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Dragonball Major Battles (VS) is a property of RFyle11

In my Dragonball fanfictions like Dragonball Extreme I'm creating my character battles of who vs who. Some battles are training / practice and some are serious battles like in the Dragonball anime / games.

  • NX (Unamed alien race) VS Z-Fighters (Gohan, Kiyoshi, Piccolo) (serious)
  • JX (Unamed alien race) VS Goku (serious)
  • Zen VS Trunks (practice)
  • Gohan VS Kohan (practice)
  • Pan VS Kohan (practice)
  • Kiyoshi, Kenji VS Tien, Yamcha (practice)
  • Kenji VS Kiyoshi (practice)
  • Kotoha VS Pan (practice)
  • Akio VS Krillin (practice)
  • Vega (Oozaru) VS Aliens (In Space)
  • Pan VS Female Demon (Three Eyed)
  • Choco VS Cok (Training)
  • Colo VS Choco VS Cok (Training)


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