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Summary Edit

This saga takes place seven years after the defeat of Omega Shenron. In this version of events, Goku had been restored to adulthood and stayed to live life with his family. However, the newfound peace would not last. During this time! a new evil emerged.

The evil was in the form of Goku's deceased older brother Raditz, but it was not the Raditz that had died at the hands of Piccolo. For you see, Raditz's evil side had completely separated from his good half and started rampaging in Hell. This purely evil Raditz's body is fully blood red with his power reaching beyond what Raditz had ever achieved.

Despite this, evil Raditz was defeated by Super Saiyan 5 Goku. Before being sent back to Hell, the evil Raditz warned Goku that it had been King Vegeta's evil half that had been behind it. He also told him that his good half, along with Nappa's and King Vegeta's good halves had gone to King Kai's planet. Finally, he reveals that in order to TRULY defeat the evil sides, he had to obliterate them with their good sides.

Episode List Edit

Episode 1: Arrival From Hell

Episode 2: Go Beyond The Limit! SSJ5 Is Born!

Episode 3: SSJ5 Goku VS Demonic Raditz; Winner Takes All
DS Raditz

Raditz's Demonic Saiyan Form

Episode 4: Time For Traning! Prepare For Demonic Saiyans

Episode 5: Anger Unleashed, The Red Oozaru!!!

Episode 6: Time Is Ticking, Master The 200x Kamehameha!!!!

Episode 7: SSJ5 Abilities, The True Powers Revealed

Episode 8: Its Time!!!!! Demonic Saiyans Arrive

Episode 9: Vegeta's Arrival

Episode 10: Find The Angelic Saiyans! The Only Way To Win!!

Episode 11: The Journey Back, The Failure Of Instant Transmisson

Episode 12: Defeat Demonic Nappa! Super Spirit Bomb!

Episode 13: Next Up, Vegeta!; 30x Dark Galick GUN VS Big BANG Galick Gun

Episode 14: The Final Bout!, Goku and Raditz's Oozaru Fist Kamehameha VS King Vegeta's Super Galick Gun!!!

Episode 15: Absolute Destruction!!!, King Vegeta's Red Oozaru Form!!!!

Episode 16: The End Of The Fighting! Goku The Victor!

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