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"I'll go next," Pan says to Goku, "I'll win just like great grandpa." Goku begins to think hard if he wants to send in his granddaughter to her possible death. "I can do it," Pan persists. "All right," Goku replies. Pan runs into the center of the park.

"I think I can handle a little girl," Sakura says to Guile who replies, "All right, we need a victory." Sakura runs towards the center of the park.

Pan and Sakura get into fighting poses and then charge at each other. They release flurries of punches and kicks at each other until they back away from each other sore. "You're good," Pan says to which Sakura replies, "You're not bad yourself small fry." Pan growls at Sakura for this and flies at her. Sakura fires a ki blast at Pan as she approaches making Pan fly off course and then through a tree. Sakura pivots towards Pan and prepares to fight again. Pan gets up and releases a flurry of ki blasts upon Sakura who dodges them while running towards Pan and eventually gets up to Pan and kicks her with her right leg, but Pan just flips back onto her two feet and kicks Sakura in the chest with both of her legs through a tree. As Sakura gets up Pan shouts, "How did you like it!" Sakura and Pan then charge at each other and engage in another furious scuffle until Sakura jumps back and fires a powerful hadouken blast at Pan. "No," Goku shouts and uses instant transmission to get in between Pan and the blast. As the blast is about to hit Goku, Pan grabs Goku and throws him out of the way and is hit by the blast, making her fly onto the ground dead. "No," Goku shouts and grabs Sakura by the neck. "Hey," Guile shouts. Ryu runs up to Goku, grabs him, and pulls him away. As Goku breaks away from Ryu's grip Goku turns to see Ryu and shouts, "It's you!" "What do you mean," Ryu asks, "I've never seen you before!" Goku picks up Pan's body with both arms and says, "I'll face you later," and flies back to his group.

Ryu runs back to his side. "Don't do that again," Guile shouts to the Z Warriors. Ryu gets next to Guile and says to him, "Twice I've seen these terrorists show great compassion. I don't think this is right." "We have no choice but to fight," Guile replies, "It's either some of us who die, or millions of civilians." "All right," Ryu replies.

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