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The Black Dragon Balls are the Dragon Balls found in the online doujinshi Dragon Ball New Age. They are black, crystalline spheres with the ability to call forth the dark dragon Hēi Shenron. These balls are a more powerful version of the original Dragon Balls created by King Piccolo.


Before his being was sealed in the electric rice cooker by Mutaito

The Black Dragon Balls; from the DBNA Doujin

using the Evil Containment Wave, the evil Piccolo Daimao, acting on the same feelings as Kami, ventured to the solitude of the Northern Mountains. There, in a cold, icy cave, he labored for 80 days, creating the Black Dragon Balls. Piccolo intended to use these balls to grant himself eternal life, but due to his speeding along the process, the balls were made incorrectly, and were rendered useless for a time. Seeing them as a failure, Piccolo Daimao sealed the balls away in the cave, seemingly forgetting about them. All the while, the balls began to feed off the minute amounts of positive energy around them over time. Some time after Omega Shenron was defeated, the Black Dragon Balls finally gathered enough energy to become active for the first time.

Discovery, and WishesEdit

Trunks and Pan, after being forced out of the sky when their skycar is struck by lightning, unintentionally discover the cave that Piccolo Daimao had sealed the Black Dragon Balls in. When Pan uncovers the shiny black orbs, she releases the Eternal Dragon known as Hēi Shenron. They discover that Hēi Shenron can grant three wishes, so Pan uses the first wish to wish back Goku. Goku then uses the next two wishes to bring back Piccolo and to render the Black Star Dragon Balls unable to be used together again. With that, the balls erupt and spread over Earth.



Pan and Trunks summon Hēi Shenlong; taken from the DBNA Doujin.

The Black Dragon Balls are apparently slightly larger than the Earth Dragon Balls, being approximately 11.5 cm in diameter. As the name indicates, however, they are solid black (dark purple in the anime) with red stars (some images have been shown with them having blue stars, but this was changed).

The Black Dragon Balls have no mortal avatar. They are unique among the Dragon Balls in that they sustain their own existence by absorbing Positive Energy from the Earth over their recharge period (instead of dispelling negative energy like regular Dragon Balls). As such, the fact that Piccolo Daimao did not exist for a time has had no effect on the Black Dragon Balls at all. This can be attributed to Piccolo Daimao's speedy and incorrect creation of the balls.

The recharge time of the Black Dragon Balls varies, depending on the power necessary for Hēi Shenron to grant particular wishes. For example, if Hēi Shenron were to resurrect one person, the amount of energy needed to recharge will be shorter. However, if he were to resurrect entire populations or whole worlds, the amount of time and life energy required to recharge the Black Dragon Balls will be much much greater. Also, due to the Black Dragon Balls' inherent evil nature, the power used by them to grant evil or selfish wishes is much, much less than if they are used to grant good or selfless wishes.


The Black Dragon Balls; from the DBNA Doujin

The Black Dragon Balls are the second most powerful set of Dragon Balls in the entire franchise. As he is fed by the limitless energies of Earth itself, Hēi Shenron is able to grant almost any wish, even ones that far exceed the power of his original creator. He is so powerful that he is able to render the Black Star Dragon Balls, a set of equally powerful Dragon Balls, completely useless with a wish from Goku.

Such unrestricted power comes with a heavy cost, however. Much like the Black Star Dragon Balls, which destroy whatever planet they are used on, the Black Dragon Balls' parasitic nature causes them to feed on Positive Life Energy in order to replenish their power. As such, they wind up killing any living thing near them as they recharge in their dormant period. At first, only plants, trees, and animals were killed. However, if a powerful enough wish is granted, Elder Kai has stated that the Balls could cause widespread death and destruction, including wiping out entire populations.


  • Being  from a doujinshi, the Black Dragon Balls are never mentioned in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball GT. The only beings who seemingly know of their existence are Piccolo and Elder Kai.
  • The model of Hēi Shenron is seen in the cave during Chapter ZERO, and is still inside when the cave collapses. Because Hēi Shenron still lives, it can be reasonably assumed that the model is still intact.