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Dragonball Chronicles

Blood Saga

Chapter 2: Secrecy Unfolds

One Year Later

Reigo: Hiya, Ha, Hiya! *pant* *pant* HIYA!

Bulla Enters

Bulla: What the hell are you doing to the couch?

Reigo: uhhh.... ummm.... Practicing? I have no sparring partner.

Bulla: And so... you're letting it all on the couch?

Reigo: ummm... Pretty much hehe.

Bulla: Sooooooo..... Did Master Roshi's training pay off?

Reigo: I guess so. Check this out

Reigo teleports behind Bulla

Reigo: 'Sup


Reigo: Yeah.... But I've mastered it now. And besides, It's not like you could do anything about it.

Bulla: Oh just shut up. I've been beating up my god damn relatives for the past 3 years.

Reigo: Really?

Bulla: Hell yeah. Wanna see?

Reigo: ummm.... ok?

Bulla Assumes Fighting Position

Bulla: Fight me already!

Reigo Assumes Fighting Position

Reigo: Alrighty..... Wait, you're a girl where the hell do i hit you?

Bulla Slaps Reigo into the couch.

Master Roshi Enters Dojo

Bulla: Nitwit

Roshi: What have you two done to my couch?

Bulla: Ask Reigo.

Reigo: YOU were the one who slapped me into the couch!

Roshi: So i guess you read that book i gave you?

Bulla: Of course i did.

Reigo: What book?

Bulla: The Art of Whupping Yo butt

Reigo: Whatever.

Roshi: It's a good book!

Reigo: Wait. You told me to wait here for you. Something about this prophecy. I've been waiting for 2 whole hours and you still haven't shown me zilch.

Roshi dusts out a book

Roshi: Reigo. Come here.

Reigo: Yeah?

Roshi: I'm thinking it's time.

Reigo: Time for what exactly?

Roshi: Time for you to learn the truth

Reigo: And you're gonna make me read "The Art of Whupping Yo Butt"?

Roshi: NO! just listen to me.

Bulla: This is getting interesting.

Roshi: Do you know what happened to your whole family?

Reigo: They all died hunting for the grave of the Z Fighters?

Roshi: No, you see. Ten years ago you're whole village was burned down.

Reigo: Do you need to tell me that?

Roshi: Do you know who caused the fire?

Reigo: Uncle Ken threw his lighter into a candle.

Roshi: Wrong. It was the Raijin clan.

Bulla: Wait, i know that story.

Roshi: Well what "Happened"

Bulla: One of the villagers burned it down.

Roshi: You're wrong too. What actually happened to the village is...

Roshi: Let's go!

Reigo: But how will we get there?

Bulla: Yeah, I don't want to hike another 10 miles like last time. You practically thrashed my bike.

Roshi: And how was that my fault?

Bulla: Look in the mirror.

Reigo: OK, JUST STOP IT. Now answer my question. How in the world will we get there? It's half way across the country!

Roshi: I thought you might ask that. Now just shout out 'Nimbus!'

Reigo: And let me guess. A cloud will come shooting out of the sky.

Roshi: Just try it.

Reigo: NIMBUS!

Nimbus Cloud

An Hour Later...

At the Tournament

Raijin Spy: Do you think they'll show up?

Marui: Of course they'll show up. It was a genius plan to sponsor the World Tournament.

Raijin Spy 2: Well if what you say is true... Then we will finally eradicate the whole Fuujin Clan at last!

                                                       END OF CHAPTER

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