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This article, Aladjinn (DBNA), takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball timeline.
Manga name Aladjinn
Alternate names
  • Demon Boo
  • The Great Demon
  • Aladjinn the Great Demon King
  • Great Devil King Aladjinn
  • The Great Demon Lord Aladjinn
  • Appears in Dragon Ball New Age
    Race Aspect Lord
    Date of birth Before Creation
    Height 9'0" (274cm), in True Form
  • Boo (creation/ son)
  • Dabura (former servant)

  • Aladjinn (アラジン, Arajin), also known as Aladjinn The Great Demon, is the primary antogonist of the Aladjinn Arc in the online doujin Dragon Ball New Age. Though initially believed to be a mere Demon, he is soon revealed to be one of The Aspect Lords, the creator deity of darkness and all things negative. He is a vicious, calculating foe with no remorse or guilt towards anything he does. He is an unpredictable, cunning, volatile creature with extreme sadistic tendencies.

    Aladjinn's name is a pormanteau of the words "Aladdin" (a character from stories known for his association with magical beings, namely Genies), and "Djinn" (the Arabic term for Genie). Aladdin + Djinn = Aladjinn.


    The Aspect Lords, and Ruling the Demon PlaneEdit

    Having existed long before creation, Aladjinn is the Aspect Lord of Darkness; the source of all darkness, evil, negativity, and chaos. His powers were such that, alongside his other Aspect Lords, he divided the entirety of existence into the multiple Universes, creating the darkness of space and the Makai Realms of each. For untold billions of years, Aladjinn watched over the twelve Universes and all of the timelines of those Universes. At some point during this time, he created a "son" for himself in his own image, the creature called "Boo", who Aladjinn delighted in watching cause chaos and destruction. However, Aladjinn eventually abandoned his post out of sheer boredom, unwilling to sit on the sidelines and watch as time passed him by. Descending into the mortal realm, he wrested control over all the Makai Realms, which he ruled with an iron fist. He would frequently accept open challenges to the throne, to which none could defeat him. 5 million years before Age, the warlock Bibidi came to Aladjinn with the intent to forge a bargain with the Demon Lord. If Aladjinn would give Bibidi the power to destroy his enemies, then Bibidi would in return swear his life and the lives of all his descendants to come to Aladjinn's service. Aladjinn gleefully accepted Bibidi's offer, giving Bibidi control over his "son", Boo, and the Sealing Spell to put Boo away.

    The circumstances as to his imprisonment, have yet to be revealed, but it has been stated that Aladjinn was imprisoned for the last 12,000 years, and that the malediction that imprisoned him had destroyed his physical body.

    Shortly after the defeat of Rigor, a group of demons entered Dabura's Vault, which doubled as Aladjinn's tomb, and became possessed by the Demon Lord. Aladjinn used this host body to regain some of his strength and proceeded to leave the Makai Realm.

    Arrival on Earth, and the conflict with VegetaEdit

    Jumping from powerful host to more powerful host, Aladjinn slaughtered the inhabitants of whole worlds before finally crashing on Earth. Making his way towards East City, Aladjinn took pleasure in killing an entire town, mercilessly butchering the residents, or draining them of their "Spark" (a unique energy found in all things that actually comes from the Aspect Lords) in order to reassemble his destroyed body. He eventually found his way to East City, where he began to repeat the process. There, he came across Bra, Vegeta's daughter, as she shopped. As he moved in to drain Bra of her Spark, he was blindsided by Vegeta. Though hit with a punch that would level most foes, Aladjinn showed little sign of damage, and his chi was impossible to detect. Vegeta challenged Aladjinn to a battle away from the City, which Aladjinn obliged. Though Aladjinn felt that Vegeta was beneath him and weaker, Vegeta maintained the upper hand throughout their brief fight, even after Aladjinn used his Demon Magic against him. Aladjinn, however, was pleased to a level almost psychotic at discovering how powerful Vegeta was. Aladjinn then erupted from his host body, and charged at Vegeta.

    Duel in the Nightmare RealmEdit

    Aladjinn, upon entering Vegeta's body, discovered that Vegeta's spirit and pride would not allow him to possess Vegeta outright. In an attempt to weaken Vegeta's spirit, Aladjinn used his magic to fashion an immense, elaborate illusion of the physical world and the death of Bra to demoralize Vegeta. When Vegeta refused to back down, Aladjinn turned the illusion into a hellish version of Earth, and attempted to fight Vegeta using Bra's form. While Vegeta's Super Saiyan power allowed him to get the better of Aladjinn at first, he was slowly overwhelmed by the growing madness caused by being close to Aladjinn. Aladjinn then responded by pooling all of Vegeta's inner darkness and negative emotions into a warrior to fight for him, which took the form of Vegeta's rival, Son Goku.

    Possessing VegetaEdit

    Having finally subdued Vegeta, Aladjinn was now in possession of the Saiyan Prince's body, mind, spirit and power, though it seemed as though Vegeta was still fighting to release himself from Aladjinn's control and hide his friends and family's identities. Aladjinn celebrates his newfound power by destroying his old host and killing everyone in East City. After terrorizing another village, Aladjinn soon finds himself face-to-face with the real Goku. Though their battle is intense, Goku is unprepared for the magical abilities Aladjinn possesses, and soon falls to the vicious demon's power. Aladjinn then attempted to drain Goku of his Spark, only to be attacked by Gohan. Son Gohan would escape with Son Goku via teleportation, leaving Aladjinn to his own devices for a time.

    While searching for more Sparks, Aladjinn is later contronted by Son Gohan and Trunks. Aladjinn is unconcerned with the two, feeling as they have no chance against him. When Trunks reveals that he is Vegeta's son, Aladjinn's goading drives Trunks - as a Super Saiyan 2 - to attack him. When Aladjinn nearly kills Trunks during their brief struggle, Son Gohan opts to face Aladjinn on his own. Aladjinn - using Super Saiyan 3 - easily bests Son Gohan, leaving Son Gohan exhausted. Before he can finish them off though, he is confronted by the newly christened Sage Namek Piccolo.


    As an Aspect Lord, Aladjinn is one of the four most powerful beings in existence. However, after being imprisoned with a magic spell, Aladjinn lost his physical body and control over his godly abilities, forcing him to rely on interim host bodies and their abilities until his own body could be reformed.

    Aladjinn feels little-to-no pain or fatigue, making him a dangerous opponent for anyone. He is also able to possess the bodies of his opponents, and intigrate their life energy into his own. Aladjinn has centuries of fighting techniques at his disposal, and is ever adding techniques to his abilties by possessing people. He also possesses advanced degrees of magical capabilities as he wields command over Demon Magic- the most powerful of all dark magic- allowing Aladjinn to manipulate matter, alter perception, and employ illusions.


    Aladjinn has taken several different forms since he first appeared in DBNA. With each stronger host he possessed, Aldjinn gained back greater and greater degrees of his Demonic power.

    When Aladjinn is first revealed in the story, he is seen in the vault of Dabura's castle, bound in several heavy chains, and trapped within a withered, corpse-like body. It is this form that Dabura had trapped Aladjinn when he took over as Demon King.

    During a gap in time when Aladjinn is first seen, one of the demons who had invaded the vault where he was held had become possessed by Aladjinn.

    When Aladjinn arrived on Earth, his form had changed yet again. This time, Aladjinn had possessed a smaller, blue skinned alien with clothing similar to Majuub. In this form, Aladjinn demonstrated the ability to absorb the Spark of living weaker beings through his hands.

    During this time, during his battle with Vegeta, we also see Aladjinn in his astral form. Aladjinn is characterized by an amorphous black mass with barely any distinguishing features, resembling a smokey, oily version of his true self.

    While inside his Nightmare Realm against Vegeta's astral self, Aladjinn demonstrated some of his shapeshifting abilities and took the form of Vegeta's daughter Bra, although with Aladjinn's signature black eyes.

    After finally subduing Vegeta's spirit, Aladjinn possessed Vegeta's physical body, giving him the outward appearance of Vegeta, albeit with his black eyes and curse marks.


    Aladjinn is evil incarnate, he embodies the very essence of all that is evil. Cruel and domineering to all he meets, it's obey or be obliterated (often times both). Arrogant and sadistic by default, he is also extremely vain and does not take kindly to disobedience or insolence. He is merciless and inhumane to say the least, but has enough of an understanding of humanity to manipulate their feelings to his advantage.

    As intelligent as he is powerful, his cunning knows little end, from taking the form of Bra to mock and disturb Vegeta to transporting opponents to a Nightmare Dimension in order to better suit him. He is also dishonest and has no shame or remorse, and he routinely goes back on his word either to serve himself or simply for amusement. Despite this, he possesses a dry sense of humor and often jokes when in a good mood, mocking Son Gohan, Trunks, and Vegeta whenever he can and however he can.

    Aladjinn, in times long passed, was also prone to boughts of extreme boredom. To alleviate his boredom, he created the creature called Boo and released it upon the seventh Universe, delighted by the chaos his "son" caused. His boredom is eventually what caused him to abandon his post on Planet Kaishin.

    Special AbilitiesEdit

    • Demon Magic - As the creator of Black Magic, Aladjinn wields its most powerful and divine form, Demon Magic. This gives him access to vast supernatural abilities, even while not in his true form.
    • Demon Sorcery: Black Flame Barrage (Majutsu: Kokuendan Maku)- A spell used when Aladjinn faced Vegeta while in an alien body. Aladjinn surrounds himself with black energy as twelve black flames appear around him. He then launches the black flames as homing energy shots, decimating his opponent and the nearby landscape.
    • Shadow Puppet - A magic spell where Aladjinn pulls out the evil, dark, and negative emotions of an intended victim, and transforms it into an Puppet taking a form of something embedded in those negative emotions that Aladjinn controls. This Shadow Puppet is unaffected by pain or fatigue and can regenerate and morph its own body.
    • Big Bang Attack - A technique of Vegeta's used by Aladjinn while in possession of Vegeta's body.
    • Flight - The ability to fly with the use of chi.
    • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
    • Possession - Aladjinn has the ability to enter an opponent, and take over their body. He does this during his first appearance as his true body has been destroyed, and must now use interim bodies until his is restored. While inside a host, he has access to all the host's memories, power, and abilities.
    • Telekinesis - The ability to manipulate people and objects with the mind alone.
    • Regeneration - While Aladjinn displays resistance to most forms of damage in his true form, while inhabiting a host body he is not invulnerable. However, Aladjinn is able to regenerate to a large degree even from some of the most devastating attacks. After being hit head on with a full force Kamehameha from Ascended SSJ4 Son Goku, Aladjinn regenerated his host body from little more than a torso back into perfect fighting shape with no ill-effect or any noticable effort.
    • Shapeshifting/ Materialization - Aladjinn demonstrates vast shapeshifting abilities. He can assume any form he chooses, and can even become a formless black mass. He is also able to generate clothing and other material at will.
    • Spark Absorption - Aladjinn has also been shown to absorb the Spark of weaker beings directly through his hands. After possessing and assimilating Vegeta's Spark and power into his own, he is able to further advance this ability by absorbing the Spark out of far weaker beings without the need to touch them. Instead of sensing chi, Aladjinn displays the ability to actually see the Spark of living things, determining their power based on their aura.
    • Because of his status as an Aspect Lord, Aladjinn appears to have inexhaustible energy and stamina. His divine stature also makes his chi completely undetectable to even the most chi-sensitive individuals. 
    • Aladjinn possesses a vast knowledge of pressure points and the pathways of chi, often aided by his ability to actually see a being's Spark. Aladjinn can inject his Demonic energy with surgical precision into certain pressure points along the body, causing limb paralysis and damage to chi circulation. By delivering a more powerful pressure point strike to the opponent's chi reservoir, he can effectively paralyze their ability to use their chi for a brief time.
    • Power/ Essence Bestowment - Aladjinn can transfer a portion of his powers, strength, and essence into living vessels, granting them abilities similar to himself, but with a soul of pure, undiluted evil. This was demonstrated when he gave Boo his powers and personality.
    • Aladjinn has the ability to traverse between dimensions, tearing holes between the Makai Realm and the normal realm and transporting the astral form of Vegeta to his own Nightmare Dimension.


    • (To Vegeta) "Sorry, I don't answer the questions... of lesser beings."
    • "I am the personification of darkness. I have existed since the stars were mere infants. It is from me that all fear, nightmares, and evil are born. Darker than all night, and older than all night. The eternal, incorruptible evil. I... am the Great King of All Demons. I... am Aladjinn."


    • Aladjinn, despite his looks, is not a Majin like Majin Boo. In fact, Boo is technically a weaker clone of Aladjinn, created by and empowered by Aladjinn.
    • Aladjinn differs from Majin Boo in the fact that his horn does not move like Majin Boo's head tentacle. It also does not grow like Majin Boo's does. Aladjinn also does not possess the "steam vents" on his body as Boo did.
    • Aladjinn shares many characteristics with real-world Djinns. Aladjinn is able to take the form of a black, smoke-like substance repeatedly throughout the doujin. In reality, Djinns are sometimes told as taking the form of black smoke or mist. Djinns can also travel long distances at extreme speeds, which Aladjinn mimics by traveling to over 50 different planets over the course of a month. Djinns also possess extensive magical abilties, as does Aladjinn. Aladjinn's shapeshifting and mimicking of Vegeta within Vegeta's spirit is also a trait that reflects a Djinn's penchant for mimicry. Djinns are also sometimes characterized as being oppressive and treacherous, as Aladjinn most definitely is.
    • Aladjinn shares similarities with the Roman Catholic fallen Archangel Lucifer. The Aspect Lords, being the four most powerful celestial beings in the Dragon World are much like the four Archangels, and Aladjinn as Lucifer, the fallen Archangel of the four.