This article, DragonBall GA:a brief overview, is property of Gotenkskamehameha.

Hi Gotenkskamehameha here. This page is just a brief overview of GA. Okay let's start with the plot.


GA is set 400 years after GT. The plot basically the descendants of the Z-fighters fight evil just as their ancestors did many years ago.

Theme song.Edit

The official theme song for GA is this one.


There are six sagas in GA.

Gaktas sagaEdit

Covers Sakta and Vegeita and their fight against Gaktas.

Picca saga.Edit

Covers Picca growing up with Sakta.

Terrak sagaEdit

Covers Sakta and negra as they journey to planet Terrak and battle <REDACTED> and <REDACTED>.

Countdown sagaEdit

Covers Kaikai, Bakkus and Vegeita as they race to save Sakta from <REDACTED> and the crumbling planet Terrak.

Doomsday sagaEdit

Covers the GA-fighters as they fight for their lives as <REDACTED> arrives.

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