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   Android 5 episode 2 "The First Fight"==

Arsane and 5 run across the deserted city until reaching a pile of rubble and fire. "Looks real right? Yah, well, our scientists created one nice hologram." smiled Arsane opening a door which appeared to be burning rubble. Inside was a long narrow tunnel of debris and dirt. "Just a little further and the tunnel will be large enough for us to fly in." said Arsane creating a small ki ball to light the way. " Where exactly are we heading Arsane? " replies 5 clearly intrigued by the vermin and insects which ever so often scurried across the wall. "Well a few miles away from here is a large lake called Kicho. It has super high levels of salt, the only thing the aliens can't stand. So we built a city beneath it's surface." Arsane said as the two figured entered a much larger tunnel system. The two figures take flight until reaching a large steel door.

"Well here it is, the City of Goku..." says Arsane reveling an enclosure about 4 miles wide, several meters tall, a series of small buildings, and a park in the center. " It's beautiful." says a smiling stunned 5. " Come on i'll introduce ya' to the family." says Arsane leading 5 into one of the buildings to the left side. The two flights up the stairs, Arsane leads 5 into one of the rooms across the hallway. Inside is a small room with a table, three sleeping bags and a stove.

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