then started powering up to Super Saiyan 2 and then Super Saiyan 3.

Goku said "Well father I didn’t think you would be so strong I haven't been in Super Saiyan 3 Since I fought Omega Shenron." Bardock said "Son you are not the only one that can
Bardock ssj3

Bardock SSJ3

transform into a Super Saiyan 3." Bardock powered up into Super Saiyan 3. Bardock's Super Saiyan 3 looked similar to Goku's Super Saiyan 3 form. Goku said "Wow Father I didn't think you can reach the form of Super Saiyan 3. I haven’t had this much fun in years." Bardock said "Well son let us continue the fight."

Bardock rushed at Goku with such high speed Goku did not get anytime to dodge it and Bardock gave Goku a punch in the gut. Goku got up kicked Bardock away far enough for Goku to do Kamehameha. Goku started saying "Kamehame." But Bardock was also charging a move he calls Saiyan’s Heart. Then there

Goku charging at Bardock

was a little black ball in Bardock’s hand. As soon as Goku said "HA" Bardock fired the Black Ball and the Beam Struggle began. Goku was putting his full power into the Kamehameha. Also Bardock as well was putting his full power into his attack. The two beams exploded and knocked both fighters down momentarily. As soon as both fighters got up they charged at eachother and put all there remaining energy into there fist. Then they punched each other in the face. Both fighters were unconscious. Vegeta quickly said "Kakarot Jr. and Vegeta Jr. go to Korin Tower and get some Senzu Beans. Goku Jr. said "Where’s Korin Tower." Vegeta Jr. said "Yeah and what is Senzu Bean?" Vegeta said "You idiots! I will get it myself."

So little timeEdit

Vegeta quickly rushed to Korin tower as fast as he could. When Vegeta got there, was a lot of damage done to it. Vegeta did not waste any time and flew to the top in one minute. Vegeta saw Korin. Korin had become very old with a long beard. Korin was shocked to see Vegeta. Korin said "Huh Vegeta what are you doing here. I thought you were dead." Vegeta said "No time for that I need some of your Senzu beans. HURRY!" Korin said "Yes right away." Korin quickly came back with one little bag full of Senzu Beans. Vegeta took the bag and left. Korin said "Well bye Vegeta."

Vegeta was back with the Senzu Beans. He gave one to Goku and one for Bardock. Both of them woke up. Goku and Bardock started talking about there battle. Vegeta then said “ENOUGH.We only have 9 hours until Harudo arrives." Goku said "You’re right Vegeta we have to get as much training as we possibly can. Oh Vegeta I see you brought Senzu Beans good were going to need them." The pairings were Goku vs. Vegeta and Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. vs. Bardock.

They trained and trained for 8 hours. Each of them needed a Senzu Bean and now there were only 2 left. For the next hour they just relaxed and took a break. For the other hour things got a little more serious. Goku was excited as for everyone else they were a bit nervous. Vegeta said "Kakarot how can you be so excited. We could die. Have you even sensed his power level it is stronger then all of ours combined. Goku said "Yeah Vegeta I know that’s why this is so much fun. And what are we supposed to do for the next hour you guys have an idea." Bardock said "I don’t know." Goku Jr. said "Maybe we could do more training." Vegeta Jr. said "What are you an idiot we need these last two Senzu Beans for the fight."

For the next hour everyone sat around talking about how strong Harudo is. Suddenly they heard a huge explosion in the east. Goku said "That must be Harudo everyone grab my shoulder. Goku used instant transmission to get everyone to where Harudo was. When they got there they saw Harudo tormenting all the humans. Bardock said "It’s over for you Harudo." Harudo said "Oh is it then." Harudo yelled "Hailing Blast" The black balls appeared in the air but instead of attacking Goku and everyone all the Black Balls killed everyone that lived in the country. Goku yelled "HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ALL THOSE INASENT PEOPLE!!!" Goku powered up into his Super Saiyan form. With great force Goku punched Harudo in the stomach and then sent him flying with an angry Kamehameha. Everyone else powered up into Super Saiyan’s and attacked Harudo with all of there power. Harudo was on the brink of death. Then Vegeta noticed something and said "You’re holding back your true power." Harudo said "Good work. I did not expect you to be so strong. I will be back in two months and I will use my full power." And then Harudo disappeared.

Training Begin'sEdit

Goku and the Z fighter's were training for the upcoming battle with Harudo. The first training session was Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. They both powered up to the top of there power and start's fighting instantly. They were moving so fast even Goku couldn't trace them. As always the fight between Goku and Vegeta Jr. was completely even. Vegeta Jr. was the first to land a solid punch on Goku Jr.’s stomach. Vegeta Jr. then took advantage by slamming Goku Jr. in the head and sending him flying to the ground. Goku Jr. quickly got up and then fired a ki blast. Vegeta Jr. was caught of guard and the ki blast made direct contact. Both were very injured and they were about to charge at each other until Goku said “All right guys that’s enough. You almost killed yourself. OK im gonna teach you guys something called fusion."

Goku Jr. said "Fusion?" Goku said "Yeah it is a technique that lets two beings merge into one. See I will show you." Goku performed the fusion dance then he said "OK guys you have to do this exactly as I did." Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. did the fusion technique. And they turned into Veku Jr. Veku Jr. said "Ha you cant beat me im the Jr. ultimate warrior combo pack HA HA HA." Goku said "OK then lets see about that. Come at me with everything you got. Witch I guess isn’t much." Veku Jr. said "What did you say." Veku rushed at Goku but Goku easily dodged it and then punched him in the back. Veku Jr. slowly got up and punched Goku put Goku didn't feel it at all.

Finally the fusion wore of. Then Goku said “Let’s try it one more time this time does it as exactly as I do." Goku demonstrated the fusion technique one more time. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. tried it and this time they did it right and turned into Gogeta Jr. Gogeta Jr.
Gogeta Jr.

Gogeta Jr.

said "Let’s see how you do now." Gogeta Jr. rushed at Goku and then Goku coughed up blood. Goku tries to throw a punch at Gogeta Jr. but he dodges. Gogeta Jr. jump’s over Goku and land's behind him and then punches him in the back sending Goku to the ground. Goku got enough distance to turn into a Super Saiyan. Goku was then heading toward a mountain. Gogeta Jr. follows behind Goku and tries to slam him. But Goku uses Instant Transmission to teleport behind Gogeta Jr. and grab's his foot. Goku swing's Gogeta Jr. around and around rapidly. Goku let's go and Gogeta Jr. goes flying into the mountain. Goku land's and power's up into his Super Saiyan2 State. Gogeta Jr. appears in front of Goku and kick's him in the face. He keep's punching Goku until he had missed and then Goku hit Gogeta Jr. in the stomach. That punch does nothing to Gogeta Jr. All he does is laugh at Goku until the Fusion wore off, and then Goku powered down and laughed at Vegeta Jr., and Goku Jr. Goku said "Wow I didn't think you would be that strong even with the fusion. Ok guys we still have 2 months before Harudo comes so let’s try again."

Prince vs. Low LevelEdit

After Goku and the Jr.’s were done Bardock wanted to battle Vegeta. Vegeta led Bardock to the place where he had first battled Goku. The wasteland was still in really bad shape since Goku and Vegeta battled. Bardock said “Wow this place is in bad shape. Also I can’t believe how strong and powerful you got since I last saw you Vegeta." Vegeta said “SHUT UP. I am here to battle not talk." Bardock said "OK then lets start." Bardock and Vegeta both powered up to there Super Saiyan forms and charged at each other. Bardock slightly had the upper hand. Then Vegeta turned things around and hit Bardock in the face then put a punch in the gut. Also then Vegeta kicked Bardock towards the ground. Before Bardock could even get the chance to get back up Vegeta fired the Galick Gun. Bardock was very wounded. Vegeta tried to punch Bardock again but this time Bardock dodged it and kicked Vegeta in the back of the head. That kick stalled Vegeta enough for Bardock to transform into a Super Saiyan 3. Now Bardock had the upper hand. Bardock was punching and kicking Vegeta as much as he could. Bardock thought that Vegeta had finally had enough and then Vegeta started transforming into Super Saiyan 4. When Vegeta was finally done the transformation Bardock was stunned he had never seen a Super Saiyan 4 before. Vegeta said Saiyan 4."

Bardock was at a loss for words. Vegeta said “You like it it’s called Super Saiyan 4.” While Bardock was still stunned Vegeta took advantage kicked him in the elbow and then hit him to the ground. Bardock would not give up he got back up and managed to kick Vegeta in the stomach then in the face. Vegeta quickly fired a Galick Gun. Bardock dodged it and started a barrage of punches and kicks to Vegeta's gut. Vegeta was thinking to himself "How can this be im in Super Saiyan 4 and yet he is still as strong as I am." Bardock finished his barrage of punches and kicks with one powerful punch to Vegeta's face that sent him flying into a mountain.

Vegeta quickly got of the mountain and teleported behind Bardock and fired a Galick Gun. Vegeta said "After a Galick Gun that close there is no way he's going to get up." Right when Vegeta was about to leave Bardock was starting to get back up again. Vegeta said "You just don’t learn do you." Bardock was very wounded and with his last bit of power he started charging up Saiyan’s Heart Vegeta as well started to charge up his Galick Gun. Bardock fired his Saiyan Spirit and Vegeta as well fired his Galick Gun. The Beam Struggle began it looked like Bardock had the upper hand but Vegeta then used all his remaining power into his Galick Gun and it swallowed up the Saiyan’s Heart attack and then hit Bardock.

Bardock was lying flat on his back unconscious and half dead. Vegeta then said “HA you can’t defeat a Super Saiyan 4. Well I can’t leave you here to die I will get some Senzu Beans. Vegeta quickly came back with a bag full of Senzu Beans. He then gave one to Bardock. Bardock woke up. Bardock had nothing to say to Vegeta and then left.

Junior and SeniorEdit

It had been a month in a half now since Vegeta defeated Bardock. Bardock had still not returned and there was only 15 days until Harudo is going to come back. Goku was starting to get worried about Bardock. Vegeta said "Would you forget about your father Kakarot. Harudo is coming back in 15 days we have to as much training as we possibly can until then." Goku said "You’re right Vegeta we have to do more training. OK let’s do you vs. Vegeta Jr. and me vs. Goku Jr. and to keep it fair we can’t go pass Super Saiyan 2." Vegeta said “Fine Kakarot as long as we can do more training."

Goku and Vegeta brought Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. to where they were going to train. Goku said "OK guys this is where we are going to train." Goku Jr. said "OK but even if you guys cant go past Super Saiyan 2 we are still going to lose so how about we do fusion and you do the fusion." Vegeta said "fine if that’s what you want." They both did the fusion. Then Gogeta Jr. powered up into Super Saiyan 3. Gogeta could not believe it he was starting to power up into Super Saiyan 3 until Gogeta Jr. said “Wait to keep it fair we stay in Super Saiyan 3 and you have to be Super Saiyan because you are so much stronger then I am so this way it is fair. Gogeta nodded his head and then the fight began.

The fight was completely even just like Gogeta Jr. said. The punches and kicks were all blocked. Until Gogeta started using his full power and now he had the upper hand against Gogeta Jr. Gogeta Jr. was speechless still knowing that he was stronger then him. While Gogeta Jr. was still stunned Gogeta took advantage and started to charge up the Big Bang Kameha

Gogeta prepares the Big Bang Kamehameha

meha attack. Gogeta fired the attack but at the last second Gogeta dodged it. Then Gogeta Jr. kicked Gogeta in the face and fired a powerful ki blast at him and made a huge explosion.

When the smoke cleared up Gogeta was still standing but barely. Gogeta Jr. was amazed that he was still standing after a direct hit from that ki blast. Gogeta Jr. kept on firing ki blasts until he was almost out of energy. Gogeta Jr. thought to himself "If that didn't knock him out nothing will." After the smoke cleared Gogeta was gone. Gogeta Jr. was looking where he had went until Gogeta Jr. heard Gogeta say "HA!" from above a Big Bang Kamehameha was heading right for Gogeta Jr. and made direct contact. Gogeta Jr. was laid out on the ground and in his normal form. Then both of there fusions wore of. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were both unconscious on the ground and had a lot of wounds. Goku said "I better get these guys some Senzu Beans. Vegeta you take care of these guys until I get back." Vegeta said "Fine Kakarot just hurry. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! GO?! “Goku used his Instant Transmission to go to Korin Tower. When Goku arrived at Korin Tower Korin was quite surprised to see him again and said “AAH?!" Goku what are you doing here aren't you supposed to be dead like Vegeta. “Goku said “No time to explain I need a lot of Senzu Beans." Korin said “More? How many do you need?” Korin got a huge bag that was full of Senzu Beans and said “There are about 204 Senzu Beans in here." Goku said "Wow Korin thanks we are going to need every Senzu we can get." Korin said “Wait are you saying you need every single Senzu Bean." Korin came back with 3 more Senzu Beans." Goku took the Senzu Beans and put it under his shirt then left. Goku went back and gave everyone a Senzu Bean. When everyone was at full power they were all wondering one thing where was Bardock.

Golden Oozaru RampageEdit

It was the middle of the night and it was a full moon. A mere 5 days until Harudo was going to come back and Bardock has still not returned yet. Everyone was at Capsule Corp using the gravity chamber Vegeta Jr's mom had built for them. They were at 150x the gravity of earth. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were at Super Saiyan's but Vegeta and Goku were at there base forms. All of them seemed to handle the gravity pretty well. Vegeta was getting bored so he made it 400x the gravity of earth. Goku and Vegeta Jr. fell straight to the floor and could barley move. Goku and Vegeta were still standing but this time they had to put a little bit more effort. Vegeta was still bored and put it to 1050x the gravity of earth. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. could not even move anymore so they powered up to there Super Saiyan 2 forms. They stood up but barley. Goku and Vegeta went into there Super Saiyan forms and were handling the gravity very easily. Goku Jr. said " Hey Vegeta could you turn that down to 500x the gravity." Vegeta arrogantly said "No" and turned it up to 10000x the Gravity. Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. fell to the floor so hard that blood started to come out of their mouth. Goku said " Vegeta maybe we should turn it down these guys can't take that much pressure on their bodies." Vegeta turned it down to 500x the gravity. Vegeta then left the chamber. Goku, Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. continued there training

Vegeta could not think of what else to do since it was only 5 days until Harudo was going to arrive he thought that his training was complete. Vegeta was going to go see if he could find Bardock. Vegeta was flying across the city trying to sense Bardock's power level but did not sense anything. Vegeta thought “Hmm maybe that low level killed himself knowing that he was now worthless to us." Vegeta flew all across the state.

Vegeta was getting careless he let himself get spotted by many people. The people were amazed at how someone could have the ability to fly. Vegeta didn't care if anyone saw him flying. All Vegeta could think about was where had Bardock gone. Suddenly Vegeta sensed a huge power level then it disappeared and reappeared then disappeared. Vegeta could not believe what he was sensed. Vegeta was astonished of how high the power level was. Vegeta was trying to remember where he had sensed the power level. When he had remembered where he had sensed the power level he rushed at it at top speed.

Meanwhile at the Gravity Chamber Goku and the others also sensed the huge power level. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were eager to see what it was but Goku was not eager to see what it was because for him the power level sensed familiar. He had known he sensed it before but he could not remember where. Then Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. rushed of to where they had sensed the power level. Goku was still day dreaming. When he noticed Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. had left he followed them. When they arrived at the place where they had sensed the power level they saw Vegeta. Vegeta was stunned at what he was looking at. Goku was also stunned as was everyone else.

They were looking at a completely destroyed city. Everyone was in shock at what had happened. Goku said “Ve-Veget

The Destroyed City

a what could have done so much damage to one city." Vegeta said “I don't know Kakarot but the thing is there is no trace of what could have done it." Goku Jr. sensed a small power level of 5." “Hey guys I sense a power level over here." They went to where the power level was. The power level was coming from a small boy buried under rocks. The small boy's face was covered in tears. Goku asked him “What did this to you please tell me." It was hard for the small boy to talk but he said “There was giant golden monkey it killed everyone my friends and my family......." The small boy died. Goku and Vegeta now knew what did this but Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were still wondering. Vegeta said “Kakarot if we go to a higher point of view we might be able to see it.

Everyone flew higher up. They could not see anything. Then Vegeta Jr. saw a golden figure in the distance. Vegeta Jr. said “Hey is that it over there." Goku was looking at where Vegeta Jr. was looking at then said “Yeah that has to be it. Let’s go guys before he does anymore damage."

Super Saiyan 4 Bardock?!?!Edit

They went to where Vegeta Jr. saw the golden figure. When they arrived they saw a huge golden monkey causing destruction to yet another city. Vegeta said " Kakarot you don't think that could be your father do you?!" Goku said “It has to be Vegeta what else? Remember we do not have to hurt him we just have to get him in control of his Golden Oozaru form." Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. rushed in and attacked the Golden Oozaru Bardock. Bardock was angry and just slapped both of them away. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were knocked into a wall and were unconscious. Goku yelled “DON’T HURT HIM!!! THAT'S MY FATHER!!!!" Goku was trying to think of something that could bring him back to his senses. Goku tried to put himself in front of Bardock. It did not work and Bardock just slammed Goku to the ground.

Goku tried numerous ideas but none of them worked. Vegeta said “Give it up Kakarot we might as well just kill it." Goku said “Never Vegeta we have to keep on trying until it works." Goku was wounded and blood was coming from his mouth. Suddenly Goku thought of the perfect idea. Goku said “Vegeta im going to Otherworld." Goku used instant transmission and left. Goku was looking for Tora and Fasha and saw them sitting on a tree stump wondering where Bardock was. Goku said “Hey there you are I need you right away!" Tora said “What we are not going anywhere until you tell us who you are."

Goku then explained everything from that he was Bardock's son to what was going on right now. Tora and Fasha were amazed at Goku's story. Fasha said "So you need us to come with you so Bardock can get control of his Golden Oozaru form." Goku said "Yes that is what I want you to do can you help me?" Tora said "For Bardock we would do almost anything for him so yeah we will help you." Goku said "Great. But first we need to see King Yemma and ask him if I can take you guys for a little while." Goku used Instant Transmission to get to King Yemma's office. When they got there King Yemma was surprised to see Goku again. King Yemma said "Hey Goku I haven't seen you in a while how are you?" Goku said "Hey King Yemma im great I just w
Bardock ssj4

Bardock SSJ4

ant to ask if I take Tora and Fasha for a little while." King Yemma said "I don't know Goku these two don't seem to have any credits." Goku said "Please King Yemma it is really important." King Yemma said "Ok Goku I guess I could use some of your remaining credits."

King Yemma let Goku take Tora and Fasha but only for half an hour then they would have to come back. Goku brought Tora and Fasha to where Bardock was. When they got there they saw Vegeta very wounded and lying on the floor. Goku asked Vegeta what had happened and Vegeta said "Your father just started ruthlessly attacking me I didn't want to hurt him so I just took it until he stopped. Fasha and Tora were very surprised to see Vegeta here as well. Goku looked at there shocked faces and said "Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys that Vegeta lives on earth now. He first started to live here after I defeated Frieza. Tora and Fasha were caught up now because in Hell they saw Frieza and he said "I can't believe I was killed by a Saiyan named Kakarot." Then everyone turned there attention to the Golden Oozaru Bardock that was still attacking the city. Goku, Fasha and Tora all went in front of Bardock's face. When Bardock was looking at all three of them he stopped attacking and said one word "KAKAROT." Bardock was starting to shrink to regular size but looked much different it was because he was now a Super Saiyan 4.

Test of PowerEdit

Evreyone was amazed at Bardock's power level. It was almost equal to Harudo's power level. Bardock was also amazed at his own power. Tora said "Wow Bardock your power level is amazing." Vegeta said "Your power level is great but you still can't beat me." Bardock said "We will see about that prince." Goku said "I am also amazed at your power level but I have one question how did you hide your power level when you were a Golden Oozaru." Bardock said "When I was in Hell I had some special training with King Vegeta. He taught me how to hide your power level when you are in your Oozaru form so you can surprise your opponent. The only time I don't hide my power level is when im completely not in control." Fasha said "I understand now. You never told me what you did with King Vegeta that day." Vegeta said "Yes this is all nice but I think we should give some Senzu Bean's to Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. before they die" Goku said "Oh yeah your right Vegeta I almost forgot." Goku gave one Senzu Bean to the half dead Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. awoke looking very angry looking for the Golden Oozaru Bardock but only saw the Super Saiyan 4 Bardock. Goku and Vegeta Jr. powered up to Super Saiyan 2 and rushed at Bardock at high speed. Bardock easily saw them dodged there attack and slammed both of them to the ground like they were bugs. When Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. got back up they tried to punch Bardock but Bardock caught both of their punches and then kicked them away into a building. When they got back up they decided to give up. Goku said "Wow Bardock you did that to them without even breaking a sweat."


Goku and Vegeta at their SSJ4 form

It was now 4 days after Bardock became a Super Saiyan 4. Everyone was training as hard as they possibly could. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. wanted to take a break and were just walking around town. Bardock was training with Goku and Vegeta in his Super Saiyan 4 form. Right now they were in the Gravity Chamber. Goku and Vegeta powered up into their Super Saiyan 4 form. The gravity was at 5000x the gravity of Earth. Everyone was able to handle the gravity easily. Bardock was now going to have his rematch against Vegeta. Vegeta without any warning charged at Bardock as fast as he could. Even though Vegeta was coming at top speed Bardock could still see him and right before Vegeta tried to punch Bardock he disappeared then reappeared behind Vegeta and then with both fists slammed him to the ground as hard as he could. The whole Gravity Chamber shook and Goku almost fell. Bardock allowed Vegeta to get back up but as soon as he did Bardock kneed him to the gut then punched him in the face sending Vegeta into the wall. While Vegeta was stuck in the wall Bardock did a barrage of punches and kicks to Vegeta's gut. Bardock then finished it off with a hard kick to the side of Vegeta's head that made him fall of the wall. Vegeta was very wounded. When Vegeta finally got back up Bardock used his finisher Saiyan's Heart. It made direct contact with Vegeta and created a huge explosion that almost blew up the Gravity Chamber. When the smoke cleared Vegeta was laying on the ground in his normal form unconscious. Goku was very surprised because Vegeta didn't even land one hit on Bardock. Goku then gave Vegeta a Senzu Bean. Vegeta woke up looking very surprised that he didn't win.

It was now Goku's turn to challenge Bardock. Goku used Instant Transmission to get behind Bardock but Bardock knew he was going to do that and when Goku was behind him Bardock just elbowed him in the stomach. When Goku was bent down clutching his stomach Bardock elbowed him in the head slamming Goku to the ground. Goku was on the ground for a while then suddenly he disappeared. Goku was not behind Bardock. Bardock was looking for Goku until he saw him in the air charging a 10x Kamehameha. When Goku realized Bardock saw him he fired the 10x Kamehameha but at the last second Bardock dodged it. Goku thought he hit Bardock but suddenly he realized Bardock was behind him. Bardock did a Final Revenger attack on Goku followed by a 10x Full Power Energy Wave hitting Goku directly. While Bardock was waiting for Goku to get back up he was charging the Saiyan's Heart attack. When Goku got up Bardock fired the attack surprisingly Goku dodged it. Goku then managed to fire a 10x Kamehameha and it hit Bardock. Bardock was on the ground but only for a few seconds. When he got back up Bardock quickly fired his second finisher Full Power Final Spirit Cannon. The attack made direct contact and made an even bigger explosion then the Saiyan's Heart attack completely destroying the Gravity Chamber. When the smoke cleared Goku was defeated laying on his back unconscious in his normal form. Vegeta gave Goku a Senzu Bean. When Goku woke up he said "Wow father I can't believe you beat me and Vegeta in the same day with out even using a Senzu Bean."

Bardock's LimitsEdit

Vegeta was speechless that he was defeated by Bardock. Goku wanted to try one more time before Harudo comes but this time he wants him and Vegeta to attack him at once. Goku said "Hey father do you want one more battle. This time Vegeta and I are going to do the fusion and we will see who is stronger then." Vegeta said "WHAT!!! Kakarot you said we would never do that ridiculous fusion ever again. I am not doing that stupid dance." Goku said "Come on Vegeta since we are going to be Super Saiyan 4 it will only be for 15 minutes. Please Vegeta." Vegeta said "Fine Kakarot but I am not doing it in front of your father." Goku said "Ok Vegeta whatever you want but first lets go somewhere else or this whole place is going to blow up."

Evreyone was flying to a place where no one could get hurt but on there way there they saw Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. eating ice cream. They got Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. and then continued. When they arrived at a place where their were no animals and no people. The fight began but Bardock, Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. had to look away so Goku and Vegeta could do the fusion. When the fusion was complete Gogeta powered up to his Super Saiyan 4 form
SSJ4 Gogeta2

Gogeta SSJ4

. Now the fight was really about to start. Gogeta and Bardock both charged at each other but unlike the last time before Goku and Vegeta did the fusion the fight was almost even. Gogeta slightly had the upper hand though. Gogeta tried to punch Bardock in the face but right before it hit Bardock grabbed Gogeta's fist then Bardock was spinning around and around as fast as he could holding Gogeta's fist. Bardock was spinning so fast Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. couldn't even see him. Bardock then let go launching Gogeta into a mountain. Bardock looked slightly green after spinning for that long at that amount of speed.

Gogeta quickly came out of the mountain with only one little scratch on his chest. Bardock didn't expect Gogeta to come back so quickly so Gogeta had a wide open shot and took it. Gogeta kneed Bardock in the face and then a strong punch to Bardock's rib cage. The punch sent Bardock flying. Bardock was laying flat on the ground gasping for air with blood coming out of his mouth. Gogeta was not as patient as Bardock to wait for him to get back up so he flew above Bardock and started a Big Bang Kamehameha. Bardock knew what was coming but he could not get out of the way. Gogeta fired the Big Bang Kamehameha but at the last second Bardock screamed and a huge ball of energy surrounded him. The Big Bang Kamehameha hit the energy shield and then the Big Bang Kamehameha deflected of the shield and was heading towards Gogeta. Gogeta dodged the attack at the last second and was amazed at what just happened. Gogeta then looked back at Bardock and he was gone. Gogeta then realized Bardock was right behind him charging the full power Final Spirit Cannon. As soon as Gogeta turned around Bardock fired his attack hitting Gogeta right in the chest. Then the Final Spirit Cannon caused a huge explosion and the shock wave knocked Bardock, Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. to ground. When Bardock got back up he saw a huge ball of smoke covering where he had hit Gogeta. When the smoke cleared Gogeta was gone. This time Gogeta was the one behind Bardock charging the Big Bang Kamehameha. Like what Bardock did to Gogeta as soon as Bardock turned around he saw a very wounded Gogeta. Then with out any hesitation Gogeta fired his attack. Gogeta hit Bardock with such hard impact Bardock went flying through to mountains. Gogeta used Instant Transmission to see where Bardock was. Gogeta was shocked to see that Bardock had still not given up and was trying to stand up. Gogeta then started to charge up his ultimate finishing move Super Stardust Breaker. The Super Stardust Breaker looked exactly like the original Stardust Breaker but bigger and alot more powerful. Gogeta used the Super Stardust Breaker and it hit Bardock. When Gogeta used the Super Stardust Breaker the fusion time was over and Gogeta Separated into Goku and Vegeta. Goku then saw Bardock in his normal form unconscious. Goku gave Bardock a Senzu Bean. When Bardock woke up Vegeta said "Your not going to run away again like you did last time are you?" Bardock angrily said "No. The only reason I went away last time was because I wanted to master the form of a Super Saiyan 4."

The ReturnEdit

This was finally the day that Harudo was going to return. Evreyone was worried if they could not defeat him except for Vegeta. Vegeta said "You fools are too scared to challenge Harudo with all the training we have been through there is no doubt that we are going to send that thing back where it came from. Also we have all those Senzu Beans sitting in that corner." Vegeta pointed to a half empty huge bag of Senzu Beans. Goku said "Your right Vegeta with all this training we should be able to beat Harudo easily." Goku then suddenly thought of a perfect idea that would surely help defeat Harudo, Goku said "Hey guys why don't we go to the lookout and see if Dende's still there." Goku Jr. said "What’s a Dende is that some other sort of bean?" Bardock said "Yes who or what is Dende." Goku said "He is one of my old friends I met a long time ago" Vegeta Jr. said "If you met him so long ago what makes you think he is still alive? Goku said "Don't worry those Namekians can live for a long time." Goku Jr. said "Dende's a Namekian?" Bardock said "Yes Namekian I met quite a few of them in otherworld." Vegeta said "Well now that we all know who Dende is can we go?" Goku said "Yeah sure Vegeta grab onto my shoulder and I will use Instant Transmission." Evreyone grabbed Goku's shoulder and then headed to the lookout.

When they arrived at the lookout it looked the exactly the same when Goku last came there. The first thing evreyone saw was a very old Namekian that looks almost exactly like Kami watering the plants. The old Namekian was so startled seeing Goku and Vegeta he almost stepped on one of the plants. The old Namekian said "Go-Goku and Vegeta what are you doing here?" Goku said "How do you know my name, anyway may I see Dende please?" The old Namekian said "I am Dende don't you recognize me Goku." Goku was startled that he was looking at Dende compared to the last time he saw him. Goku said "Your Dende wow you got a lot older then I thought you would be. So where’s Mr.Popo?" Dende started to look at the ground and then a tear fell from his eye and said "Mr.Popo passed away." Goku said "Really how?" Dende said "Well he was watering the plants and all these birds came right in front of his face he was startled he walked backwards then he fell. Korin and Yajarobie tried to save him but it was already too late." Vegeta said "Yes Yes this is a very nice story but Kakarot needs to ask you something." Goku said "Oh yeah I almost forgot Dende I need you to make Shenron wish people back to life that have been wished back over twice." Dende said "I’m not sure if I can do that Goku. Kami made the original design and I can't change it unless I have the correct password to get the permission to change the Dragon." Goku said "I understand Dende." Bardock said "Kakarot is there anything else you need to see here?" Goku said "No there is nothing. I thought if we could bring Piccolo and evreyone else back it would be much easier to defeat Harudo." Goku Jr. said "Well then maybe we could---hey did you just sense a huge power level arrive on earth?" Vegeta said "It senses like Harudo's power level but it can't be he is much too early. Vegeta Jr. said "Well we might as well go check wont we."

Evreyone grabbed onto Goku's shoulder then they all vanished. When they arrived at where they sensed Harudo's power level they saw Harudo standing in the middle of a city. Harudo said "I have been waiting for you are you ready?" Goku said "We are ready for anything Harudo." Harudo said "Well first we have to have a proper place to fight. You might want to stand back a bit." Evreyone flew high. They were watching a Harudo and then a huge energy explosion came from Harudo completely destroying the city. Evreyone flew back down they were now standing in a wasteland. Goku said “I will not let you kill any more innocent people. Harudo you end here!!" Goku quickly charged up into his Super Saiyan 4 form and charged at Harudo as fast as he could. Goku tried to punch Harudo but Harudo dodged it then with both hands smacked Goku in the back nearly breaking his spine. Goku quickly got back up and started a Barrage of punches and kicks. Harudo blocked and dodged every hit. While evreyone was still watching Goku fight Vegeta charged up to a Super Saiyan 4 and attacked. When Bardock, Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr. saw Vegeta attacking they charged up to their maximum power and started attacking. Evreyone started a barrage of punches and kicks at Harudo but Harudo easily blocked each of them. Then Harudo kicked Bardock away then punched Goku away then slammed Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. to the ground almost killing them. Vegeta was still standing and was wondering if there was anything he can do to stop Harudo.

A Jr. Super Saiyan 4Edit

Vegeta couldn't think of anything to do since now he knows direct attacks won’t work on him. Harudo started to charging at Vegeta but little did Harudo know behind him Goku was charging a 10x Kamehameha, Bardock was charging his Saiyan's Spirit attack, Goku Jr. was charging a Kamehameha and Vegeta Jr. was charging a Galick Gun. They all fired their attacks at once but as soon as Harudo noticed he jumped and then all the attacks hit Vegeta. Vegeta was then in his normal form unconscious and on the brink of death. Goku quickly rushed to Vegeta and gave him a Senzu Bean that was in a little bag since they left the other Senzu Beans at Vegeta Jr.'s house. Vegeta got up and looked a little angry. Harudo looked very surprised that Vegeta got up so quickly and now looks better then he did before. Bardock took advantage of Harudo being surprised and kicked Harudo in the face as hard as he could. Harudo didn't feel Bardock's kick at all and sarcastically said "Ow." Then Harudo grabbed Bardock's leg swung him around a couple times and then threw him face first into a giant mountain. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. once again started a barrage of punches and kicks each one of them landing on Harudo but like Bardock's kick Harudo didn
Gogeta Jr. SSJ4

Gogeta SSJ4

't feel it at all then just swatted both of them away like they were nothing. Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. quickly got back up and started their punches and kicks again. Goku said "Vegeta we have to do the fusion while Harudo is busy with Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. please Vegeta it is our only hope." Vegeta said "If it is to defeat Harudo I would do anything Kakarot." Goku said "That’s great Vegeta." Goku and Vegeta performed the fusion technique while Harudo was busy with Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. Right before Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. were about to give up they heard Goku and Vegeta say "HA." Then came Gogeta Super Saiyan 4

Gogeta looked confident that he could defeat Harudo. Harudo slowly walked toward Gogeta but Gogeta just charged at Harudo and punched him in the gut. Harudo said "Wow I actually felt that." Gogeta was amazed that Harudo barley felt that hard punch. While Gogeta was doing everything he could to try and move Harudo at least one inch Vegeta Jr. said "Hey Goku Jt. why don't we do the fusion to." Goku Jr. said "Yeah that’s a great idea." Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. did the fusion and were now Gogeta Jr. Gogeta Jr. now was starting to charge up into his Super Saiyan 4 form. When he was done the power level almost matched Bardock in his Super Saiyan 4 form. Gogeta Jr. in his Super Saiyan 4 form looked exactly like Gogeta except Gogeta Jr. wore a headband that was like Bardock's and gloves.

Deadly TransformationEdit

Gogeta looked surprised that Gogeta Jr. was now a Super Saiyan 4. Harudo also looked very surprised. Gogeta Jr. rushed at Harudo at top speed. Gogeta Jr. punched Harudo but like all the other punches and kicks that landed on Harudo he didn't feel a thing. Gogeta also joined in and attacked Harudo. Harudo actually felt the hits that hit him, Harudo moved back an inch. Harudo attempted a punch at Gogeta but Gogeta dodged it then kicked Harudo in the face, then Gogeta Jr. kneed Harudo in the stomach, Harudo coughed up blood. Harudo had had enough and knocked Gogeta Jr. and Gogeta away. Harudo then started powering up into his transformed state. The ground started shaking, tiny pebbles started to rise up from the ground and veins were popping up from Harudo's head. Harudo's power level was already higher then both Gogeta Jr.'s and Gogeta's and he was not even done his transformation. Gogeta and Gogeta Jr. looked frightened.

Harudo's transformation was complete and his power level was now far beyond Gogeta and Gogeta Jr's combined. Harudo was now seven feet tall, his skin was now a dark red colour, he grew more muscles all over his body, there were one plate on each one of his shoulders that looked very much like Frieza's and there was now a tiny green gem at the center of his forehead. Gogeta and Gogeta Jr. were clearly out matched but that didn't stop Gogeta Jr. from rushing straight at Harudo at top speed. Gogeta Jr. attempted a punch but Harudo dodged it. Gogeta Jr. attempted many punches and kicks but Harudo easily dodged all of them. Gogeta Jr. attempted another punch but Harudo caught his fist and then with lightning fast speed Harudo kicked Gogeta Jr. at the side of the head. The kick sent Gogeta Jr. flying into a huge rock. The shock that sent Gogeta Jr. flying into the giant rock was so strong it made Gogeta Jr. defuse. Now there was a very wounded Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. lying on a rock.

Gogeta looked very surprised that Harudo defeated Gogeta Jr. without barley doing anything to him. Harudo was now walking slowly toward Gogeta with bad intentions. Gogeta was thinking of what to do. Gogeta know knew that he needs a plan to defeat Harudo and find out what his weakness was. Gogeta watched Harudo as he slowly approached him seeing if there was some weak point in his body. It was already too late Harudo was right in front of Gogeta. Gogeta was surprised because he looked away for one second and now Harudo was in front of him. Harudo then punched Gogeta right in the center of his face nearly breaking his nose. Gogeta was now grabbing his face in pain. Harudo then punched Gogeta away then slowly walked toward him again. Gogeta got up very quickly then started charging a Big Bang Kamehameha x10. As soon as Harudo was right in front of him Gogeta launched the Big Bang Kamehameha x10. The attack made direct contact and caused a giant explosion. When the smoke cleared there was not even one scratch on Harudo.


Gogeta's fusion wore off the minute after he fired the Big Bang Kamehameha. Harudo then kicked both Goku and Vegeta away at least 30 feet from him. Vegeta said "Kakarot what can we do to stop him. He has no weakness." Goku said "Everything has a weakness Vegeta we just have to find it." Vegeta said "You’re right Kakarot. We have to wor" Harudo rushed at Goku and Vegeta and punched Vegeta in the face before he could finish his sentence. Harudo then focused his attention on Goku. Goku looked scared but he still attacked with all the remaining power he had. Goku punched and kicked Harudo as hard as he can but Harudo just laughed. Harudo kneed Goku in guts then a strong punch right in the middle of the face nearly breaking Goku's nose. While Goku was grabbing his face in pain Harudo kicked Goku in the stomach. Harudo then with ease pushed Goku down to the ground. While Goku was on the ground Harudo was stomping his foot all over Goku's body. Harudo then picked Goku up by his head and started tormenting Goku. At first Harudo was just slapping Goku around for a few minutes then Harudo said "I give you two months and this is the best you can come up with. Say goodbye to the human race." Harudo started choking Goku. Goku was screaming at the top of his lungs. Goku Jr., Vegeta Jr. and Vegeta awoke watching because there was nothing they can do. Then Goku dropped his little bag of Senzu Beans that was hid under his shirt. Harudo grabbed the bag and opened it then ate one of the Senzu Beans. Harudo said "So this is what you did to get from the brink of death to full power." Harudo dropped the bag then fired a ki blast at it burning all the beans that were inside. Harudo then resumed choking Goku. Goku continued screaming and was about to pass out but suddenly there was an explosion coming from inside a nearby mountain. Harudo dropped Goku and started to walk toward the mountain. Then a being stood on top of the mountain. The being was Bardock.

Bardock was now an Ascended Super Saiyan 4. Bardock's hair was now slightly longer than before, he had bigger muscles and his power level had increased over ten folds. Goku said "Fa-Father you are a Ascended Super Saiyan 4. But h" Goku started coughing from after being chocked by Harudo for so long. Vegeta rushed to him and said "Kakarot your about to die we need to give you a Senzu Bean." Goku said "We can't Vegeta. Harudo burned all of the Senzu Beans." Goku suddenly remembered that Korin gave him 3 more Senzu Beans and he put it under his shirt. Goku looked at they were still there. Goku said "Vegeta I have three more Senzu Beans that Korin gave me. But who should I give it too." Vegeta said "Kakarot of course you need one and so do Kakarot Jr. and Vegeta Jr." Vegeta Jr. then came up to them and said "I’m fine the person you should really give it too is Goku Jr. He can barely move." Goku gave one Senzu Bean to himself then one to Goku Jr. Goku said "What am I supposed to do with this last Senzu Bean." Vegeta said "Sometimes I wonder if you have a brain. You should give it to your father." Goku said "Oh yeah you’re right Vegeta." Goku tossed one Senzu Bean to Bardock. Bardock said "Thanks son." Then he ate the Senzu Bean. Goku said "I have one question how did Bardock turn into an Ascended Super Saiyan 4." Goku Jr. said "Well I think it is because he was inside that mountain too long and then he came back angry." Vegeta said "Fool. It is because he heard you’re screams from inside that mountain and saw you being tortured by Harudo." Meanwhile in the sky Bardock and Harudo were about to start the final fight.


Vegeta was looking at Bardock in awe. Vegeta remembered the first time he met Bardock when he was only 5 years old. Vegeta at that time thought Bardock was a worthless low level Saiyan, but know Vegeta realizes that it could be Bardock that was going to save the Earth. Goku said "You can do it father." Vegeta Jr. said "Come on. If you don't kill him I will kill you." Goku Jr. said "Come on grandpa you can do it." Vegeta said "You low level you better kill that monster, or else we are all gonna die." Bardock looked suprised that even Vegeta was cherring for him. Harudo said "Well if youre cheerleaders are done we may begin." Bardock said "Youre right may the fight begin." Bardock and Harudo charged at eachother at extremley high speeds.

Bardock and Harudo tried to punch eachother, but they dodged eachothers punches, then they both tried for a kick, but once again they both dodged. Harudo then tried to knee Bardock in the stomach, but Bardock blocked it. Bardock flew slightly back from Harudo then charged at him again. Harudo was in postion to block Bardock's attack, but suddenly Bardock disappeared. Harudo was wondering where Bardock was, but then a fist came from above and landed right in the middle of Harudo's head. Harudo grabbed his head in pain and looked extremly angry. Harudo fired a ki blast at Bardock but he deflected it. Bardock tried to charge at Harudo again, but Harudo quickly fired a huge beam of energy, but right before the beam hit Bardock he used his new technique he learned while fighting Gogeta the Energy Sheild. The beam hit the Energy Sheild and deflected right of it and was heading for Harudo. Bardock fired a Full Power Energy Wave. The two beams mixed into one powerful beam that was heading straight for Harudo. Harudo dodged it easily. Bardock charged at Harudo and punched him directly in the face. Harudo kicked Bardock away and started powering up again. Harudo was now powering up to his ultimate level. Bardock was amazed that he was transforming yet again.

Another Transformation!!!!Edit

Harudo's power was rising like it would never stop. Bardock was still not worried because his power level was still higher, suddenly Harudo screamed at the top of his lungs, and a huge ball of light surrounded him. Bardock could not see anything behind the ball of light. The light started to dim down until it was gone. Harudo now looked completely different from his first form. He grew one razor sharp spike on each of his arms where is wrists were, he grew one more foot, his body looked even more muscular and his skin coulor was now a dark shade of purple, but one thing looked the same about Harudo the small green gem was still at the center of his forehead.

Goku sensed Harudo’s power level and it was exactly equal to Bardock’s. Goku screamed at Bardock and said “Father his power level is the same as yours, watch out.” Bardock said “I know son. I am surprised that his power level has gone up so much.” Harudo with his new power charged at Bardock. Bardock was caught off guard by Harudo’s speed, and allowed himself to get hit in the face. Bardock flew back a couple feet by the punch, but Bardock just did the same thing to Harudo. Harudo dodged Bardock’s punch, and attempted a kick in gut of Bardock, but he caught Harudo’s knee, and pushed it back. Bardock then started a barrage of punches and kicks at Harudo. Harudo was moving back from Bardock’s punches and kicks, and then Harudo started his own barrage of punches and kicks at Bardock. With each punch and kick they threw at each other each one was blocked. Bardock retreated from Harudo thinking what he has to get an advantage against Harudo.

Evenly MatchedEdit

Harudo didn't allow Bardock for anytime to think, and charged at him at full speed. Harudo attempted a kick to Bardock's face, but Bardock blocked it, and then hit Harudo in the stomach. When Harudo was grabbing his stomach in slight pain Bardock took advantage, and kicked Harudo in the back of his head. Harudo flew back a few feet and fell to the ground. Harudo quickly got up, and once again he charged at Bardock with fist. Bardock as well charged at Harudo with a fist. When they were close to each other they both tried to punch the other, but instead their fists collided creating a huge shock wave knocking Goku, Goku Jr., Vegeta and Vegeta Jr. on their back. Both Harudo and Bardock with their other hand punched each other in the face sending them both to crashing to the ground. Bardock was the first one to get up, and flew above Harudo and charged a Saiyan's Heart attack. Bardock fired his attack and it made direct contact with Harudo causing a huge ball of smoke. Bardock then started to charge up a Final Spirit Cannon. Bardock fired his attack also making direct contact. The smoke cleared, but Harudo was still standing looking very wounded, and blood coming out of his mouth. Harudo's power level has dropped a great amount. Bardock had now the advantage, but suddenly Harudo screamed and was surrounded with a light green light. When the light was gone Harudo was completely healed without a scratch on him.

Everyone was surprised except for Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. Goku Jr. said "Oh no! I forgot to tell you guys Harudo has amazing healing abilities." Vegeta said "You little runt. You could have told us that earlier." Bardock was in disbelieving by Harudo's healing ability. Harudo charged at Bardock and kicked him in the face. Bardock flew to ground. He quickly got back up and fired a Full Power Energy Wave. Harudo dodged Bardock's attack, and fired an attack of his own. Harudo screamed "DEATH BLAZER!" Then a dark red energy wave was heading straight for Bardock. Bardock barley dodged the attack. Bardock didn't waste any time and charged at Harudo screaming "FINAL RERVENGER!!" Bardock got to Harudo quick enough for him to not counter it. When Bardock finished his attack Harudo was sent crashing to the ground creating a huge crater. Harudo quickly got up. Bardock was shocked. He had landed so many hits but he just keeps coming back for more.

A Weakness?Edit

Bardock didn't think, and he charged at Harudo at full speed. Harudo was ready to block Bardock's. When Bardock was close enough to Harudo he hit him with his fist in the middle of his head where the small green jewl was. Harudo screamed in pain holding his head. Bardock looked surprised at how much damage he had done with only one punch, and then Bardock realized it wasn't the power of his punch it was where he had hit Harudo. Harudo let go of his head, and to be revealed there was a slight crack in the jewl. Bardock rushed at Harudo again, and tried to kick him in the head, but Harudo dodged Bardock's kick, and grabbed Bardock's leg. Harudo threw Bardock as far away as he could. Harudo said "So you have found out my weakness. No matter you will never be able to reach it before I kill you." Bardock said "We will see about that." Harudo fired a strong ki blast, but Bardock easily dodged it, and then fired a ki blast of his own, aiming for Harudo's head. Harudo as well dodged it easily. Bardock charged at Harudo yet again. While Bardock was chaging at Harudo, Harudo fired a ki blast. Barock was caught off guard and it made direct contact. Bardock was sent hurdling to ground.

While Bardock was on the ground Harudo fired as many ki blasts as he could. The ki blasts caused a huge ball of smoke surrounding Bardock. Harudo didn't let the smoke clear up. Harudo then fired five strong energy beams at Bardock. Harudo charged at Bardock with a fist while Bardock was still on the ground. Harudo dived into the ball of smoke, and didn't come out for a while. Then all of the sudden there was screaming coming from inside the ball of smoke. Goku said "Vegeta who is screaming. I can't see anything through that smoke." Vegeta said "We will find out soon enough Kakarot." Then Goku saw Harudo flying out of the ball of smoke looking very injured. Bardock flew out of the ball of smoke looking unharmed by Harudo's attacks. Bardock didn't let Harudo get the chance to heal him self up again, so Bardock started to charge up the Final Spirit Cannon. Bardock fired the Final Spirit Cannon. The attack landed on Harudo. Harudo was just about to heal, but Bardock didn't let him, and fired another Final Spirit Cannon. Harudo was beaten, bruised and battered. But that didn't stop him from trying to heal himself again.

Bardock's PlanEdit

Harudo was just about to heal himself. Bardock tried to fire a Final Spirit Cannon, but he was out of ki. Harudo then healed himself. All of Bardock's effort was pointless. Bardock was about to give up until he heard Goku. Goku said "Come on father you can't give up. You know his weakness. You are the only person that can defeat him. YOU CAN DO IT!" Bardock suddenly got an idea of what might be the only possible way of beating Harudo. Bardock said "Hey Harudo, you are a weakling. I bet even Frieza can beat you." Harudo said "You will regret saying that." Harudo charged at Bardock looking more angry then ever. Bardock let Harudo punch him in the face. Bardock went flying. Bardock said "Come on is that all." Harudo fired a huge energy beam at Bardock. Bardock once again let the attack hit him. Vegeta said "What is that Saiyan doing trying to get himself killed." Goku said "I don't know Vegeta." Bardock said "I can take more then that. Come on show me some real power." Harudo said "You will regret saying that you worthless Saiyan!" Harudo charged at Bardock and started a barrage of punches of kicks to Bardock's stomach. Harudo finished it off with a powerful kick to Bardock's face. Bardock crashed into a huge rock. Bardock thought to himself "Why isn't this working. He should have used it by now." Bardock said "Really? That didn't hurt a bit." Harudo said "I will show you true pain, and torture."

Harudo rapidly fired ki blasts at Bardock. Bardock let a few of the ki blasts hit him, and then the ki blasts started to create a ball of smoke. In the ball of smoke Bardock was secretly dodging them. Bardock then pretended to fall out of the ball of smoke crashing to the ground. Harudo said "DIE, HAILING BLAST." As black balls filled the sky, but this time there were more then usual. Harudo said "NOW THESE ARE EXACTLY ONE MILLION!" Harudo pointed at Bardock, and then all of the black balls were heading right for him. Bardock thought to himself "Finally" The black balls were about to hit Bardock, but Bardock yelled "ENERGY SHIELD" The shield surrounded Bardock, and the black balls hit it, bounced off it, and were now heading for Harudo. Harudo said "NO,NO,NOOOOO!" The black balls hit Harudo, and each one caused a earth shaking explosion. After all the black balls hit Harudo, Harudo was falling to the ground looking very beaten. Harudo was still moving but, he couldn't stand up. Bardock flew above Harudo. Bardock said "Looks like my plan worked. This is you're death Harudo. This is a true SAIYANS HEART!!" With all of Bardock's remaining power he fired a huge Saiyans Heart attack at Harudo. The blast hit Harudo, causing a huge shock wave. When the smoke cleared all that was left of Harudo was the tiny green jewl with slight crack in it. Harudo was gone.


Bardock turned back into his normal form, and went to where the green jewl was, and picked it up. Bardock then saw Goku and Goku Jr. running toward him looking very happy. Goku said "Father, Father you did it. You defeated Harudo. Vegeta and Vegeta Jr. also came to Bardock, but walking becuase they were to beaten to run or fly. Vegeta said "Looks like your not so worthless after all." Vegeta Jr. said "Yeah I guess you did it, but if I had more time to train I would have beaten him." Goku Jr. said "Why don't we go back to Vegeta Jr's house to celebrate." Goku said "Yeah. What about it father." Bardock said "Why not. I could use a break." Goku used instant transmission to get to Vegeta Jr.'s house. Vegeta Jr.'s mom set up the party, and everyone celebrated the defeat of Harudo.

Absorption SagaEdit


It has been nearly 5 months since the defeat of Harudo. Everyone returned to their normal lives. Everyone that was killed by Harudo was wished back with the Dragon Balls. Vegeta was training with Vegeta Jr. and Goku Jr and Goku was talking with his father. Meanwhile in otherworld Uub was having trouble controlling the evil inside him. Gohan said "Uub what's wrong!" Uub said "I dont know Gohan, it is like something inside of me is trying to get out!" Goten yelled "Uub you got to control yourselve!" Uub said "I can't Goten, you guys better get out of here before I get completely out of control." "No way Uub we have to help you!" yelled Trunks. Uub said "I can't hold it in anymore, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" A blinding white light appeared. When the light was gone Uub was no longer there. In his place was the pure evil Kid Buu. Gohan yelled "Buu! This can't be possible! My dad beat him years ago!" Kid Buu punched Gohan away. Trunks said "He is alot stronger then he was before to, Goten hurry lets do fusion!" Kid Buu punched Trunks away and then kicked Goten in the face. Kid Buu used Instant Transmission to go to hell.

Kid Buu was now in Hell. Everyone there was staring at him. "It is Buu! This is impossible!" yelled Piccolo Kid
Majin Buu Freezer Absorbed by Macilento

Kid Buu absorbs Frieza

Buu stared at Piccolo and said "Buu remember you!" Kid Buu then stared at Frieza. Frieza looked scared. Two pink blobs fell from Kid Buu's back. When they landed on the ground they headed towards Frieza at high speed. The blobs surrounded Frieza. When they were around Frieza, Kid Buu absorbed Frieza. Kid Buu did not gain any height, but his facial appearance did change. Kid Buu gained a tail similar to Frieza and to plates on his shoulder also like Frieza's, most importantly Kid Buu's powerlevel highly grew.

Back on EarthEdit

Kid Buu tested his new ablites by using a Death Beam. Kid Buu was looking at who to shoot it at, but then he saw a man in the corner dressed like a General and he was in blue. It was General Blue. Kid Buu fired the Death Beam straight through General Blue's chest. Kid Buu was about to use Instant Transmission, but Piccolo grabbed onto him before he left. Kid Buu was now on Earth. He was in a deserted valley. Piccolo was there with him. Piccolo looked frightned. Suddenly Piccolo sensed a very familiar power. He started heading toward it at his maximum speed. Piccolo arrived at power level, he was shocked to see the power level was Goku's. Goku said "Piccolo how did you get here? Did they let you out of hell?" Piccolo said "A better questeon is why are you here?" Goku said "Long story. Tell you later. How did you get here?" Piccolo said "It is disaster down in Hell. Buu is back. He just absorbed Frieza, and he is here on Earth!" "What! We need to gather everyone. Lets go find Vegeta, Vegeta Jr., Goku Jr. and my Dad!" Goku yelled Piccolo said "Okay, but when we find everyone you tell me your story." Goku said "Okay Piccolo it is a deal lets go."

Goku eventually found everyone. Goku then told Piccolo his story. Piccolo said "Yes I understand now. We have to go find Buu before he starts hurting inocent people." Everyone powered up to their best forms. Goku and Vegeta as a Super Saiyan 4, Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr did fusion and then powered up to a Super Saiyan 4, Bardock then charged up to a Ascended Super Saiyan 4 then headed toward Buu.


In a few seconds everyone made it to Buu, almost everyone, Piccolo was lagging a bit behind. Eventually Piccolo made it. Goku said "Piccolo you better work on your speed." Piccolo said "Well their isn't a lot of places to fly when you're stuck in Hell." Kid Buu looked at everyone and then said "I remember all of you worthless monkeys, and that namikian, but the person I most remember is you two. Goku and Bardock." Bardock said "How do you know my name?" Vegeta yelled "He absorbed Frieza and took all his powers and memories!" Bardock said "All his powers. Well this shouldn't be to hard then." Goku said "You are wrong father. He took all his powers, but boosted it by all of his power, and he has alot of power to start." Suddenly Goku remembered something "What happened to Uub?!" Goku yelled. Piccolo said "I don't know. Maybe Gohan or Goten would know, but we can't contact them." "Im done waiting!" Buu yelled. Buu charged at Piccolo.

Piccolo dodged his attack, and then Gogeta Jr. kicked Buu in the head. The kick was so strong Buu's head was knocked off. Gogeta said "Ha. Too easy. He is dead." Goku said "No he isn't dead. He has the ability to regenerate." Just like Goku said Buu regenerated. Gogeta Jr. and Bardock were amazed. Buu fired a Death Beam at Gogeta Jr. He dodged, but barley, the Death Beam cut his cheek. Gogeta Jr. said "That was close." Goku said "If we all work together we can beat him easily." Vegeta said "Kakarot is right. On the count of three we must fire our strongest attack. Everyone surrounded Buu. Goku said "Everyone ready? 1!" Vegeta said "2!" Piccolo said "3!" Everyone did their best attack. Bardock did Saiyans Spirit, Goku did a Kamehameha, Vegeta did a Final Flash, Piccolo did a Special Beam Cannon and Gogeta Jr. did their new attack a Kamehameha Gun. Gogeta Jr. put his hands in the position of a Kamehameha and a blue beam came out with purple swirling around it. The attacks hit Buu. The attacks caused a huge explosion that made Piccolo fall. Everyone thought Buu was gone, even Goku. But there was a single cell left, and with that Buu regenerated. Everyone was astonished. Buu looked frightned. Buu said "I will be back you monkeys, and Namikian. 5 on 2 isn't fair. I need to go even the odds." Buu then left with Instant Transmission.

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