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This article, Android 22 (DBNA), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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Android 22
Jinzōningen Niju Ni
Alternate names #22
Artificial Human 22
Cyborg 22
Ultimate Android 22
Appears in Dragon Ball New Age
Race Android
Affiliations Super 14 (accomplice/ fusee)
Super 15 (accomplice/ fusee)
Super 17 (creation)
Clone 17 (creation)

Android 22 (人造人間22号, Jinzōningen Niju Ni) is a major upcoming super villain in the online fan-manga Dragon Ball New Age. He is the 22nd original Android and, by all means, the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero's original Supercomputer, designed to be the most powerful android in existence. It should be worth noting that he is one of the only Red Ribbon Androids to not have the Red Ribbon insignia on him at one point or another. It's also worth noting that he is one of the few Androids not directly created by Dr. Gero; the only others are Android 13, and Cell. Ironically, both Cell and Android 13's conceptions involved a supercomputer.

Personality Edit

Android 22's personality is cold and sarcastic. He is unique among most villains of the series, being that he is quite sophisticated. He can be observed as having a more patient and calculative approach towards his goals. He is almost completely mechanical, which could be why he seldom shows any emotion.

At first, Android 22's ultimate desire to complete Dr. Gero's programming and kill Goku was what fueled him. Over time as Microchip 22, he eventually broadens this goal to the death of all the Super Warriors. After he reached his ultimate form, the curiosity of the limits of his own power was the major trait of his character. It was his curiosity that eventually lead to his defeat.

With each change of form Android 22 went through, his personal power vaults greatly. Being designed to specifically combat Super Saiyans, Android 22 begins to show the Saiyan desire for battling strong opponents after absorbing Super 15's power cell. Android 22 is also among the few Dragon Ball villains that has absolutely no desire for conquest or immortality. Android 22 desires only to kill Goku... and everything else.

Android 22 shares many characteristics with Cell in that he evolves after absorbing two androids (or in 22's case, power cells from androids), was created by a supercomputer, and was designed to kill Goku. Android 22's first form even resembles Cell to an extent.

Character historyEdit

Android 22 was originally a powerful microchip (called "Microchip 22") within Dr. Gero's first supercomputer, in a lab different from the one Trunks destroyed during the Android Saga. During this timeline's Dragon Ball GT story, this computer is responsible for creating Super 17 via the creation of a completely artificial Clone 17. Over time, the chip somehow gains sentience, and begins to carry on Dr. Gero's dream of killing Goku, which it eventually broadens into the destruction of all the Super Warriors of Earth. Desiring more up-to-date data on his enemies, Android 22 created 13 observational non-combat Androids (these Androids are never seen in the doujin). Once more personal, hands-on information was required, Android 22 dismantled the 13 Androids, modified their bodies, and created his cohorts: Super Series Androids Super 14 and Super 15. Super 14 & 15 were given the two spare cells from the Delta-Cell, a super-powerful cell Dr. Gero had developed to create an android more powerful than anything he had ever created, while keeping the first, most powerful cell for his own body. Through Super 14 & 15, Microchip 22 monitored the abilities and powers of the Super Warriors while simultaneously screening data from every previous android..


Microchip 22Edit

Android 22's original form, as a lone super-chip in Dr. Gero's original

Android 22's first form; taken from the DBNA Daizenshuu


Prior to the main DBNA storyline, the computer Microchip 22 is in is responsible for the creation of Clone 17, and ultimately, Super 17 in the altered timeline's DBGT.

Form 1Edit

Android 22's first form resembles Cell in many aspects, though noticeably more stream-lined, and without wings. Thanks to his being powered with the main Delta-Cell, Android 22's strength is greater than that of Super 14 or Super 15.

Form 2Edit

In this form, Android 22's physique become much bulkier, and his strength increas

Android 22's 2nd form; taken from the DBNA Daizenshuu.

es dramatically. Most of his Cell-like features have gone, and more of his Ultimate Forms features are becoming predominant. His power level in this form is much higher than his previous form, slightly superior even to Goku and Vegeta's 2nd Grade Ascended Super Saiyan 4 strength.

Upon achieving this form, Android 22 becomes slightly more arrogant and cocky because of his power increase, but he remains calculating and patient. While his strength is already superior to Goku and Vegeta, Android 22 is convinced that his Ultimate Form will outclass even Gogeta in every possible way, and makes it his absolute priority to achieve this goal.

Ultimate Android 22Edit

Android 22 becomes much more humanoid and sleek in this form, his muscle structure now more pronounced. His face takes on a form similar to that of Freeza, and his power level has once again skyrocketed, this time to a level far beyond Goku and Vegeta's individual strengths. He also becomes much more sarcastic and cocky in this form, due to his astounding power and speed, and now wishes to test his new strength.

Special abilitiesEdit

  • Through his extensive research, Android 22 has incorporated what he called “the most powerful traits” of every previous android into his own body. These included:
    • Androids #19, #20, and Super 17’s Absorption abilities.
    • Androids #13 - #18’s infinite energy cells. Due to this, he has unlimited stamina and energy.
    • Android #13’s ability to assimilate android power components.
    • Cell’s organic energy signature, which he can raise, lower, and mask at will.
  • Ki Sensitivity - Android 22 is equipped with incredibly sensitive meters that can spot even a fraction of an opponent’s energy levels.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Levitate - Like most characters in the series, Android 22 can fly in the air.
  • After Image Technique - By moving at extremely high speeds, Android 22 can create after images that make the opponents think he is still standing on a certain location.
  • Blinding Flash - Similar to the Taiyo-Ken/ Solar Flare, Android 22 unleashes a bright radiant light to temporarily blind opponents.
  • Android Barrier - Android #17's signature defense technique, which has been added to Android 22‘s technique bank. This is an Energy Shield that protects Android 22 from harm, and seems to be resilient enough to withstand even the most powerful energy techniques.
  • Energy absorption - Like Android 19, 20, and Super 17, Android 22 has the ability to absorb energy into himself through his hands and add it to his own. This feature is only present in his Ultimate form. He's made this his own type of absorption ability by not only stealing it, but by adding it to his maximum power and making him stronger.
  • Electro-Shockwave Attack - Android 22 erects a barrier around him that absorbs energy into itself. He then unleashes the energy in a massive exploding wave.
  • Electro-Death Ball - Ultimate Android 22's most powerful attack. He outstretches his arms and legs in a fashion similar to Vegeta’s preparation for a Final Flash, charging a huge red and black energy ball in front of him. He then launches the ball after charging it for a few seconds. The attack is powerful enough to push through the combined power of Gogeta’s Big Bang Kamehameha, Truhan’s Finish Kamehameha, and Masuran’s Bebit Buster.
  • Thanks to the extensive data he has collected, Android 22 has incorporated every move, transformation, and technique of all of Earth's Super Warriors into his memory. Because of this, Android 22 can counter any of the moves of an incorporated fighter.


Android 22 is the most sophisticated and powerful android to have ever existed, far outstripping Super 17 in

22 as he appears in his final "Super" form; taken from the DBNA Daizenshuu.

terms of power. He has conducted extensive research, incorporating every previous android's memory and all of Dr. Gero's data into his body. This massive well of information makes Android 22 a very formidable fighter.

In his first body, Android 22 has strength greater than that of Super 14 or Super 15, thanks to his being powered by the main Delta-Cell. Also, as a built in failsafe, the Super Compensators that control Super 14 and Super 15's powers shut down when they are confronted by Android 22. Because he has monitored all of their moves, nothing the two Super Androids do can affect Android 22.

After advancing to his 2nd Form, Android 22 morphs into a more powerful being, becoming closer to his body's final design. In this form, he possesses strength slightly superior to a 2nd grade Ascended Super Saiyan 4.

Once Android 22 reaches his final "Ultimate" form, he becomes perfectly suited for combat, and possesses all of the collective data of Dr. Gero, Super 14 and Super 15. This form possesses all the most powerful traits of every previous android, and total data on every Super Warrior.


  • "Fools. I have every bit of data Dr. Gero has ever collected on you incorporated into every bit of my being. There is nothing you can do, that I don't already know. Nothing you do can surprise me anymore."


  • Android 22 is completely synthetic in his first form. In his second and Ultimate forms however, he gains more and more organic components, giving him more Cell-like capabilities in his Ultimate Form.
  • Android 22 is only surprised by Truhan, as he has no data on him. This makes Truhan the most capable of defeating him in their first encounter.