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DBAG takes place 20 years after the ending of DBGT. In this timeskip Goku Jr. has gotten married to Vegeta Jr.'s sister Bulma Jr. Bulma and Golu have 4 sons, the oldest is Gohan(named after his great great grandfather Gohan who saved the world a number of times with the original Z Fighters), the next two are twins named Gogeta(who looks like his great great great grandfather Goku) and Vegito(who looks SSJ2 Gogeta from DBZ but with Vegeta's hair style and Trunks' hair colour) and lastly Vegerot(who looks exactly like teen Gohan from DBZ). The story starts with an explosion resulting in the deaths of Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. being brodcasted on t.v, Bulma witnessing the sacrfice of her husband and brother and crying her eyes out made a vow to herself saying she would never let her children get hurt. Then it skips to Bulma telling Gohan(who at that time looked alot like Goten at the end of DBZ) to go to sleep then she hears a noise Gogeta and Vegito's room... To Be Continued

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