Evil Trunks Saga A deadly virus hits earth and Earth's warriors gather to fight off an old friend turned enemy!
Rebirth of Evil Saga Deadly warriors from the past return stronger than ever, and ready to extract their revenge!
Five Legendary Super Warriors Saga Young warriors are corrupted and sent to fulfill a prophecy of destruction.
Saiyajin Hunter Saga A killer has awakened after 100 years and has come to wipe out the last of the Saiyajin!
Zen Saga A warrior of the same race of Burter comes to build a new army on Earth
Sin and Krizor Saga Warriors made of Dark Energy that rival Goku and Vegeta in every way strke!
Dark Corruption Saga Fusion in alternate timelines!


Attack of the Ultimate Power-Can Anyone Defeat Him?!
Return to the Budokai-Powerful Warriors Gather!

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