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Kid Cuber



Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Great War
Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Vegeta
Birthdate: 728 Age
Birth Power Level: 167
Height: 119 cm / 3'11" (737 Age)

168 cm / 5'6" (Adult)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Rank: Super Elite Class Saiyan
Frieza Army soldier (731–

737 Age



Mrovian Elite Vanguard (764 Age– )
Organizations: Frieza Army (731–

737 Age



Mrovian Republic (740 Age– )
Favorite Vehicle:

Lance of Mrov
Family: Dogom (father)
Aubere (mother)
Kailon (brother)
Chaiva (teammate)
Ocra (mentor)

Baochoi (son)
Salhior (mentor)
Quoeyg (caretaker)
Ledas (temporary fusee)
Voice Actor:


English: Gray G. Haddock
Japanese: Katsuyuki Konishi

Cuber (キュバー) is a Super Elite Class Saiyan who is the son of the Saiyan Dogom. He is the main character of Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series. His name is a pun on the word "cucumber".


Like all Saiyans, Cuber enjoys fighting. However, for a Saiyan, Cuber is quite calm and reserved, and is not above assessing situations before approaching them, whereas many other Saiyans would rush ahead to fight without second thoughts.


The Great WarEdit

During a montage section in the seventh chapter of this story, Dogom and Aubere are seen holding their newborn baby boy. This boy is Cuber.

Near the beginning of the eleventh chapter, Aubere is seen watching her husband Dogom train with their young son, Cuber. Since Cuber is so young, Dogom is not training him very hard. Near the end of this chapter, during a montage scene, Dogom and Aubere are shown holding their newborn baby boy, Kailon. Cuber is shown to be with them in that scene.

The Mrovian SeriesEdit

Genocide Escape sagaEdit

Several months before the Saiyan Genocide, Cuber, Chaiva, and several other Saiyan children are assigned to destroy the capital of another alien civilization in order to force the aliens to surrender to Frieza's Empire. Cuber, Chaiva, and the other Saiyan children are able to defeat the opposing forces with ease, until they approach the capital, which is guarded by several giant warships with very powerful coilguns. Only Cuber and Chaiva are able to narrowly dodge the warships' assault, until Cuber accidentally flies into Chaiva's Aurora Bomb, incapacitating him. In her moment of disbelief, the last warship strikes Chaiva with its main gun, knocking her out as well. This prompts Ocra to finish the mission for the Saiyan children. After the mission, Ocra scolds Cuber and Chaiva for their failure, due to the lack of teamwork, and then begins training them to fight together, using a pair of Saibamen as opponents. Once again, due to their lack of teamwork, both Chaiva and Cuber fail to defeat the Saibamen. Cuber then steals a Saibaman seed in order to use it to train himself. After a few weeks of training, Cuber accidentally kills his Saibaman with a Stun Blaster to the eye.

The following day, Cuber, Chaiva, Priyep, Sheliv, and Tinpern are assigned to assassinate and bring back the head of the Space-badger crime lord Tenrin. Priyep and his gang fly off to find Tenrin, while Cuber and Chaiva stay together. After Cuber and Chaiva arrive at a quiet city, about a dozen of Tenrin's men attack them. While the saiyans hold their own for a time and are able to kill or knock out a few of their adversaries due to being stronger, the Space-badgers overwhelm and incapacitate the children, leaving Cuber for dead and capturing Chaiva in order to enslave her to Tenrin. When Cuber wakes, he interrogates one of the defeated but alive Space-badgers, demanding the location of Chaiva, and then receives his answer after incinerating the Space-badger's communicator and ear. Upon arriving at Tenrin's hideout, Cuber kills each of Tenrin's guards until he finds the crime lord himself and a brutally-beaten Chaiva. Cuber and Tenrin fight, with Tenrin gaining upper hand after several seconds. Once he powers up fully, however, Cuber reverses the fight in his own favor and then ends it with a Save the head; dispose of the rest attack, leaving only Tenrin's severed head. After completing the mission, Cuber unshackles Chaiva and brings both her and Tenrin's head back to the saiyans' Attack Balls.

Nitro sagaEdit

Ravenous sagaEdit

Cold VengeanceEdit

Heart of the DragonEdit




  • Explosive Shine – A blue-white, short-range Explosive Wave that launches opponents vertically
    • Grounded Explosive Shine – Cuber grabs his opponent by the throat, uses both his hands to lift the opponent above his head, slams the opponent into the ground, shoots the opponent with a barrage of Stun Blaster bolts, and then finishes off with an Explosive Shine.
  • Double Cyclone Burst – After being forced into a forward flip away from his opponent, while upside down, Cuber fires a pair of translucent blue ki bolts, each out of an outstretched palm.
  • Fusion Cyclone – A very powerful Kiai fired out of Cuber’s right palm that compresses the air with more than enough force to induce nuclear fusion
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy attack, fired as a bolt or sphere from the palm – Cuber's basic ki blasts are blue-white in color
  • Save the head; dispose of the rest – After incapacitating his opponent with an aerial reverse roundhouse kick, Cuber flies up to his opponents body, grabs his opponent by the hair with his left hand, lifts the opponent's body up, presses his right palm against the opponent's back, and then from his right palm, Cuber unleashes a blue-white energy wave, incinerating the opponent's entire body, leaving only the head.
  • Stun Blaster – A blue-white energy beam fired from two fingers (index and middle) – typically fired from the right hand and in barrages




  • Saiyan Bolide – Cuber charges his aura around his body, and then impacts the opponent with his head.


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