M. Bison is sitting in his Shadowlaw office thinking of a way to finally stamp out Ryu and his allies so that he can finally conquer the world. Cammy White runs into the room telling him, "M. Bison sir, there is a General Tao of the Red Ribbon Army here to see you." "How did he know where we are," M. Bison says, "Fine, let him in." "Good," Tao says as he enters the room. "I had men holding you," Cammy shouts. "Don't worry about them," Tao replies, "I just incapacitated them." "What are you here for," M. Bison asks Tao. "To offer you an alliance," Tao answers, "I know that you happen to have several enemies that always stand in your way. So do I." "Now you have my interest," M. Bision says to Tao with a smile on his face. "Let's combine our armies for world domination," Tao says, "But I have the ultimate revenge scheme for the both of us. So are you in or are you out?"

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