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Kid Cuber



Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Great War
Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Vegeta
Birthdate: 728 Age
Birth Power Level: 167
Height: 119 cm / 3'11" (Kid)

168 cm / 5'6" (Adult)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Rank: Super Elite Class Saiyan
Frieza Army soldier (731–

737 Age



Mrovian Elite Vanguard (764 Age– )
Organizations: Frieza Army (731–

737 Age



Mrovian Republic (740 Age– )
Favorite Vehicle:

Lance of Mrov
Family: Dogom (father)
Aubere (mother)
Kailon (brother)
Chaiva (teammate)
Ocra (mentor)

Baochoi (son)
Salhior (mentor)
Quoeyg (caretaker)
Ledas (temporary fusee)

Cuber (キュバー) is a Super Elite Class Saiyan who is the son of the Saiyan Dogom. He is the main character of Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series. His name is a pun on the word "cucumber".


Like all Saiyans, Cuber enjoys fighting. However, for a Saiyan, Cuber is quite calm and reserved, and is not above assessing situations before approaching them, whereas many other Saiyans would rush ahead to fight without second thoughts.


The Great WarEdit

During a montage section in the seventh chapter of this story, Dogom and Aubere were seen holding their newborn baby boy. This boy was Cuber.

Near the beginning of the eleventh chapter, Aubere was seen watching her husband Dogom train with their young son, Cuber. Since Cuber was so young, Dogom was not training him very hard. Near the end of this chapter, during a montage scene, Dogom and Aubere were shown holding their newborn baby boy, Kailon. Cuber was shown to be with them in that scene.

The Mrovian SeriesEdit

Genocide Escape sagaEdit

Several months before the Saiyan Genocide, Cuber, Chaiva, and several other Saiyan children were assigned to destroy the capital of another alien civilization in order to force the aliens to surrender to Frieza's Empire. Cuber, Chaiva, and the other Saiyan children were able to defeat the opposing forces with ease, until they approached the capital, which was guarded by several giant warships with very powerful coilguns. Only Cuber and Chaiva were able to narrowly dodge the warships' assault, until Cuber accidentally flew into Chaiva's Aurora Bomb, incapacitating him. In her moment of disbelief, the last warship struck Chaiva with its main gun, knocking her out as well. This prompted Ocra to finish the mission for the Saiyan children. After the mission, Ocra scolded Cuber and Chaiva for their failure, due to the lack of teamwork, and then began training them to fight together, using a pair of Saibamen as opponents.

Nitro SagaEdit

Ravenous sagaEdit

Cold VengeanceEdit

Heart of the DragonEdit


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