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Coke is the father of Uub. He lives in a poor village. He is a martial artist. He also hunts wild animals to eat for the poor village.But the village doesn't eat much cause they are poor. He competed in some martial arts tournaments. He didn't compete in the 28th world martial arts tournament cause he was busy hunting animals. He lives in a log cabin. Goku once gave him some senzu beans for his wife after she was hurt bad and almost killed by a crocodile. Coke taught Uub martial arts. He trained him for the 28th world martial arts tournament. His village was helped. They soon had plenty to eat. Cokes favorite food was chicken legs. When Coke was 14 he competed in a world martial arts tournament. He met a pretty girl named Porka. They fell in love at the age of 18 and dated. They got married at 21 and later Uub was born. They never knew that he used to be Buu but was reincarnated. Uub was six when Coke taught him martial arts. He loves to swim in the water sometimes. He was named Coke because Coca was the first thing he said as an infant. When he competes in world martial arts tournaments he usually wears red pants' yellow armbands' sandals and no shirt. He thinks Hercule is a goofball and he didn't beat cell. Coke thinks Cell blew himself up. He is an honest and good man. He lives on Papaya island.

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