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Deivii - Davey

Kanji for Deivii

Deivii is a fictional character created by DaveyG1986 for the FanFic Dragonball Omega.

Name: Deivii (Pronounced as Davey)

Race: Saiyan

Year of Birth: 1986AD

First Appearance: Dragonball Omega Chapter 1


  • Unknown Mother (Descesed)
  • Unknown Father (Descesed)
  • Goku - Genetic Material (Descesed)
  • Vegeta - Genetic Material (Descesed)



In 1981 the World Government began work on "Project: Omega", which was to create the ultimate weapon. The first subject was developed as a baby that was made with fragments of DNA from the remains of the last full-blooded Saiyan warriors on Earth (Goku and Vegeta) In 1986 the project came to an end and Deivii was born and deemed a failure as he was seemingly born as a normal child. Deivii was given to a normal family and grew up in Satan City.


By his 13th Birthday his family noticed a change in his personality, and he grew increasingly competative. His parents soon realised that it was the Saiyan coding in his DNA surfacing. Instead of telling the Government they decided that they would try to help him come to terms with his powers and help him control them. When he turned 15 his parents were killed in a plane crash, after greiving he set out to find a Martial Arts master to help him train and get stronger.

Training with HitsurugiEdit

He found Hitsurugi (a former champion of Tenkaichi Budokai) and began his training. Deivii is a very talents martial artist, picking up advanced techniques very quickly. As a Saiyan he has the same basic personality traits such as a highly competative nature and the Saiyan Appetite. After training with Hitsurugi for 4 years he entered the 339th Tenkaichi Budokai. After fighting his way to the final he fought Maiku, a very challenging opponent who proved to be almost as powerful as Deivii. After a long fight Deivii managed to get the upperhand and knocked Maiku out of the ring. After the tournament Deivii and Maiku became best friends and Maikau came to train with Hitsurugi. After 3 mores years of training Deivii enters the 340th Tenkaichi Tournament......and thats where the story begins. Later on he meets Gokus immortal son Son Gohen where Gohen teaches him and Maikau how to increase his ki and how to shoot ki blast.

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