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  • Earthling
  • Gender:
  • Ox Princess
  • Date Of Birth:
    737 Age
    Date of Death:
  • 774 Age (Revived)
  • 807 Age (Revived)
  • Debut:
  • Dragon Ball Chapter #11 (Manga)
  • Dragon Ball Episode #7 (Anime)
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Dragon Ball GT
  • Dragon Ball SF
  • Affiliations:
  • Future Chi-chi (alternate timeline counterpart)
  • Ox King (father)
  • Mother
  • Bardock (father-in-law)
  • Gine (mother-in-law)
  • Raditz (Brother in Law)
  • Grandpa Gohan (adoptive grandfather-in-law)
  • Son Goku (husband)
  • Son Gohan (son)
  • Son Goten (son)
  • Videl (daughter-in-law)
  • Pan (granddaughter)
  • Hyo (great grandson)
  • Son Goku Jr. (Descendant)
  • Maaku (grandson)
  • Valese (daughter in law)
  • Son Gochan (Grandson)
  • Gochi (Great granddaughter)

  • Chi-chi (チチ) is the daughter of Ox King who first appears in Dragon Ball. After the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, she becomes the wife of Son Goku and appears in other Dragon Ball Series. Chichi is the mother of Son Gohan and Son Goten

    Early LifeEdit

    Chi-chi was born in the 737 Age to Ox King and Ox Queen. However her mother died shortly in the same year, not long after she was born. The cause is unknown. At the age of 2 years, Chichi and the Ox King were trapped outside their castle when a fire spirit is unleashed on it, transforming into Fire Mountain. During her childhood, she is trained by her father in Martial Arts, and is said to be behaved well around him.

    Dragon BallEdit

    Emperor Pilaf and Red Ribbon Army SagaEdit

    Since her father's castle on Fire Mountain was impossible for them to live in, she sets out to seek Master Roshi for the Bansho Fan to put out the flames on the mountain. During her journey she is attacked by a T. Rex, until she manages to kill the beast with her Helmet Blade and Helmet Beam. After meeting Yamcha, she nearly kills him, but he dodges and knocks her out. After being rewoken by Yamcha, she starts to like after Yamcha pretends to have feelings for him. Shortly afterwards she meets Goku and starts to develop a crush on him.

    During the Red Ribbon Army Saga, a year has now passed. Chi-chi meets Goku again when he show up in her village. She and Goku later helps rescue her father, Ox King from Colonel Silver of the Red Ribbon Army. Before Goku leaves once agains she makes him promise to marry her.

    Unknown Point of TimeEdit

    At some point of time before Goku's training with Master Roshi, Chi-chi forces Goku to take her on a date. They spent the entire date fighting against one another due to Goku not knowing what going out on a date really means.

    King Piccolo Saga and Piccolo Jr. SagaEdit

    During the King Piccolo Saga, three years has now passed. Ox King and Chi-chi are rescued by Goku from King Furry's soldiers, who were ordered by King Piccolo to excecute all the martial artists across the world.
    During the Piccolo Jr. Saga, three years has now passed. Chi-chi is now 18 years old, and she competes in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, after being trained by her father, Ox King in the Kame Style of Martial Arts. After fighting and losing to Goku in the quarterfinals, she reminds him of his promise to marry her, and Goku decides to keep his promise and marry her after the tournament is over.
    180px-Chichi 20gokuj 20married
    After Goku defeats the reincarnation of King Piccolo, Piccolo Jr., Goku and Chi-chi embark on a quest to put out the flames around Fire Mountain. After the flames are extinguished they wed in a ceremony in the village.

    Dragon Ball ZEdit

    Vegeta Saga, Namek, Captain Ginyu, Frieza and Garlic Jr. Saga:Edit

    During the start of Dragon Ball Z, 5 years has passed since the 23rd World Martial Arts Touirnament and her and Goku are now married and now have a Son named Gohan, who is named after Goku's Grandfather, Grandpa Gohn. Chichi has drastically changed from her earlier days, deciding to focus on her son, Gohan 's education more than anything else.
    During the filler arc Garlic Jr. Saga, A year has now passed and she is still raising Gohan alone due to Goku not returning back to Earth just yet from his victory over defeat Frieza. Chichi long with most of everyone else on Earth is possessed by the Black Water Mist relased by Garlic Jr and the Spice Boys. she fights against Gohan and Krillin on Kame House Island. Chi-Chi along with everyone else on Earth is later cured by the Scared Water.

    Trunks, Android, Imperfect Cell, Perfect Cell and Cell Games SagaEdit

    A year later, Chi-Chi is seen forcing Gohan to study as she continues to raise him alone until Goku return back to Earth. Chi-Chi later allows Goku to train their son, Gohan in order to prepare for the threat against the Androids created by Dr. Gero.

    After the conclusion of the Cell Games and the second death of her husband, Chi-Chi gives birth to her and Goku's second son, Goten and raises both of her children alone for the next seven years.

    Great Saiyaman, World Tournament, Babidi, Majin Buu, Fusion and Kid Buu SagaEdit

    180px-Chi-chi Buu saga
    7 years later, Chi-Chi is revealed to be the one who trained her son, Goten in basic Martial Arts, but is unable to teach him out to fly since she herself never learned the technique herself. Affer the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai is interrupted by the Threat of Majin Buu, she and the others hide out on Kami's Lookut until she 's killed by Majin Buu after being turned into an egg and stomped on
    180px-Chichi hugs goku
    After being revived she help contributed Goku's Super Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu. Shortly afterwards, she is reunited with her husband and sons and enjoys a long period of peace with them.

    Yo! Son Goku And Friends Returns! (Jump Special):Edit

    2 years after Kid Buu's defeat, she attend a banquet with her family and friends and meets Vegeta's younger brother, Tarble. after the brief fight against aka, she watches in embarassment along with Bulma as her husband and Vegeta begin fight over food.

    Peaceful World Saga:Edit

    10 Years later, She becomes a grandmother to Gohan and Videl's daughter, Pan , and observes the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai. After Goku's departure with Uub, Chi-chi becomes stressed out and faints, depressed that her husband has left again, leaving her and Goten behind.

    Film Appearances:Edit

    • these films take place within Dragon Ball Z, according to Nikon23's fan-manga Dragon Ball SF.
    • Dead Zone is only counted as filler like the Garlic Jr. Saga. 

    Dead Zone (Movie):Edit

    4 years after the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, Chi-chi has push for their son, Gohan to study hard in order become a Scholar. during a vist from her father, she battle against one of Garlic Jr's minion Ginger, who kidnaps Gohan, along with 4 Star Dragon Ball, but is knocked out by the evil being.

    Cooler's Revenge (Movie):Edit

    During the 3 years preparing for the Androids, Chi-chi is seen making Gohan study when he's not training with Goku and Piccolo. she is late rseen annoyed after Goku takes their sonon a camping trip with Krillin, Ikarus and Oolong.

    Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan (Movie):Edit

    During the 9 days prior to the Cell Games, Chi-chi trys to get Gohan enrolled into a summer school, However Goku is forced to leave and deal with Broly, causing Gohan not to get accepted into the school, much to Chi-chi's chagrin. After the defeat of Broly, she is later seen scolding both Goku and Gohan for missing the enrollment for Gohan's summer school classes.

    Bojack Unbound (Movie):Edit

    Chichi Bojack
    After the defeat of Cell, Chi-Chi allows Gohan to compete in the intergalactic World Tournament held by X.S. Cash. Chi-chi and Bulma begin to argue about who's going to win between Gohan and Future Trunks. After the defeat of Bojack, she is later seen at the Hospital along with Bulma and the others as Gohan are now hosptialized after the battle.

    Dragon Ball SuperEdit

    Battle of Gods Saga and Resurrection "F" Saga:Edit

    Six months after the defeat of Kid Buu, Chi-Chi has ordered for Goku to get a well paying job in order to afford their living expenses and in order to hire great teachers for Goten's education, and will not allow for him to train with King Kai unless he fulfills the agreement. After Goku receives over 100 million Zeni from Mr. Satan in gratitude for defeating Kid Buu, Chi-Chi is ecstatic, and allows for Goku to go off and train with King Kai, but only on the promise that he will come back on a regular basis. At Bulma's birthday party, she is informed by Bulma that Master Roshi and Oolong are looking at women on the beach and prevents them of this action for setting a bad example for the kids.
    Milk y su hijo
    A year later, After the fight with Goku and Beerus she forces Goku to resume his farming duties. she later learns that Goku is about to leave to train with Whis and trys to stop him but fails in her attempt. While Goku and his friends are off fighting Frieza, Chi-Chi is at home reading a magazine and eating while little did she know that the planet was blowing up because of Frieza's last resort. She was killed in the explosion until the event was undone by Whis' Temporal Do-Over technique so that Goku could kill Frieza once more. She later attends the feast thrown by Bulma with her family and friends.

    Universe 6 Saga and Future Trunks Saga:Edit

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.51.55 AM
    A year later, Chi-chi obsserves the Universe 6 and 7 Tournament along with her family and friends as Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Monaka compete against Botamo, Frost, Auta Magetta, Cabba and Assassin Hit. When Chi-Chi is in the Cube with everyone else after the tournament, she scolds Goku for using a naughty word in front of Goten. After the wish with the Super Dragon Balls has been made, she returns to Earth with the others.
    Back on Earth,Chi-chi attends Bulma's party with her family and friends and witness the fight between Goku and Beerus (who is disguised as Monaka). One day, Chi-Chi is eating dinner with Goku and Goten at their house. As Chi-Chi prepares to bring Goku more food, she along with Goten notice that Goku is not feeling well, asking if he has a fever or if he is dying. Later that night, Goku does not feel any better, and Chi-Chi suggests Goku to ask King Kai. Goku agrees, then teleports away. Chi-Chi, staying up at night worrying about Goku, preps herself up, preparing to make Goku a lot of food to cheer him up. Goku then crashes into the house, destroying it and angering Chi-Chi. The next day, Chi-Chi accompanies Goku and Goten to Gohan and Videl's house, where Piccolo is babysitting Pan. After Goten stows away on Monaka's ship with Trunks, she is later reunited with him after both Goku and Vegeta go to Planet Potaufeu to bring them back to earth.
    Some time later, she is seen observing Goku and Piccolo having a race while picking the harvest fromt heir garden. she is also seen forcing Goten to study. after learning of Future Trunks' return, he stops Goten from going with Piccolo and Krillin and forces to study.

    Dragon Ball GT Edit

    Black Star Dragon Ball Saga and Baby Saga: Edit

    5 years later in Dragon Ball GT, Chichi is furious that Goku has been turned back into a child by the Black Star Dragon Balls, and is now very younger than her, even blaming him for his predicament. For the seacrh into space she suggested that Goten and Trunks join Goku in his search to recover the Black Star Dragon Balls, and tried to convince Pan that space is scary and too dangerous. But Pan would eventually sneak on board the ship and launch it, leaving Goten behind.
    In the Baby Saga, while waiting for goku and the other's return. she tries to stop Goten from going on a date with a city girl (Valese) but is unsuccessful. Chichi is later possessed by Baby along with almost everyone else on earth. she is later cured by the sacred water. afte rearth is revived with the namekian dragon balls, she and her family attne d a party held by bulma at capsule corporation.

    Super 17 Saga and Shadow Dragon Saga:Edit


    A year later In the Super 17 Saga, She and Videl (now disguised as the Great Saiyawoman) are eager to help in the fight against Super 17, however Goku and Android #18 have already finished the battle by the time they arrived, much to Chichi's chagrin.


    During the Shadow Dragon Saga, She along with her Family and Bulma's Famiy are the first witness the emerge of Black Smoke Shenron and learn of the Negative Energy that was created from the overusage of the Dragon Balls over the years from Old Kai and Supreme Kai along with Dende and Mr. Popo. Chi-hi reamains behind with her family and friends as Goku, Pan and Giru rushes off to fight against the Shadow Dragons and has faith that Goku will defeat them. during the final battle against Syn Shenron, Chichi helps aids her family and the Briefs family by showing her support from the sidelines. when Syn Shenron transforms into Omega Shenron, she along with everyone is easily defeated with one blow. in the final battle against Omega Shenron, she is taken away from the fight by her son, Goten and later carryed to safety by Majuub after Goten decides to go back to the fight along with Trunks and Gohan in order to help out Vegeta. she later witnesses Goku create a Universal Spirit Bomb and his departure along with Shenron after the Dragon Balls return back to normal.

    Dragon Ball SF  Edit

    After Future Saga and 32nd Tenkaichi Budōkai Saga:Edit


    Nori, Gold Star Dragon Ball and Kobra Saga :Edit


    Red Corp., Android 22 and Super 22 Saga:Edit


    Choclay and Ark Saga:Edit


    Techniques and Power Ups:Edit

    Stay Away From Me!:
    Helmet Blade
    Also known as the Helmet Blade. Chichi throws the blade from her helmet towards her enemy. it was only used during her childhood years in Dragon Ball. That Won't Work!:
    Helmet Beam
    Also known as the Helmet Beam. Chichi fires a laser beam from the circle on the front of her helmet. This was used during her childhood years in Dragon Ball.

    Maiden's Will: A Blast 1 Attack in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

    Maiden's Excitement: A Blast 1 Attack in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

    Bansho Fan: A fan that creates strong winds and storms. Used briefly in the Dragon Ball Anime, in Super Dragon Ball Z as Adult Chichi, and in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 as a kid.

    Chichi used this after Krillin's then girlfriend Maron called her an old lady in Dragon Ball Z, angering her greatly. Her aura was remarkably similar to the Kaioken.

    Save Goku!: A team attack with Kid Goku, and her Ultimate Attack in Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, as a kid.