Black Dragon Fist
Dragon Of The Darkness Flame
Inventor Gohan
Class Energy wave
Color Black,Purple

Black Dragon Fist(黒龍拳 Kuro Ryuken) is an attack that Gohan created to match the Dragon Fist that his father, Goku created. He begins the attack by making a straight fist faced at his enemy. Then once his fist, along with his own body exits the stomach or chest of the target, the energy will explode out into the form of an enormous black flame dragon which bears a great resemblance to Shenron. It finally collides into the target, possibly destroying it in its path or leaving a gaping hole, hence the name, Black Dragon Fist. The attack can also be channeled through Gohan's sword, making it Kuro Ryuga(黒龍の牙 Black Dragon Fang)

Getsuga Tensho

Kuro Ryuga in Use.

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