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Android 5, The Ultimate AndroidEdit

Android 5 is a bio-mechanical android created from the DNA of saiyans, and nemkians. The defender of Earth 120 years after the end of Dragon ball GT where the world is ruled by an evil group of aliens and the descendents of Goku and Vegeta have abandoned fighting and so they have only a slightly above average power level. He currently lives with a desecndent of Goku named Arsane and his wife Shicho

The New Warrior SagaEdit

A group of humans (including Arsane) collect scraps in an aboned tunnel system. Arsane stumbles upon a half torn steel door. With his above power level ( about 230) he manages to tear the door open. Inside the scavengers find a rundown labrotory near completey destroyed. They find several needed things like a first aid kit, tools, and some weapons. One of the men finds a large metal pod labled "Bio Assembled Mechanism 5" and begins to open the pod. Inside the group of five find a teenage boy in deep slumber. Suddenly the teenager awakes and punches the pods opener into the wall! " I wont be shut off again!" yells the teenager as energy swells around the fearing teenager. "Calm down or I'll have to fight you!' yells Arsane only to kicked to the ceiling! "Alright then, I hate to do this but... KAME-HAME-HA!!!" as Arsane blasts the android with all his power.

As the smoke clears the teenager is left unharmed, not one scrath. "LEAVE ME ALONE!! SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!!" and so the young teenager blasts the ceiling with an attack so powerful it goes through all fifty levels! The young teenager flys up into the world, only to find a devastated city covered in flames and the dead! "Whats happened?" he says tears rowling down his eyes and his anger being fulled again. "They call themselves the Ultra-Rulers. A few years back they came to Earth, devastated the planet. We tried to fight but their power was far beyond ours. In a less than a year they became rulers of the world, and decreased the population to mere tens of thousands." said Arsane flying up beside Arsane.

" With power like yours, we could have a chance you know." said Arsane looking at the teenager with some hope. " My name is Android 5, but you can just call me A.D." said A.D. with a smile. " Come on I'll take you to the shelter." says Arsane..... continued in Android Episode 2

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