DBA Chao

Chao is one of the major villains in Dragon Ball Advanced, and is probably the most poweful, and most dangerous villain in the seires. Chao was created by Dr. Neo, who had a hand in creating Nega Montezumla. After the two Montezulmas clashed, Dr. Neo releashed his last creation, which is a cybernetic parasite which forms into Chao; Chao first takes on Montezumla, and then the rest of the Z gang as he uses his power to absorb their Ki making him stronger by the mintue. Ganon, soon is the last one standing, as he and Chao faces off in a epic, classic battle.


  • Chao's first transformation is known to him as MetaChao.
    DBA MetalChao
    • He uses enough Ki to asborb Earth's minerals and uses its power to reform himself into a metal rock-like creature.
    • His finisher: Rock Crash
  • Chao's second transformation is known to him as CyberChao.
    DBA CyberChao
    • He uses more asborbed Ki to log into the computer and uses his parasite powers to absorb all the data transforming him into a computer virus-like parasite.
    • His second finisher: Deadly Shutdown
  • Chao's final transformation is known to him as SupremeChao.
    DBA SuperemeChao
    • He uses his remaining Ki asorbtions to cocoon himself, which allows himself to transform into his true form, a sinister version of his first form.
    • His third finisher: Shadow Rave


  • Gemini Saga: (Episodes 151~186)
    • The Chao Saga
    • The SupremeChao Saga