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Kid Chaiva



Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Great War
Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series
Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Vegeta
Birthdate: 727 Age
Birth Power Level: 109
Height: 140 cm / 4'7" (737 Age)

187 cm / 6'2" (Adult)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Magenta
Rank: Elite Class Saiyan
Frieza Army soldier (731–737 Age)

Nitro Army soldier (739–766 Age)
Mrovian Shieldmaiden (768 Age–778 Age)
Mrovian Elite Vanguard (778 Age– )
Organizations: Frieza's Empire (731–

737 Age



Nitro's Empire (739–766 Age)
Mrovian Republic (766 Age– )
Family: Artachoc (father)
Ocra (mother)
Cuber (teammate)

Yuki (partial clone/daughter)
Baochoi (son)
Chari (daughter)
Olivien (son)
Salhior (mentor)
Quoeyg (caretaker)
Srief (former comrade)
Voice Actor: Adult:
Japanese: Atsuko Tanaka

Chaiva (チャイヴァ) is an Elite Class Saiyan who is the daughter of the Saiyan Ocra. She is a main character of Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series. Her name is a pun on the vegetable, chives.



The Great WarEdit

During a montage section in the seventh chapter of this story, Ocra is seen giving birth to a baby girl while her mate Artachoc looks on. This girl is Chaiva.

When Layeeck is trying to convince Cyleria to accept King Vegeta as her king in the tenth chapter, he shows her Ocra playing with her daughter Chaiva. The two of them provide the argument for Layeeck that King Vegeta is fighting for the future of the Saiyans by trying to wipe out the Tuffles.

Near the beginning of the eleventh chapter, Ocra is seen eating meat off the bone with her young daughter, Chaiva. Near the end of this chapter, Ocra is once again seen spending some quality time with Chaiva.

The Mrovian SeriesEdit

Genocide Escape sagaEdit

Several months before the Saiyan Genocide, Chaiva, Cuber, and several other Saiyan children are assigned to destroy the capital of another alien civilization in order to force the aliens to surrender to Frieza's Empire. Chaiva, Cuber, and the other Saiyan children are able to defeat the opposing forces with ease, until they approach the capital, which is guarded by several giant warships with very powerful coilguns. Only Chaiva and Cuber are able to narrowly dodge the warships' assault, until Cuber accidentally flies into Chaiva's Aurora Bomb, incapacitating him. In her moment of disbelief, the last warship strikes Chaiva with its main gun, knocking her out as well. This prompts Ocra to finish the mission for the Saiyan children. After the mission, Ocra scolds Cuber and Chaiva for their failure, due to the lack of teamwork, and then begins training them to fight together, using a pair of Saibamen as opponents. Once again, due to their lack of teamwork, both Chaiva and Cuber fail to defeat the Saibamen.

A few weeks later, Cuber, Chaiva, Priyep, Sheliv, and Tinpern are assigned to assassinate and bring back the head of the Space-badger crime lord Tenrin. Priyep and his gang fly off to find Tenrin, while Chaiva and Cuber stay together. After Chaiva and Cuber arrive at a quiet city, about a dozen of Tenrin's men attack them. While the saiyans hold their own for a time and are able to kill or knock out a few of their adversaries due to being stronger, the Space-badgers overwhelm and incapacitate the children, leaving Cuber for dead and capturing Chaiva in order to enslave her to Tenrin. Tenrin tortures Chaiva in order to break her spirit, but when Chaiva proves to be too strong, Tenrin only harms her more out of his own frustration. Cuber eventually arrives at Tenrin's hideout, killing each of the crime lord's guards until he finds Tenrin himself and the brutally-beaten Chaiva. Cuber and Tenrin fight, with Tenrin gaining upper hand after several seconds. Once he powers up fully, however, Cuber reverses the fight in his own favor and then ends it with a Save the head; dispose of the rest attack, leaving only Tenrin's severed head. After completing the mission, Cuber unshackles Chaiva and brings both her and Tenrin's head back to the saiyans' Attack Balls.

Nitro sagaEdit

Ravenous sagaEdit

Cold VengeaceEdit

Heart of the DragonEdit




  • Aurora Bomb – A powerful green-and-pink energy sphere that is charged in a similar manner as Kamehameha, but maintains its spherical shape when thrown
  • Continuous Energy Bullets – A barrage of powerful energy bolts, fired from alternating palms – Chaiva's continuous energy bullets are blue-white in color.
  • Great Ape's Roar – A very powerful blue-white mouth energy wave
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy attack, fired as a bolt or sphere from the palm – Chaiva's basic ki blasts are blue-white in color




  • Saiyan Bolide – Chaiva flies into her opponent headfirst, with her ki surrounding her entire body.

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