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Guile's group talks amongst itself to decide who should be sent in next. "I'll go," Chun-Li says. "Fine," Guile says, "Go bring us another victory." Chun-Li heads towards the center of the street.

The Z Warriors see who was picked. "I think I can take her," Videl says. "I don't know," Gohan says. "You don't need to protect me," Videl says, "I am a fighter too you know." "You will be good Videl," Goku says. "Thanks," Videl replies and heads towards the center of the street.

Eventually the two meet and begin to fight. As Videl tries to kick Chun-Li with her right leg, Chun-Li grabs it with her hands and throws her to the ground. When Chun-Li tries to stomp on Videl with her right foot Videl rolls to her right to get out of the way and then knocks Chun-Li down with her left leg. The two hurriedly get up. When Videl tries to strike Chun-Li with her right fist, Chun-Li stops the attack with her left arm but Videl punches Chun-Li in the face with her left fist. Chun-Li yelps in pain and then uses her Spinning Bird Kick to knock Videl away. Videl falls flat on her back. "No," Gohan shouts from his side. Videl quickly gets up and grabs Chun-Li with both hands. She then throws Chun-Li onto the hood of a car and fires a single ki blast at her. As the ki blash comes near her Chun-Li jump flips off of the car and behind Videl. The car blows up when the ki blast hits it. She then spin kicks Videl in the back with her right leg. Videl slowly gets up. As she does so Chun-Li uses her Kaku Kyaku Raku technique, jumping up onto Videl's head, breaking her neck. Videl falls to the ground dead. "Please get up," Gohan says, "Please be alive." Everyone sees that Videl is not getting up. Chun-Li looks at Videl and sees that she is dead. Chun-Li then walks back towards her team.

Gohan runs from his side towards Videl and holds her head and upper torso in his arms and cradles her body. "Get back over here," Vegeta shouts. "Hey his wife just died," Krillin shouts at Vegeta, "Show some respect." Gohan carries Videl's body back to the Z Warriors and puts it on top of a car. Gohan continues to continuously cry.

Chun-Li and Guile are watching this. "Are we right," Chun-Li says, "Are we sure they are the bad guys?" "We have no choice," Guile replies, "I don't like the looks of this anymore than you do, but we can't risk the deaths of everyone in Tokyo."

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