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&nbsp 2 years after the distruction of Ultimate Shenron, something happened and all of the enemies defeated by Goku, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, and Trunks, are back. They are x1000 stronger than when they were defeated. This might be the end for the Z-fighters for ever.

Return of Frieza SagaEdit

Frieza was the first defeated enemy to appear from hell. He will try to get his revenge on everyone who wronged him in the past. He first destroys New Namek by using the DragonBalls to open a dimensional rip by it.


Return of Cell SagaEdit

Cell originally came from hell immediately after Frieza opened the dimensional rip. He stayed in the background while Frieza was fighting Goku. Unlike Frieza, though, Cell wanted Goku to be at his full strength when they fought. Cell absorbed Vegeta to become Ultimate Cell. He also obtains the ability to change between his super perfect and ultimate forms. Cell

Friezer SagaEdit

After finding all 7 DragonBalls to revieve his brother, Cooler shows Frieza the Fusion Technique. They performed a perfect fusion strong enough to destroy Goku as a SSJ 5.

Return of Buu SagaEdit

After Majuub comes to help Goku defeat Friezer, he is overcome with rage at the fact that Frieza killed everyone in his village and splits with the evil deep inside him from Kid Buu. The newly formed Buu quickly absorbed Frieza's dead

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