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Bardock Jr.
DBS.R Character
Vital statistics
Aliases/Nicknames: Burdock Jr.

Son Bardok Baddack

Birthplace: New Planet Vegeta
Power level: 35,770,000,000,000
Homeworld: New Planet Vegeta
Species: 3/4 saiyan 1/4 human
Gender: male
Birthdate: Age 815
Height: 4'11


Weight: 89


Hair Color: black

gold(SSJ 1,2,3)

Eye Color: black

green(SSJ 1,2,3)

Position: Warrior
Rank: Elite
Mother: Videl
Father: Gohan
Sister(s): Pan
Maternal Grandfather: Hercule Satan
Paternal Grandmother: Chi-Chi
Paternal Grandfather: Goku
Spouse(s): Zucchi
Children: Chi-Chi II (daughter)

Kale (son)

Ghotan (son)

Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information


Bardock is the first child of Gohan and Videl. Trunks gave him his sword out of respect to his former master Gohan. Gohan first decided the name after hearing the stories about his grandfather, while Goku didn't think too much of the stories, Gohan felt inspired by it. Bardock Jr. is the grandson of Goku, son of Gohan, best friend of Tarble Jr. and Mirai Jr. and father of Chi-Chi II. He is capable of turning into the first three levels of Super Saiyan and is a little stronger than Trunks when he is not in his mystic form.


Bardock has changed his appearances many times. When he was a kid he goes from looking like Goku, to almost identical to Gohan as a pre-teen, to growing his hair out and spiky to short, but a little bit longer than Goku's hair, to his final short hair which resembles Yamcha's.


Aggressive and quiet, but like his father, Gohan, Bardock has a pure and gentle heart. He acts coldly towards middle class Saiyans cause of their tendency to cause trouble. He has a tendency to charge head on into battle without any regard for his life, although he enjoys his life and training with Mirai, joking, and eating with family and friends. He is somewhat the wise-cracker and prankster in the Z-Fighters he constantly pulls pranks on his peers and Krillin.


Super SaiyanEdit

Future goten by trunkstheman1-d4joap5

ssj bardock

achieved the level at ten years old


  • Three Generations Goku, Bardock Jr., and Gohan
  • 11 yr old Bardock
  • Videl and Bardock, mother and son
  • 10 year old Super Saiyan 2 Bardock
  • Bardock and Zucchi
  • Bardock
  • potara fusion of Bardock and Mirai
  • Bardock's daughter
  • Bardock's wife Zucchi
  • From left to right: Bardock Sr., Goku Jr. (nephew), Turles, Bardock Jr., and Goku
  • Bardock at 15 years old
  • Bardock and Mirai Jr.
  • Super Saiyan 3 Bardock
  • Super Saiyan 2 Bardock at 13 years old
  • Super Saiyan Bardock
  • Bardock in casual clothes
  • Bardock in his casual battle wear


Super Saiyan 2Edit

He supposedly attained ths form without noticing.

Teen goten ssj2 by db own universe arts-d3efq22

teen Super Saiyan 2 Bardock

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