Child of None follows the story of Sig, who although is older than his friends and was absent during the Annadite Incident, still had his own hardships to go through as he grew up. This arc goes well in depth into his past and how Andros had a dominant role in the disappearance of Sig's parents, who may or may not still be alive. It also reveals that he has a connection to the Levitas Family.


  • Shinjo Pared- Vanished alongside his wife Kimareah.
  • Kimareah Levitas- Vanished alongside her husband Shinjo.
  • Seiliez Levitas- Vanished after being attacked by assassins.
  • Alvion- Seiliez's Familiar who vanished alonside him following the attack.
  • Andros and Ebon Levitas- Both husband and wife were trapped in the Altered World by Thanatos.


The deaths here are merely mentioned in this arc's epilogue.

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