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Dragon Ball UF (universe's fury) ドラゴンボール宇宙の伝説 takes place 3 years after GT. It has 4 sagas: Shenron's Fury, Original Super Saiyan Rebirth, Original Dragon, and Evil Kai Saga.

Shenron's Fury SagaEdit

Goten and Pan strongly believes that Goku will return,a strong,grown man with more knowledge.Vegeta and Gohan keep telling them that he'll never come back. All of a sudden,Goku returns on Shenron's back,and thanks him. Now,he's everything Goten and Pan thought he would be! Vegeta and Gohan's jaws drop."What the hell?" they say in shock. 'DAD! I BELIEVED YOU WOULD COME!" Goten screams in joy. "SAME GRANDPA!" Pan screams in joy.Goku then says,"We have to use Shenron for some wishes." Everyone agrees.

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