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  • Shin-Jin
  • Aliases:
  • 前個
  • アズール
  • Occupation
  • Grand Kai of Universe 13 (former)
  • Grand Supreme Kai of Dragon Realm (current)
  • Address
    Dragom Realm Planet
  • Fan Manga:Dragon Ball SF Chapter 1
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball SF
  • Gender:
  • Male
  • Affiliations:
  • Agon (Supreme Kai/ Attendant)
  • Son Goku (student)
  • Vegeta (student)

  • Azure (前個) is a God of Creation and formerly the South Grand Kai of Universe 13. Before Universe 13's destruction, he becomes a attendant of Zen-Oh and a student of the Great Priest. he later becomes a Grand Supreme Kai and reside on the Dragon Realm and oversees the Eternal Dragons among all 12 Universes. Azure is a rival to the Universe 7's God of Destruction Beerus. Azure is introduced in Dragon Ball SF, along with Supreme Kai of Dragon Realm/Attendant, Agon.

    Early Life:Edit

    Azure was born a Sinjin and a God of Creation in Universe 13 and a Grand Kai. before Universe 13' destruction he is made a Grand Supreme Kai of Dragon Realm by Zen-Oh.

    Dragon Ball SFEdit

    After Future SagaEdit

    After his attendant, Azure brings him Son Goku (who just not to long ago arrived after defeating Omega Shenron on Earth in Universe 7) Azure decides to have a sparring match against in order to test out his Saiyan potential against his own god ki.

    Fighting Techniques and Abilities:Edit

    • Flight - Azure is capable of flight using his ki.
    • Ki Blast - the mst basic form of Ki Blast.
    • Ki Sense - the ability to sense ki.
    • God Ki Sense - the ability to sense God Ki.
    • Instantaneous Movement - The ability to teleport where one desires
    • Full Power - While in this power up state, he displays a blue glowing Aura.
    • Explosive Wave: -A burst of energy emitted from the entire body.
    • Wild Sense - a more advanced version of Hig Speed Movement.
    • Shin-Kai - A Full Power Energy Wave similar to the Kamehameha
    • Invisible Eye Blast - A Burst of kiai emitted from the eyes.
    • Holy Bullet - A Full Power Energy Ball.
    • Holy Bullets Barrage - A barrage of Holy Bullets.
    • Holy Power - A Large rainbow like Energy Sphere considered to be the complete opposite version of Fusion Zamasu's Holy Wrath.


    Dark Shenron Mode:Edit

    Azure is capble of transforming into a Dragon Sage Mode, due to merging with a set of Dragon Balls created by a evi Namekian from Universe 13. While in this sate, he sometimes has problem controlling his actions due to the Dragon Ball he merged with, causing him to be a truly forimable foe or ally.

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