00 - Danii


Danii - Danny

Kanji for Danii

Danii is a fictional character created by DaveyG1986 for the FanFic Dragonball Omega.

Name: Danii (Pronounce as Danny)

Year of Birth: 1990AD

Race: Human

First Appearance: Dragonball Omega Chapter 7

Family: Unknown


Pre-Dragonball OmegaEdit

Danii is a martial artist from Satan City. He Trained in the Mr. Satan Martial Arts Academy. Ranked top of his class each year, he entered the 336th to the 338th Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament, each time reaching the final but being defeated in each one. It is unknown why he did not enter the 339th Tournament.

340th Tenkaichi Budokai SagaEdit

Danii entered the 340th Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament where he met Deivii and Maiku.

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