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Lacking an intelligent second in command (a.k.a Piccolo) the Z-warriors forget that the gate from Hell to Earth, opened by Piccolo, and then reopened by King Vegeta, remains open at this point. A scary demon named Olimar comes out and starts growing a zombie army of what are known as Pikmen. The Z fighters fight them, lose badly, but eventually win because Pan dies and her death causes Bulla to transform into a Super Saiyan loses and then vegeta turns into a Super Saiyan 5 and kills everything in their path.

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When Olimar sees that Gohan defeats his army he prepares for battle. Gohan doesn't know how strong Olimar is so he fights him like Goku used to fight his enemies, testing his power, Gohan realizes that Olimar is way stronger than Gohan's Supee Saiyan 4 stage. Vegeta who was showing weakness when he killed his father after he came back from hell still shows but then remembers that he wasn't a sayain any more he was now an earthlink and his planet was is jeopardy once more so he went on Gohan's aid. Without the dragon balls to depend on Vegeta became Super Saiyan 4 and gave sum energy to Gohan in Super Saiyan 4 then while the weakened Z Fighters distracted Olimar, Gohan and Vegeta fused and became Vegohan in Super Saiyan 4 but they knew that that wasn't enough to beat Olimar who had adsorbed all of the evil energies from hell. While Piccolo still was fighting Olimar he told Trunks, Vegeta Jr (Trunks' son), Goten, Goku Jr (Goten's son), Pan, and Bura to give Vegohan all of their Saiyan power. When Vegohan adsorbed all of the Saiyans' energy he reached Super Saiyan 5 and defeated Olimar with a BIG BANG MASENKO.

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