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"Before that fame monger interrupted I was about to say that Elena should fight Chiaotzu," Guile tells his group. Elena gets to the front of the group and says, "I shall fight him."

Chiaotzu and Elena walk into the center of the street. Chiaotzu tries to hit Elena with a dadompa ray but Elena cartwheels out of the way. She then jump kicks Chiaotzu sending him flying into a car, on which he bounces off of. "Chiaotzu," Tien shouts. Chiaotzu gets up and lifts the car up with telekinesis. "What," Elena shouts. Chiaotzu throws the car at Elena, but she jumps on top of it and then off the other side as the car crashes into a building. Elena runs at Chiatozu. Chiaotzu fires ki blasts at Elena but she keeps dodging them. Eventually Elena gets up to Chiaotzu and releases a flurry of powerful kicks upon him, beating Chiaotzu up badly. Eventually Chiaotzu dodges a kick and kicks Elena in the stomach making her fly back onto her back in the street. Elena springs up and the two charge at each other and begin a great scuffle. Eventually Elena kicks Chiaotzu away. With his telekinesis Chiaotzu picks up a mailbox and throws it at Elena who kicks it away with her right foot but Chiaotzu then hits her in the head with a dadompa ray! Elena falls back onto the ground dead.

"No," Guile growls on his side, "They have now won a round."

Chiaotzu files back to his team and hugs Tien saying, "I did it Tien!" "Great job Chiaotzu," Tien replies. Goku looks at his group thinking of who to send in next.

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