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He is a son of Frieza, who is the fourth brother of the Sons of Frieza.

Blizzrok (Base)
Dragonball Dark Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: The Fourth Son
Birthplace: Planet Frieza
Power level:
Homeworld: Planet Frieza
Species: Frieza's Race
Gender: Male
Height: 7'5 feet (2nd Form), 11'2 feet (3rd Form)
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Black
Posting: Planet Frieza
Position: 4th Son
Rank: 4th
Mother: Unknown
Father: Frieza
Brother(s): Breezer, Crioza, Avalazar, Isazon
Sister(s): None
Paternal Grandfather: King Cold
Personal Weapons Systems
Cybernetic Systems: Arm with buzzsaw
Chronological & Political Information
Allies: THe Sons of Frieza
Enemies: Goku

Appearence Edit

He looks liek Frieza's species in their 2nd Form, except he has longhorn-like horns, with one broken, and an eyepatch on his left eye.

He wears a pair of ripped black pants with a red sash.

He has a left arm that is mechanical, it also has a buzzsaw on his wrist.

Personality Edit

He is aggressive, cocky, strong, and disrespectful. He loves to fight and kill, wanting to destroy his foes slowly and painfully.

He always wants power, and will kill for the chance at it.

He hates his older brother, Crioza, as he is the most powerful and can't wait to kill him.

History Edit

He is the son of Frieza and a single concubine, along with his four brothers.

He cut off his arm and replaced it with a cybernetic arm to make him more powerful. He also had his eye gouged out during a battle with his elder brother, Crioza.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Flight: He is able to fly using ki energy.

Great Strength: He is extremely strong, able to defeat a Great Ape with only his hands.

Slow Speed: Despite his power, he is incredibly slow.

Third Form Transformation: He is able to turn into his third form, which increases his ki and speed.

Ki Attacks: He is able to use attacks with ki, which are:

Death Beam: He is able to use his father's signature attack.
Death Beam Barrage: He is able to shoot out many death beams at once, about twenty in fifteen seconds.
Death Kamehameha: After watching videos of Goku on Namek, he is able to create a Death version of the Kamehameha.
Death Wave: He is able to shoot a powerful energy wave from his hands.
Death Ball: He is able to use his father's other signature attack.
Bros. Death Ball: He is able to create a death ball, with the help of his brothers, the size of Earth's Moon and the cabability of destroying the sun.

Third Form Edit

Blizzrok (Transformed)

Blizzrok's Third Form

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