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Is a game for PsP go! Playstation 2 and Playstation 3.


According to Ryo Mito, the roster is going to have all of the characters from the series andcitvwill feature never-before seen characters.

Story ModeEdit

So Far

Bardock Saga

Dragon Ball Saga

Dead Zone

Vegeta Saga

The World's Strongest

Tree Of Might

Lord Slug

Frieza Saga

Trunks: The Story

Makyo Star

Trunks Saga

Cooler Saga

Cell Saga

Broly Saga

Cell Games

Bojack Saga

The True Plan To Eradicate The Saiyans

Ultimate Future Warrior

Great Saiyaman Saga

Broly: The Second Coming

Buu Saga

The Return Of Goku And His Friends

Neko Majin

Cross Epoch

GT Saga

And What-if Saga Has Been Confirmed

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